ISSN: 2189-101X – The Asian Conference on Education & International Development 2019 Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: May 14th, 2019

ACEID2019, Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Conference Themes: "Independence and Interdependence"
Monday, March 25 - Wednesday, March 27, 2019
ISSN: 2189-101X

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Problems of Writing Discussion Section in the Doctoral Dissertation: Advisors’ and Their Doctoral Students’ Perspectives
Shih-Chieh Chien
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Mandarin Language Classroom Anxiety: Basis for a Proposed Teacher Manual
Daniel C. Reyes
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The Features of Quick Response (QR) Code as an Attendance Monitoring System: Its Acceptability and Implication to Classroom
Michael Angelo C. Maleriado
Joseph R. Carreon
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A Phenomenological Study on Experiencing In-class Discussion among University Students in Hong Kong
Shui Kau Chiu
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Rethinking Chinese International Student Engagement in a Neoliberal Time
Meng Xiao
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Secondary School Students’ Educational Perceptions and Experiences in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp
Jessica Msofe
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Information Management Practices and Challenges in School Governance: Basis for Localized Digital Archive
Marycon Carmela G. Mella
Lerma V. Peña
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Restoring Women’s Status in Rural Afghanistan by Building a Sustainable Livelihood through Education and Capacity Building to Overcome Poverty (Case of Afghanistan)
Hilda Grigorian
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Visual Basic Coding in PowerPoint-Based Lessons for Grade 6 Mathematics
Dick Anthony M. Calleja
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The Implementation of K to 12 Science Program in Public Elementary Schools: Teachers' Pedagogical Practices and Problems Encountered in Teaching Science
Resttie S. Daguio
Eileen C. Bernardo
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Interdisciplinary Approach to Student Exchange: The Case of ITMO University
Ekaterina Rassolenko
Aleksandra Krivonogova
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Teacher Literacy Policy Recommendation and Program for Action on the Neurobiology of Learning Differences
Mirela Ramacciotti
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A Study on the Design of Teaching Materials for the Mobile Learning Apps in Printing Professional Courses
Shin Liao
Chao-Fu Yang
Wei-Cheng Lo
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The ICT-assisted Classroom: From Teacher-dependence to Independence and Interdependence in Learning
Fe’ Josefa G. Nava
Patrick Alain T. Azanza
Allan C. Susarno
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Integration of Cultural Practices in Teaching Mathematics
Monira B. Samaupan
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Using Peer Assessment and Feedback to Support Individual Learning
Jason Hall
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Design and Implementation of Spatial Navigation Transfer Game for Examining Transfer of Learning
Tamara Galoyan
Hovag Abramian
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The Effect of Using Head-mounted Virtual Reality to Improve Learning
Yu-ching Chen
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The Interconnection of Chinese and Western Cultures: The Policy, Development and Expansion of International Early Childhood Education in China
Diana Po Lan Sham
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The Relationship Among Family Functioning, Perceived Peer Norms, Future Orientation, and Poor Self-Control in Juvenile Delinquents and Late Adolescent Students
Arunchaya Bunchookittiyot
Sittipong Wattananonsakul
Supat Sanjamsai
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Teaching Biology Using Contextualized Learning Kit
Janin C. Borre
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Keeping Tabs on Reading: Comparing Reading Comprehension Scores of E-Text Readers and Physical Text Readers in Senior High School
Lance Vincent M. Cabigas
Alce M. Sentones
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Data, Data, Data – What Does Management Want and Need to See?
Kristin Palmer
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Building an E-Profiling System for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Malaysia
Aziyati Yusoff
Zool Hilmi Mohamed Ashari
Nurul Amin Badrul
Maznizam Mansor
Mohamad Sulaiman
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Student Reflection to Curriculum Design for Computer Scientist Comprehensive Examination
Amnart Pohthong
Nithi Tanon
Chouvanee Srivisal
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The History of English Education in Japan: Focusing on Its Dawn
Masako Nishikawa-Van Eester
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What is Expected of Us? – Study Abroad and Expected Roles of Native and Local Teachers
Tamami Kita
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Journeying with Communities: Theoretical Reflections From the Community Integration as Complex and Integrative Strategy for Teaching, Research and Community Development
Froilan A. Alipao
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