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Game Analysis on Stakeholders of Low-Carbon Building Market Promotion

Recently, the climate change has become a globe issue influencing human survival and development and all countries have taken steps to reduce carbon emissions to address climate change. Low carbon building is one of the effective methods to deal with climate change. However the low carbon building market is developing slowly. Thus, it is necessary


Hello Kitty’s Popularity and Its Change of Representation

Since it was introduced in the market in 1974, Hello Kitty, a fictional white cat, became a Japanese cultural icon and has been attributed as being ��kawaii�� (��cute��). Characters of Kitty have been used in a myriad of ways like iPods, PCs, Nintendo 3DS, Play Station, games, telephone, televisions, buses, jewelries, coins, and etc. Many


Risk Management and Profit-Loss Analysis of Foreign Currency Risks During Low-Interest-Rate Periods: A Case Study of NTD/NZD

In recent years, central banks in many countries have adopted quantitative easing monetary policy which induces lower-interest-rates; take Taiwan as an example, currently the interest rates for short-term (one year or shorter) time-deposits range from .1%~1%. Yet, foreign banks offer short-term deposits with interest rates between 1%~5% which greatly welcome by investors. The drawback for


The Audit Commission of Local Government in the UK

This paper examines the Audit Commission of local government in the United Kingdom. The function of the Audit Commission, established in 1983 as an independent public corporation and dissolved in 2015, is to audit administration by the local authorities. However, in fact, the Audit Commission has been playing roles of the policy maker and influencing


The Mediating Effects of Green Product Design on Economic Performance of Reverse Logistics: A Conceptual Study

The dwindling of natural resources and higher demand for landfill space fuelled the concept of sustainable consumption. For decades, buy and throwaway society created a string of negative environmental consequences and a positive change is taking place as developed nations take the lead in closing the supply chain loop via extended producer responsibility (EPR). Returns


Online Reviews in an E-Commerce Environment: Impact on Brand Trust and Consumer Equity

This study adopts a quantitative approach using a factorial between-subjects experimental design to determine the effects of online reviews on brand trust and consumer equity. Customer equity links closely with customer value, brand value and relationships unlike willingness to buy. An online user discussion forum was purpose-built to conduct experimental research for this study, using


Community, Peace and Sustainability: Leveraging Institutional Positionality to Affect Local and System Change

In October 2018 the IPCC published a predictable, but no less grim, report on where ‘we’ are situated vis a vis climate change and what is yet to unfold. Despite over a hundred years of scientific concern from scientists on the human effects of industrialization and globalization we now face out of control wildfires, drought,


Community Radio Use to Providing Knowledge of Media Literacy among the Elderly in Rural, Thailand

The consequence of attempts to radio broadcasting reform in Thailand has been delayed more than 15 years. It’s causing emptiness and establishing community radio stations without monitored almost 8,000 stations all over Thailand, which mainly produced the programs for commercial and political purposes. It does not conform to the principle of the community radio in


Learning Media of Currency Introduction for Children with Special Needs

Application of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) has no longer been uncommon and has reached almost every aspect of human lives, including education and learning aspects. The learning media in this study is targeted at children with special needs. It is constructed based on the standard curriculum for mathematics, especially the topics related to numbers,


An Investigation Into the Efficacy of Students-as-partner Pedagogy in a Singapore University Education Learning Context

In Students-as-partner (SAP), students work in partnership with staff members in higher learning institutions to facilitate deeper learning in students by promoting student engagement. While SAP’s impact on student consultants and staff members directly involved in partnership is generally well and widely researched, relatively little is reported about its application on student learning in an

ISSN: 2186-4691 – The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

“Globalization, Culture and Society: What role does language play?”
April 26-28 2012, Osaka, Japan
ISSN: 2186-4691


Local Tourism Destination Content in Online Travel Agency Promotion

Online Travel Agency (OTA) had an impact on making people ease to travel, through their mobile devices without any extra charges. Based on Alvara Research Foundation, Indonesia’s Top 5 online applications are Traveloka,, Blibli, KAI Access and, Airy. This paper is aim to describe how local tourism destination content in those application and their


Luang Prabang Film Festival: 3 Years of Strength with the Power of Movie Fanatics to Enhance Filmmaking in Southeast Asia

The Luang Prabang Film Festival was founded in 2010 by Gabriel Kuperman, an American expat who had a strong passion for both film and this old capital city. The festival was run by an organized group called The Not-For-Profit Luang Prabang Film Festival (LPFF). The 3rdyear of this festival was held in December 1-5, 2012.


