ISSN: 2186-5892 The Asian Conference on Education 2021: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: January 21st, 2022

ACE2021, Online from Tokyo, Japan
Thursday, November 25 - Saturday, November 27, 2021
ISSN: 2186-5892

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Where We Are: Current Level of Burnout and Self-Compassion of School Counselors in a Private School in Quezon City for School Year 2018-2019
Giselle Antoinette O. Tejada
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Self-harm & Non-suicidal Self-Injury (Nssi) Tendencies Among Children: Effect of an Intervention Program
Ma. Dominique D. Sta. Cruz
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Standardized Tests as Predictors of Academic Performance: Implications on the MCLS Testing Program
Zarah May C. Buyan
Marilet C. Delgado-Anastacio
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Usage Application of Multimedia for Learning Values of Thai Literature to Develop Learning Achievement for High School Students
Kittipong Phumpuang
Patcharin Buranakorn
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Technical Vocation Education and Training (TVET) in Changing Times, a Critical View of Prior Learning as a Link to Entrepreneurship and Employment
Christopher Momanyi
Andrew Riechi
Ibrahim Khatete
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Secondary ESL Teachers’ Beliefs, Strategies, and Experiences in Teaching Vocabulary
Ryan Dave Delos Reyes
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Perceived Tasks of Quality Assurance and Its Impact on the Teaching-Learning Process among Deans and Faculty
Belinda Ramos
Lorna Fulong
Madeilyn Estacio
Gemlee Baptista
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Letting Students Explore What It Takes to Become a Good Communicator – A Metacognitive Approach to Promote Language Learning
Yumi Chikamori Gomez
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Nursing, Health Technician and Midwifery Students’ Perceptions of Their First Fully Online Learning Experience During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Study
Kamal Takhdat
Mohamed Eddabbah
Mustapha Ouzouhou
Ahmed Ghassane El Adib
Saloua Lamtali
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Factors Pulling International Students to Japan: A Situation Analysis
Tran Hoang Nam
Jin Cheng-Hai
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Transformational Leadership in Changing Education Systems: Evolving Management Roles and Responsibilities in Educational Institutions
Nathaniel Edwards
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The Accessibility of Web-based Lessons During the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Han Le
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The Use of Different Strategies by Writers in Integrated Writing Assessment
Han Le
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Learning Effectiveness of Primary School Children in the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia
Indra Kertati
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Applying a Book Read Aloud and Leveraging It with Storyline Online: A Case Study of Indonesian Preservice Teachers
Tati Lathipatud Durriyah
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Exploring the Effects of a YouTube-Style Video Making Task in Online English Communication Courses
Mariko Takahashi
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The Prevalence and Impact of the Maltreatment of Child Laborers in Developing Countries: A Scoping Review Protocol
Md Abdul Ahad
Yvonne Parry
Eileen Willis
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Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Taiwan’s Art Education
Yu-Chen Chang
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A Tool to Assess the Quality of Self-learning Modules (SLMS) for the ‘New Normal’ in Education Using the Best-worst Method
Jammel Abraham S. Rico
Leonel C. Mendoza
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Strides in Mathematics and Science: An Introspective Look on the First SHS Graduates’ Perceived Self-efficacy
Ma. Theresa Reyes
Eleonor Basilio
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Designing A Multiple Submission Policy Supporting Mastery Learning for a Design Thinking Class in a Purely Online Learning Environmen
Marianne Kayle Amurao
Joseph Benjamin Ilagan
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Charitable Giving and Educational Possibilities: An Examination of Student Presentations on Charitable Giving Experiences in Japan
Tomomi Naka
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Knowledge, Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Using Digital Games for Teaching and Learning
Joana DG. Quinto
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An Investigation to Examine Factors Influencing University Students’ Behavioral Intention Towards the Acceptance of Brightspace LMS: Using SEM Approach
Lilian Yap
Geok Ling Khoo
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The Development and Preliminary Evaluation of Learners’ Flow State of an Online Decision-making Detective Game
Chih-Chen Kuo
Tzu- Hsuan Wang
Huei-Tse Hou
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Why Don’t You Play the Game? Evaluating the Use of Gamification in an Undergraduate Finance Course
Alfonso Miguel N. Sevidal
