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Investigation of the Best-case Scenario of Rice Husk/Briquette Combustion for Lower Particulate Matter Emission

Air pollution has been a major cause of diseases and deaths, especially in developing countries, due to their inability to afford cleaner sources of energy. Biomass such as agricultural residues is combusted, using inefficient combustion techniques, characterized by high emission of particulate matter (PM) and smoke, which have adverse effects on human health. This study

ISSN: 2432-8642 – The IAFOR International Conference on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment – Hawaii 2017 Official Conference Proceedings

IICSEEHawaii2017, The Hawai‘i Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Conference Theme: “East Meets West: Innovation and Discovery”
Thursday, January 5 – Saturday, January 7, 2017
ISSN: 2432-8642


Gaining Insight Into Culture Through a Chinese Classical Novel: The Story of the Stone

This paper is to discuss if Chinese classical novels could help people who learn Chinese to build up knowledge of Chinese culture more comprehensively. The study aims at introducing Chinese culture to the intermediate language learners from Korea who endeavoured to read The Story of Stone as it plays a critical part in contemporary Chinese


The Utilities of New Media for Indonesian Organic Community

Making a commitment to eat healthy food is a great start towards a healthier life. Organic food has become very popular issue in Indonesia because it provides a variety of benefits. But in fact, as the biggest agricultural country in the world, people in Indonesia is not really aware about organic food. Consequently, Organic Community


A Study in Information Usage Behavior of Students in Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University

The study has following objectives as: (1) to study information usage behavior of students in Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University, (2) to study about problems in information usage and (3) study about requirements of the students in information usage. Sample comprised of 300 students. Data were collected by questionnaires analyzed by percentage, mean and SD. The results


De-colonizing Canadian Post-Secondary Education

In Canada, the recent Truth and Reconciliation Committee of Canada Report (2015) revealed the devastating impact of over a century of forced assimilation on Indigenous peoples. In the educational context, assimilation manifested itself in the residential school system, a system which existed from the late 19th century until 1996 and whose mandate was to “Kill


Geography of German Daycare Centers and its Association with the Preschoolers’ Sociolinguistic Characteristics

Purpose: Language acquisition is associated with or influenced by a number of factors which can be called sociolinguistic, social/sociological or demographic. Among other things, children cannot avoid being influenced linguistically by their peers and other contact persons from their neighborhood. Also, neighborhood might be a correlate of several factors influencing language acquisition. This study aimed


Web-Based Science Learning as Innovative Instruction

There are so many mediums of technology, which is radically redefined in order to obtain communication and change the view of teaching and learning. The widespread use of the World Wide Web (www) extended the capacity of the different educational institutions involved in training to extend the possibilities of e-learning. There are a lot of


A Study of an Online Community of Practice for EFL Learning in a Chinese University

The aim of this paper is to report the investigation of an online communication group as a supplementary media for student learning English; and to report how communication online facilitated student learning and student-teacher relationship. Drawing literature on reflection and Communities of Practice (CoPs), a case study was undertaken involving 30 students in an online


Three Approaches to Cultivating Academic Honesty and Fighting Plagiarism

Academic honesty is a critical concept for students who are enrolled in university studies; however, many of these students have at best a loose understanding of what academic honesty entails. Plagiarism comes in many forms, including verbatim plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, and self-plagiarism. Even those students who do have some awareness of plagiarism may only recognize,


A Shifting Gender Regime in Contemporary China? Fans’ Queer Readings of the Film Ne Zha

The animation film Ne Zha was a hit in the summer of 2019 in Chinese cyberspace. The film generated a lot discussion and user generated content from online fans. This is due largely to the film’s nuanced depiction of the relationship between its protagonist Ne Zha and his friend/enemy, Ao Bing. The homosocial/homoerotic undertone in


Determining Demand in Thai Job Market for Communications-Related Degree Title: A Survey of an Online Job Website