Spatialization of Ownership in Indonesian Broadcast Industry: Study on Media Division of Kompas Gramedia Group

Spatialization is part of the political economy and has now become one of the trends in media industries which eventually will lead to concentration of ownership. This condition happens because the owners consider to expand to a larger media bussiness with minimum efforts. Spatialization refers to the term “the proccess of overcoming the constraints of


Motivation in MOOCs: A Qualitative Study on the Design and Evaluation of an Online IELTS Course

Due to the pandemic, 2020 was an unprecedented year, including for online course providers as one-third of the learners that ever registered on a massive open online course (MOOC) platform did so in 2020. This paper focuses on a MOOC course on IELTS, which is the most popular test-prep language course on However, despite


Cross-cultural Language in Clint Eastwood’s Movie Scripts

This is a study of cross-cultural language use in Clint Eastwood’s movie scripts. Eastwood, the renowned film director, starred and produced numerous movies in a variety of genres. The study focuses on the language of the movie scripts used in Eastwood’s War films and Western. Scripts were downloaded from a website “The Web’s Largest Resource


The Evolution of the Technological Characteristics of Media Websites

This paper discusses technological characteristics and tools offered by Web 2.0 which can be employed in media websites. The aim of this study is to explore possible methods which could be applied in web media companies. By this way the usability and the interaction of the media websites can be improved significantly by using social


A Preliminary Report of the Use of Piazza for a Language Class

This paper presents a preliminary report of the project that investigates the impact of using an online forum for language teaching. The online forum used for this project is “Piazza” (, which has been widely used in science and engineering courses at MIT. The goal of the project is to learn how digital natives behave


A Shifting Gender Regime in Contemporary China? Fans’ Queer Readings of the Film Ne Zha

The animation film Ne Zha was a hit in the summer of 2019 in Chinese cyberspace. The film generated a lot discussion and user generated content from online fans. This is due largely to the film’s nuanced depiction of the relationship between its protagonist Ne Zha and his friend/enemy, Ao Bing. The homosocial/homoerotic undertone in


Three Approaches to Cultivating Academic Honesty and Fighting Plagiarism

Academic honesty is a critical concept for students who are enrolled in university studies; however, many of these students have at best a loose understanding of what academic honesty entails. Plagiarism comes in many forms, including verbatim plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, and self-plagiarism. Even those students who do have some awareness of plagiarism may only recognize,


A Study of an Online Community of Practice for EFL Learning in a Chinese University

The aim of this paper is to report the investigation of an online communication group as a supplementary media for student learning English; and to report how communication online facilitated student learning and student-teacher relationship. Drawing literature on reflection and Communities of Practice (CoPs), a case study was undertaken involving 30 students in an online


Correlation Between Interlanguage and Internalization in SLA

Interlanguage is the type of language or linguistic system used by second- and foreign-language learners who are in the process of learning a target language. Interlanguage is dynamic and permeable as it serves as a bridge between L1 and L2 when learners lack knowledge and fine mastery of rules. They refine certain rules and obtain


An Education Model for Coding and Software to Improve Computational Thinking

The regular coding (programming or software) education in elementary, middle and high school has been begun in Korea since this year (2018). Many models for efficient coding education have been proposed, and Scratch is widely used as acceptable easy tool. However, under previous education models and tools, the computational thinking capability of the students does


Determining Demand in Thai Job Market for Communications-Related Degree Title: A Survey of an Online Job Website

This study sought to determine the extent of the demand for graduates of communication-related academic degrees in the Thai job market. To accomplish this, the study utilized content analysis, which involved monitoring on a weekly basis (for six consecutive weeks) the number of available job ads that require a communications-related academic degree in the Thailand