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When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Be Learning Online: Emic Reflections of Teacher - Student Resilience within an Australian Tertiary Pathways Landscape
Robert Hamilton
Aye Chan Oo
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Course Design for Tunnel Engineering with Complexity under Consideration
Jianqin Ma
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Technology Adoption in Graduate Education: Basis for Faculty Development Plan
Antoniette Lacerna
Helen Rigor
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Meeting Generation Z Learning Expectations in Quest International University
Paulin Poh Lin Wong
Gogilavaani Jothi Veeramani
Magaret Sivapragasam
Tina Swee Kim Lim
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A Collaborative Online International Learning Case Study Between the University of Hawai’i Hilo and Hong Kong Baptist University
Angel Lai
Helen Tien
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Theory of Lesson Creation for Lower-grade Life Environment Studies in Japan: Focusing on the Narratives and Practices of Social Studies Teacher Kazumasa Arita
Katsuhisa Shirai
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The Development of an Inquiry-Based Field Trip Activity to Promote Students’ Positive Perceptions of the Educational Curriculum Course
Prempree Duangpummet
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Metacognitive Awareness, Motivational Beliefs and Mathematics Performance of Junior High School Students: An Investigation of Mediating Effects
Janina C. Sercenia
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Speaking Anxiety: Japanese Students in the EFL Environment
Lidija Eliott
Miriam Guadalupe Vasquez
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Supporting Students in a Changing Educational Climate: A Systems Engineering Case Study
Stephen G. Barker
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Analysis of French Grammatical Errors Using Surface Strategy Taxonomy: A Case Study of Thai University Students
Kanjanaporn Piyathum
Siriwut Chamtakong
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Paragraph Writing Instruction for University Students
Minako Inoue
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The Use of a ClassPoint Tool for Student Engagement During Online Lesson
Eng Ying Bong
Chandrima Chatterjee
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Relationships between Japanese University Students’ Interest in Computer Programming, Their Logical Thinking, and IT Literacy
Harumi Kashiwagi
Min Kang
Kazuhiro Ohtsuki
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Breaking Boundaries of Prison Design for Architectural Design Studio
Sunaree Lawanyawatna
Martin Schoch
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Improving EFL Students’ Argumentative Essay Writing Self-efficacy through Knowledge Building Based Instruction
Li-Jen Wang
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Public Service Announcement In Indonesia and Malaysia: A Semiotic Analysis
Fahrur Rozi
Lulu April Farida
Stephani Diah Pamelasari
Intan Permata Hapsari
Hadziq Najmuddin Purwanto
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Education Resilience in Facing Pandemic Covid-19 (Study Case: Batam City, Indonesia)
Noviyanti Soleman
Said Muammar Bayukarizki
Afifah Faradila
Khalil Gibran
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Disability-Specific Measures and Roles of Disabled People’s Organizations in Supporting Persons with Disabilities and Families during COVID-19 Pandemic
Arunee Limmanee
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Insights into Students’ Online Learning Experiences During COVID-19 Pandemic: Shaping How We Do Education Moving Forward
Narangerel Tsedendamba
Otgonsuren Gungaarentsen
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The Practice of Teaching Java Programming Language to Undergraduate Students
Weijun Chen
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Designing an Online Simulation Board Game with Realistic Patients and Dynamic Electrocardiogram Situations for Learning First Aid Abilities
Pai-Ching Lee
Zi-Xuan Wang
Huei-Tse Hou
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An Exploratory Study on Racial Experiences and Resiliency of Foreign Medical Students
Gina Lynn S. Salazar
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Design Innovation Practice School: The Experiential Learning Platform
Nimit Mengveha
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Strategies of Selected HEIs in Addressing Challenges and Issues Inherent to Student Mobility
Renelee M. Subsuban
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The Present and Future of Online Distance Learning: Trends and Challenges of Virtual Teachers
Yongzhi Huang
Maria Lenore B. Barcenas
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The Development and Evaluation of an Online Educational Game Integrated with Gather Town for Nursing Staff Learning
Wen-Lin Chen
Pei-Ching Ngu
Huei-Tse Hou
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Challenges of Lesson Plan on Data and Chance with an Intervention of Video Analysis: Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers
Yun-Zu Chen
Kai-Lin Yang
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Curriculum Development in Industrial Design Education in transition: Challenges and issues in a Thai university
Bettizza Escueta
Pronyos Chattarakul
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