ISSN: 2189-101X – The Asian Conference on Education & International Development 2017 Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: June 1st, 2017

ACEID2017, Art Center Kobe, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme: “Educating for Change”
Sunday, March 26 - Wednesday, March 29, 2017
ISSN: 2189-101X


Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

A Study on Reformation of Vocational Educational System and Training System Based on National Competency Standards
Hyeon Mi Rha
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Hearts Grow: Contemplation-Based Inner Stability Development in Female Inmates
Somsit Asdornnithee
Proetphan Daensilp
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The Students' Satisfaction toward Managerial Economics Class
Sauwaluck Koojaroenprasit
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The Influence of Lecturer Achievement Index (LAI) toward Student Achievement Index (SAI) Case Study of STIE Madani of Balikpapan
Kartini Rahmatillah Wahab
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Joys and Pains of a Public School Principal: Educational Accountability in the Philippine Context
Ylcy Balicoco, Atty
Sylvia J. Pidor
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Educating for Capacity Building: A Case Study of Timor-Leste Officials Studying on An English Language Training Programme in New Zealand
Deryn Hardie Boys
Madeline Carroll
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The Application of AHP Method in the Successful-Elements Selections in the After-Class School in Taiwan
Cheng Fang Hsu
Hui Ling Chung
Hui Chun Lu
Cheng Ting Shan
Yi Chun Huang
Yi Ting Hsu
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Toward the Next Generation of Educational Technologies: A Survey of Internet of Things (IoT) in Education
Yu-Hsin Hung
Ray-I Chang
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The Development of Teachers’ Desirable Characteristics of Student Teachers in Thepsatri Rajabhat University by Using Behavioral Record Sheet
Phuwadon Chulasukhont
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The Effect of Project Based Learning to Enhance Problem Solving Ability in Distance Learning Media Subject of Student Teachers
Poggade Chanayotha
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Taking Leisure Seriously: Adolescents’ Pursuit of their Most Important and Interesting Leisure Activities
Atara Sivan
Vicky Tam
Gertrude Siu
Alex Chan
Robert Stebbins
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Student Attribute Correlates of Academic Achievement in High School Chemistry between Grade 9 & 10 Students
Angela Francisca Velosoed
Vic Marie Camacho
Virgel Duad
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Applications of the Arduino electronics in the Kinematics
Chin-Chung Yu
Jia-Han Hsu
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A Critical Analysis on Thai University Students' Reflections towards Politics of the English Language
Suthathip Khamratana
Suban Keowkanya
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Call for a Change in Mathematics Education: From Platonism to Social Constructivism
Hui-Chuan Li
Tsung-Lung Tsai
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Parental Home-based Support and Educational Outlook towards Primary School Children in Urban Mongolia
Eri Nakamura
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E-Kankor: Opening New Vistas of Higher Education through an Innovative Intelligent Turoing System
Hamidullah Sokout
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Keep Smile Book: An Instrument of Students’ Affective Evaluation
Muhammad Hanif
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The Face of Secondary Education: Students' Perceptions on the Functional Differences Between Schools in Macau
Carlos Vasconcelos-Lopes
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“Surau Merantau”; A Curriculum Development Based on Minangkabau Ethnic’s Culture
Rosalinda Ayu Purbasari
Muhammad Hanif
Ahmad Hirzi Fadlillah Tovani
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Creating Opportunities for Change: Non-Cognitive Skills Instruction in the Classroom
Arnold Arao
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Components of an Inclusive Postsecondary Transition Program for Older Students with Intellectual Disabilities at a Four-Year University
Jennifer Martin
Diana M. Valle-Riestra
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Influence of Learning Motivation and Behavior on Learning Experience and Academic Satisfaction in Higher Education
Hisaki Kawamoto
Yuki Watanabe
Kazuyoshi Hidaka
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Integrating Mathematics in Interdisciplinary Study (IDS)
Lena Hui Lin Teo
Christina Mei Chu Lye
Choon Juen Sam
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A Survey of Scientific Competency of Grade 10th Students in Thailand
Piriyaporn Pilachai
Kanyarat Cojorn
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Women’s Role in the Series Desperate Housewives: A Feminist Perspective
Cholawat Prawalpatamakul
Suban Keowkanya
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The Study of Grade 10 Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Chemical Reactions and Biomolecules
Thidarat Khamphang
Sujint Anguravirutt
Kanyarat Cojorn
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Natural Materials in “Recycle Quilt Mixmedia” Fashion: Reinforcement of Students’ Creativity and Mental Revolution
Gresia Yulistin Susanto
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Dictionaries to Enhance Vocabulary Learning of ESL Learners
Maslawati Mohamad
Nuraidawany Rashid
Wan Nur’ashiqin Wan Mohamad