Sonic Kinesthetic Forest: Listening to and Dancing With Trees

Sonic Kinesthetic Forest is an interdisciplinary research project and pedagogical investigation that uses sensory-based, creative methods of drawing, sound, and movement for connecting humans more viscerally to trees and forest landscapes. Our work responds to David Abram’s premise in The Spell of the Sensuous that sensory practices are vital for mitigating human disembodiment, desensitization and


Active Compassion: Empowering Buddhist Nuns Through STEM Education

This study endorses teaching and learning opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) for Buddhist nuns. The Dalai Lama’s position on science and secular education is examined, as well as STEM educational programs in which the Buddhist monastic community participates. This research advances the initiatives of international governmental and nongovernmental organizations

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ISSN: 2189-1087 – The IAFOR North American Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences 2014: Official Conference Proceedings

NACP 2014, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Conference Theme 2014: “Individual, Community & Society: Conflict, Resolution & Synergy”
Thursday, September 25, 2014 – Sunday, September 28, 2014
ISSN: 2189-1087

ISSN: 2189-1079 – The IAFOR North American Conference on Media, Film & Cultural Studies 2014: Official Conference Proceedings

NACMFCS 2014, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Conference Theme 2014: “Individual, Community, Society: Conflict, Resolution & Synergy”,
and “Borderlands of Becoming, Belonging, and Sharing”
Thursday, September 18, 2014 – Sunday, September 21, 2014
ISSN: 2189-1079

ISSN: 2189-1052 – The IAFOR North American Conference on the Arts & Humanities 2014: Official Conference Proceedings

NACAH 2014, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Conference Theme 2014: “Individual, Community, & Society: Conflict, Resolution & Synergy”,
Thursday, September 18, 2014 – Sunday, September 21, 2014
ISSN: 2189-1052


No Child Left Behind: Bridging the Literacy Achievement Gap of Looked-after Children in Secondary School Through Speaking and Listening

This paper explores the key challenges that children in care and children who have suffered adverse experiences face in their education and solutions to these challenges. Using a mixed-methods approach, the researcher conducted interviews with American secondary school teachers, a focus group with members of the USA’s Legal Centre for Foster Care and Education, an


What Happens When We “Cage” Our Fellow Humans?

Literature is a powerful medium for examining justice, judgment, and society’s treatment of humankind. “Does justice have a dark side?” Many pieces of literature show the dark side of man’s justice, such as Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, which presents a young woman being punished as an outcast while her guilty male partner remains free. Other


A Review of Foreign Language Education Policy Researches in China Through Bibliometric Analysis of CSSCI: History, Content and Trend

This research investigates the structure and dynamics of foreign language policy and planning research in China over the last twenty years by using CiteSpace, a well-established software for bibliometric analysis. The purpose is to aid researchers and policymakers overseas and domestic to attain a clear picture of current state of this field. 203 articles were


Re-Thinking on Public International Law

Today, human being, global environment and natural resources are suffering from the extended and endless national, regional and global conflicts, wars, political violence and terror attacks. From 1950-2007, there was an average of 148000 global battlefields deaths per year, and from 2008-2012 the average was 280 000. Total terror attacks and internal conflicts in 2013


Pitfalls of Enthusiasm: Questioning Our Practices – Reflecting on Our Actions

It is not accidental that by problematizing the question, we, as researchers, begin to ‘learn by doing’ and formulate ‘what works’ within our research design. If we add the dimension of different languages, countries, and research practices to our intended study, we find ourselves not only ‘questioning what we do, but how we do it’.


How Public Educational Policy Reform has Lost Its Way

American education has lost its sense of mission, its direction, its connection to real life, and its willingness to change its structure and administration. We do not attend to civic literacy, financial literacy, teamwork, project-based learning, and creation of global citizens. Graduates typically reject a sound grounding in history, geography, and the social sciences. The


Predicting Teachers’ ICT Integration in the Classroom

This study was conducted to explore the teacher factors associated with the frequency of the use of ICT for instructional purposes in K-12 classroom. Survey data collected from 810 teachers in Thailand were analysed to examine how teachers use ICT as a tool for teaching and supporting students__ learning in the classroom. Additionally, the antecedents


Overview of Edtech Research Practices and Decision-Making in Higher Education

This session will review the results of a year-long research project looking at the role of efficacy research in educational technology decision making in higher education. This study consisted of 47 interviews with 54 EdTech decision makers across six different types of institutions. The study found that institutions frequently pilot solutions to determine if they


Reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin as a Text of Non-Violence and Civil Disobedience

Recognized as a great anti-slavery narrative, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 19th century novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin is often seen as more of a historical document today. Yet the way several of Stowe’s characters such as Mrs. Bird, Ophelia, and Uncle Tom himself confront the issues of slavery (or fail to) prophetically mirrors the positions of non-violence


Surviving at Fire and Post-Fire Debris/Mudflow Prone Zones in Colorado Front Range in Light Feng-Shui

Extreme climate patterns in recent decades have led to frequent fire events, rainstorms and debris/mudflows in Colorado Front Range, USA. The landforms of Rocky Mountains coincide with these natural hazards. Once people settle in hazard-prone zones, they are in danger. In many cases, disastrous tragedies stem from design errors. These mistakes in practice reflect a


Leadership and Civic Engagement of Myanmar Refugee Students in the United States: Experiences, Influences and Aspirations

The refugee youth’s involvement in civic engagement and leadership means an access to other opportunities in life, such as social recognition, psychosocial well-being, rewarding relationships and connections, exposure to professional employment, and ability to advocate for oneself and for his/her community (Flanagan and Levine, 2010; Flanagan and Bundick, 2011). Likewise, student civic engagement brings significant


Using Learners’ First Language in EFL Classrooms

This paper aims to explore the attitudes of English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers towards using learners’ first language (L1) in their classes. It also considers the frequency and the functions of using L1 in EFL classes. Monolingual teaching and minimising the use of learners’ L1 are traditionally promoted in English language teaching (ELT)


Doris Salcedo: Parameters of Political Commitment in Colombia

Doris Salcedo is the most prominent sculptor from Colombia ever and currently, one of the most prestigious Latin-American artists in the world. Her artwork, intended as political art, has war as a background, in particular the Colombian civil conflict, and it addresses the way that its violence affects victims’ lives irreparably. While Salcedo is internationally


Telling Our Own Stories: A Phenomenological Study of Sub-Saharan African Immigrants

Many immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa consider emigration towards the West as an opportunity for educational and economic self-fulfillment. Their needs and interests, along with their skills and talents remain poorly understood and underutilized with most countries not recognizing their presence and doing little to facilitate their integration. We undertook this phenomenological project in order to


Surrogacy on Stage. Theater, Movies and Documentaries about Assisted Reproduction, Kinship and (be)longings

During the last decades, India has become a popular destination for fertility tourism and a growing number of Indian fertility clinics offer treatments and surrogacy services to both Indian and Western customers at prices very competitive to a Western marked. Also artists, theater- and film producers have taken interest in the complex phenomena. This paper


Japan-China Game: Navigating Through the Risk Zone

This research aims to analyze the recent developments in the strategic interactions between Japan and China over their territorial disputes in the East China Sea from the perspective of game-theoretical modeling. The methodology of this study includes application of deterrence and compellence models to Sino-Japanese territorial disputes. Using Bayes’ theorem I develop a game with


Five Years of Online Instruction: Lessons Learned

This paper outlines the researcher’s individual growth and evolution of online instruction over the span five years. The details of this paper include a synthesis of recent research combined with online teaching experience. The method used is autoethnography in which the author seeks to analyze personal experience within the cultural context of teaching in the

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ISSN: 2189-1060 – The IAFOR North American Conference on Education 2014: Official Conference Proceedings

NACE 2014, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Conference Theme 2014: “Transforming and Changing Education: Power, In/equalities and Social Justice”
Thursday, September 25, 2014 – Sunday, September 28, 2014
ISSN: 2189-1060


Energy Reduction in Wastewater Treatment Plants

According to the Water and Environment Research Federation, wastewater and biosolids have ten times as much stored energy as that which is needed for treatment. For wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) that incorporate anaerobic digestion, one significant way of capturing this energy is through combined heat and power (CHP). One factor that has slowed the growth


ISSN: 2186-4705 – The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2014 – Official Conference Proceedings

