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Ghost and Desolate Place in Yao Feng-Pan’s ‘All in the Dim Cold Night’ and ‘Ghost Under the Cold Moonlight’

Known as the master of horror in Taiwan, Yao Feng-Pan directed over 30 movies of different genres, and more than half of which were horrors in the 1970s. Since the success of his blockbuster All in the Dim Cold Night, Yao had devoted his efforts to the creation of horrors and led a boom in


Similarities and Differences in the Right-wing Populists’ Video Campaigns

The right-wing populist parties try to influence their voters in different ways. The previous analyzes of right-wing populist language and rhetoric concentrated more on the texts and posters, less on the audiovisual aspects. In our article, we therefore specifically address right-wing populist videos on the Internet and in social media and examine how these channels


Structuralism Approach to English Teaching as a Means of Solving Cross-cultural Problems of Russian Students

The article deals with language as cultural heritage of nation. Russian students of English when facing lingual phenomena that do not occur in their mother tongue, avoid certain typically English lexical units and structures, which violates inter- cultural communication. To help students get insights into the inner structure of the units and expose the mechanism


An Investigation into Student Writers’ Improvements on English Article Usages Across Different Learning Modes

Most digital educational games have been developed to facilitate second/foreign language learners’ vocabulary acquisition (Hung, Yang, Hwang, Chu, & Wang, 2018; Tsai & Tsai, 2018). Few has been found to improve students’ grammatical competence. A digital game which served as a virtual business context in which learners acted as an entrepreneur to conduct interviews with


Serious Game Design and Integration in English Phonology and Pronunciation Teaching

Interest in using games to impart knowledge has grown tremendously over the past few years. Following a pedagogical shift toward a learner-centered approach, serious games offer new perspectives in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) (Reinhardt et al, 2020; Bogost, 2007). This study investigates the design process and use of a digital game for L2 phonology at