This study sought to determine the extent of the demand for graduates of communication-related academic degrees in the Thai job market. To accomplish this, the study utilized content analysis, which involved monitoring on a weekly basis (for six consecutive weeks) the number of available job ads that require a communications-related academic degree in the Thailand


An Education Model for Coding and Software to Improve Computational Thinking

The regular coding (programming or software) education in elementary, middle and high school has been begun in Korea since this year (2018). Many models for efficient coding education have been proposed, and Scratch is widely used as acceptable easy tool. However, under previous education models and tools, the computational thinking capability of the students does

ISSN:2188-2738 – The Asian Conference on Politics, Economics and Law 2013 – Official Conference Proceedings

ACPEL 2013, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme 2013: Trust: Governance, Society and Sustainability
Osaka, Japan
November 21-24, 2013


Correlation Between Interlanguage and Internalization in SLA

Interlanguage is the type of language or linguistic system used by second- and foreign-language learners who are in the process of learning a target language. Interlanguage is dynamic and permeable as it serves as a bridge between L1 and L2 when learners lack knowledge and fine mastery of rules. They refine certain rules and obtain


Luang Prabang Film Festival: 3 Years of Strength with the Power of Movie Fanatics to Enhance Filmmaking in Southeast Asia

The Luang Prabang Film Festival was founded in 2010 by Gabriel Kuperman, an American expat who had a strong passion for both film and this old capital city. The festival was run by an organized group called The Not-For-Profit Luang Prabang Film Festival (LPFF). The 3rdyear of this festival was held in December 1-5, 2012.


Spatialization of Ownership in Indonesian Broadcast Industry: Study on Media Division of Kompas Gramedia Group

Spatialization is part of the political economy and has now become one of the trends in media industries which eventually will lead to concentration of ownership. This condition happens because the owners consider to expand to a larger media bussiness with minimum efforts. Spatialization refers to the term “the proccess of overcoming the constraints of


A Preliminary Report of the Use of Piazza for a Language Class

This paper presents a preliminary report of the project that investigates the impact of using an online forum for language teaching. The online forum used for this project is “Piazza” (, which has been widely used in science and engineering courses at MIT. The goal of the project is to learn how digital natives behave


Local Tourism Destination Content in Online Travel Agency Promotion

Online Travel Agency (OTA) had an impact on making people ease to travel, through their mobile devices without any extra charges. Based on Alvara Research Foundation, Indonesia’s Top 5 online applications are Traveloka,, Blibli, KAI Access and, Airy. This paper is aim to describe how local tourism destination content in those application and their

NA conference series week 1 cover

ISSN: 2189-1095 – The IAFOR North American Conference on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment 2014: Official Conference Proceedings

NACSEE 2014, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Conference Theme 2014: “Individual, Community & Society: Conflict, Resolution & Synergy”
Thursday, September 11, 2014 – Sunday, September 14, 2014
ISSN: 2189-1095


Cross-cultural Language in Clint Eastwood’s Movie Scripts

This is a study of cross-cultural language use in Clint Eastwood’s movie scripts. Eastwood, the renowned film director, starred and produced numerous movies in a variety of genres. The study focuses on the language of the movie scripts used in Eastwood’s War films and Western. Scripts were downloaded from a website “The Web’s Largest Resource


The Evolution of the Technological Characteristics of Media Websites

This paper discusses technological characteristics and tools offered by Web 2.0 which can be employed in media websites. The aim of this study is to explore possible methods which could be applied in web media companies. By this way the usability and the interaction of the media websites can be improved significantly by using social


Motivation in MOOCs: A Qualitative Study on the Design and Evaluation of an Online IELTS Course

Due to the pandemic, 2020 was an unprecedented year, including for online course providers as one-third of the learners that ever registered on a massive open online course (MOOC) platform did so in 2020. This paper focuses on a MOOC course on IELTS, which is the most popular test-prep language course on However, despite

ISSN: 2186-4691 – The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

“Globalization, Culture and Society: What role does language play?”
April 26-28 2012, Osaka, Japan
ISSN: 2186-4691