ACTC 2014, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme 2014: “Individual, Community, Society: Connecting, Learning and Growing”
Rihga Royal Hotel, Osaka, Japan
Thursday, April 17, 2014 to Sunday, April 20, 2014
ISSN: 2186-4705


Comparing a Skills-Focused English Test Against a Lexico-Fluency English Test for International Students in Higher Education

International students need to establish that they have sufficient language skills to commence their university degree in countries like Australia, USA, New Zealand, etc. Two formats of English test, the skills-focused IELTS and the lexico-fluency test C-test, will be introduced and their differences explained. The talk will then ask the question of which test is


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Engagement and Awareness in VPET in Hong Kong

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is widely promoted and used in USA, Canada, UK and Australia since 1990s. SoTL encourages teachers to plan and evaluate the relationship between learning and teaching when practicing their teaching pedagogy. Through the process, research capability of teachers will be enhanced. As in the Report of the Task Force


L.A. Streetwalkers: Female Artists Telling Stories on the Streets

This presentation will examine the practice and artwork of three female street artists’Annie Preece, A Common Name and Anna Drumm’who currently live in Los Angeles and illegally put up work on its streets. Their practice varies in material, aesthetic and narrative content but shares a strong ideological commitment to authentic communication, a raw energy and


Components of an Inclusive Postsecondary Transition Program for Older Students with Intellectual Disabilities at a Four-Year University

This paper provides an overview of Project Panther PLUS (Postsecondary Learning for Universal Success), an inclusive postsecondary transition program for students with intellectual disabilities (ID) ages 22-26 at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, USA. With an emphasis on employment and independent living, Panther PLUS provides students with the tools needed to change their lives


The Narrow Road to a Deeper Understanding of Haibun

In seventeenth century Japan, Matsuo Basho wrote The Narrow Road to the Deep North in an innovative style that is much admired in contemporary English language critical theory, and emulated in various forms of practice. The immense difficulties in integrating sections of prose and poetry, (traditionally haiku), in the same text continues to engage and

ISSN: 2434-5903 – The IAFOR Conference on Heritage & the City – New York 2018: Official Conference Proceedings

HCNY-NewYork2018, Hofstra University & Long Island Marriott, New York, USA
HCNY-NewYork2018 Conference Theme: “Urban Heritage and the Modern City”
Wednesday, November 7 – Friday, November 9, 2018
ISSN: 2434-5903


Finding the Root Substance: Religious Classification of Liu Zhi

During the Qing dynasty in China, starting particularly in the 17th century, Hui Muslim scholars began to develop a distinctive Chinese reinterpretation of Islam based on the preceding Neo-Confucian tradition. In the early 18th century, the work of several such scholars was collected in the Han Kitab, a volume compiled by and primarily authored by


Prisms of History: Edward Said’s Humanism

The winding history of the Israeli-Arab dispute along with divergent historical, geopolitical and theological interpretations should be complicated for one to make definite moral judgment. However, the cross-cultural dynamics between the Israeli Jew and the Palestinian Arab and between the West and the East in general provide a historical and political context in which the


Intercultural Competence – Its Role in the Intensive English Program

In the 21st century, with __globalization__ as one of its buzz words, the concept of intercultural competence has drawn attention of participants in all professional fields. In the Intensive English Programs, incorporating intercultural competence into the fundamental competences such as reading, writing, grammar, speaking and communication not only makes English learning more pragmatical and effective


An Approach to Enhance the Use of Soft Landscape Principle’s to Save Energy in Housing Projects in Saudi Arabian Cities

The purpose of this paper is to encourage the application of landscape principles as an approach to save energy in housing projects in Saudi Arabian cities. The ultimate goal is to increase the decision makers’ awareness and appreciation of the importance of soft landscape principles to reduce energy consumption. Many concepts and guidelines are presented


Poverty and Local Development in Mexico: Seeking Solutions

Nowadays, Mexico is involved in two important processes: in the economic sphere, the Mexican government is engaged in an ongoing process of integration into the international economy. On the political and social level, is building a solid democracy system. However, the two processes are complex and are often characterized by the forgetfulness of “local development”.