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Positive Teacher Attributes through the Eyes of the Learner: In Japan and a Wider Asian Context
Andrew Leichsenring
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Changing Instructional Practice with a Science Center workshop: The Journey of Six Elementary Science Teachers
Queen Ogbomo
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A Genre Analysis of Job Application Letters Written by ASEAN Applicants
Phanupong Thumnong
Angkana Tongpoon-Patanasorn
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E-Learning Implementation: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education Institutions in Rural Settings in South Africa (Case Study)
Muhandji Kikunga
Munienge Mbodila
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Survey on Whether the Sri Lankan Pre-Service National Diploma in Teaching Programme Addresses the Learning Needs of Diverse Learners
Illanco Selvaranee
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Linking Supply on Demand of Indonesia Human Resource in Science and Technology on Perspective Black Swan Phenomenon
Indri Juwita Asmara
Elmi Achelia
Maulana Akbar
Muhammad Tasrif
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Relationship between Teachers’ Interpersonal Communication Skills and Students’ Achievement in Science at Muhammadiyah Primary Schools in Sidoarjo District
Duhita Savira Wardani
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Management Structure of Thailand Premier League by the Standard Criteria of the Asian Football Confederation
Saowalee Kaewchuay
Eakrat Onnom
Chanankarn Saengprasan
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Vietnam’s National Foreign Language 2020 Project after 9 years: A Difficult Stage
Thuong Nguyen
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Behind the Silence of Japanese International Students in the U.S. Classrooms
Ee Lin Lee
Kana Sorimachi
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A Study on the Construction of Vocational High School Principals’ Leadership Effectiveness Indicators-Based on Competing Values Framework
Tsai-Feng Cheng
Huei-Chun Wu
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The Role of Indonesian School in Singapore in Developing Students’ Patriotic Character
Iim Siti Masyitoh
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Technology and Distance Learning in Higher Education: Making Distance Learning Work for Your Students
Queen Ogbomo
Rufaro Chitiyo
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Silent Exclusion and Child Schooling: A Case Study of India
Pankaj Das
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Academic and Technical Vocabulary in the Corpus of Chemistry Research Articles
Pinrada Nuamjapho
Kornwipa Poonpon
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How Does a Speaker Maintain Her Local Language in A Multilingual Speech Society? A Case Study of a Sasak Girl Staying in Central Java
Nurun Hidayati
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Ultimate or Alternate? Enhancing the E-Learning Experience for Creative Media Students:Hong Kong and Singapore Perspective
OH Jae-Eun
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Implementing Inquiry-based STEM Learning in Tenth Grade Students Nattapong Maneerot
Prasart Nuangchalerm
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A Survey of Mathematics Reasoning Ability of Grade 10th Students in Thailand
Teerawat Loonsakaewong
Montri Thongmoon
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Education for Urban Refugee Children in Malaysia: Pathway to Peace
Leong Shook Yee
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Ethical Leadership Competencies for Revitalizing Moral Learning in Higher Education
Kanog-on Rungrojngarmcharoen
Joseph Purayidathil
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Foreign Language Anxiety: A Case of Thai EFL Learners at Ubon Ratchathani University
Mairenallen Joy Basilio
Chalermchai Wongrak
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Exploratory Practice (EP): A Case Study of Communication Arts Students at UBU
Oranuch Puangsuk
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Speaking Difficulties Encountered by Low-Proficiency EFL Students at Ubon Ratchathani University
Kadek Ray Sulyantha
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The Concept of Measurement in Pre-Service Teachers
Suttharat Boonlerts
Mattaniya Phongsuwan
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The Development of Anti-corruption Education Model to Support Students Integrity Character in Schools through Civic Education (Case Study in Senior High School 8 Bandung)
Shilmy Purnama
Dadang Sundawa
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The Role of L1 in the Instruction of L2: Perspectives of Thai EFL Teachers
Chalermchai Wongrak
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Developing an Instrument for Self-Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Competencies: A Review of Faculty Professional Development and the Changing Higher Education Landscape in Singapore
Grace Cheong
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Impact of Cultural Education on Social Cohesion after a Sudden Disaster: With Reference to Two Flood Affected Locations in Colombo District-Sri Lanka
Wathsala Abeykoon
Udari Samarakoon
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Using the Concept of Fashion to Link Diverse Programs
Andrew Reilly
Loriena Yancura
Youngjin Bahng
Douglas Vincent
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Infographics for 21st Century Learners
Ivy Chia
June Tay
Guan Chong
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