ISSN: 2189-1044 – The IAFOR International Conference on Language Learning – Hawaii 2016 – Official Conference Proceedings

IICLLHawaii2016, Hawaii, USA
Conference Themes 2016: “Convergence and Divergence”
Friday, January 8 – Monday, January 11, 2016
ISSN: 2189-1044


ISSN: 2186-229X – The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities 2014 – Official Conference Proceedings

ACAH2014, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme 2014: Individual, Community & Society: Conflict, Resolution & Synergy
Rihga Royal Hotel, Osaka, Japan
Thursday, April 3, 2014 – Sunday, April 6, 2014

ISSN: 2432-1222 – The IAFOR International Conference on Technology in the Classroom – Hawaii – 2016 Official Conference Proceedings

IICTCHawaii2016, Hawaii, USA
Conference Themes 2016: “Convergence and Divergence”
Friday, January 8 – Monday, January 11, 2016
ISSN: 2432-1222


Perceptions of Classroom Learning Environments and Computer Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Computer Science Students

Extensive studies have reported that students’ computer self-efficacy beliefs are very important for students’ academic achievement and outcomes. Students’ levels of computer self-efficacy have been shaped by many factors including perceptions of classroom learning environments which are consistent with these study findings. Our survey study collected from 549 undergraduate participants who study in computer science


Management Education for Global Sustainability

Challenges to corporate business success requires the development of a new type of manager/leader who can integrate business expertise with knowledge of science and technology. The Professional Science Masters (PSM) Degree in Sustainability Science is an example of this new model of graduate education. While the PSM degree has grown significantly in U.S. graduate education,


Faculty Mentoring and Unmasking Gender Biases and Influences for Pakistan Returnee Doctoral Graduates From Abroad

The mentoring of faculty is an important aspect in higher education for countries investing in training faculty abroad. This study explores the key challenges faced by young female faculty when returning from doctoral studies abroad and assuming leadership positions in higher education, without having had prior mentoring. The participants of this study were doctoral graduates


Civil Rights Movement Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

Ever since American continent was discovered by Europeans, particularly its part that was turning into the USA became a place of opportunities for many underprivileged from different parts of Europe. However, the status of women, Native Americans, and other racial minorities, including immigrants from Asia, and particularly from Africa, was complicated. During the 19th century


An Idea of Justice in the Platonic Tradition of Russian Religious Philosophy

The Platonic tradition is very strong in the ontology and cosmology of Russian religious philosophy. The concept of Sophia as the foundation and the final goal of mankind, as well as the idea of the celestial and terrestrial hierarchies, and the ascent of the creation toward the creator established in classical Greece, are remarkably developed


Using Asset Management to Unlock Sustainability Potential

The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) ensures the nation’s nuclear security. Comprised of eight science and manufacturing campuses covering 36 million square feet of facilities, NNSA is the heart of the US nuclear deterrence and non-proliferation missions. Its unique capabilities, from supercomputing to laser science, and workforce of upwards of


Mediated Compassion and the Politics of Displaced Bodies

In media’s attempt to humanize the impact of war, dramatic images of disgruntled human bodies seeking refuge in faraway lands have become symbols of suffering and calls for humanitarian action. However, some media scholars are claiming that compassion fatigue is desensitizing media audiences to the human cost of war. This article argues that certain images


Employees Seek Justice as Religion and Work Intersect: A Perspective From the United States

The main goal of this conceptual paper is to showcase how religion impacts the workplace in the United States (US). The demographics in the US workplace today is a rich mosaic of employees from various religious backgrounds such as Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, among others. One of the predominant factors for this diverse religious


Rethinking the Promise of Scratch in the Applied Linguistics Classroom: Students’ Perspectives, Instructor’s Observations

For the past five fall semesters (2010-2014), undergraduate and graduate students taking applied linguistics (LN400, LN500) at the University of Guam were required to explore the promise of SCRATCH by designing projects relevant to their individual fields of specialization, from language teaching and literature, to pragmatics and sociolinguistics. SCRATCH, a free downloadable program from MIT

ISSN: 2189-1036 – The IAFOR International Conference on Education – Hawaii – 2016 Official Conference Proceedings

IICEHawaii2016, Hawaii, USA
Conference Themes 2016: “Education and Social Justice: Learning and Teaching for Change”
Friday, January 8 – Monday, January 11, 2016
ISSN: 2189-1036