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Intermedia Motion Tracking in AR/VR – On Immersive Storytelling and Choreographic Patterns

According to the KAMC Submission Stream “Performing Arts Practices: Theater, Dance, Music”, we would like to contribute details on our current research project IML – “Immersive Media Lab” ( The project was funded by FFG COIN “Aufbau” and started in 2018 at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences under the leadership of Dr Franziska


Educational Practice and Professional Identity among Volunteer Correctional Educators: Becoming a Teacher Behind Bars

This case study examines the experiences of 8 volunteer educators working in a rural county jail in the northeastern United States. More specifically, it explores the challenge of developing a critical educational practice and nascent professional identity in a context otherwise alien to them and on the “borderlands” of contemporary educational practice It is well-documented


Flipped Classroom: The Case of Professional English Writing Course

Recently the teaching trend is to keep up-to-date with the boom in technology. Flipped teaching, which is rated as one of the “top trends in educational technology” (Watters, 2012), has gained foot in the EFL/ESL classrooms only recently (Fahim & Khalil, 2015; Bauer-Ramazani, Graney, Marshall, & Sabieh, 2016). To follow the teaching trend, the researcher

ISSN: 2186-5892 The Asian Conference on Education 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

ACE2020, Online from Tokyo, Japan
Friday, October 31 – Sunday, November 2, 2020
ISSN: 2186-5892


Media Websites and Their Visitors’ Choices on Cookies

Cookies are small bits of data that are being sent from the websites a user visits and downloaded to their computers.They appeared immediately after the introduction of the World Wide Web (WWW) and are now widely used.By using these particular pieces of information, websites have the capability to offer customized services covering the personalized needs


Drawn In

Art, has always been about reflecting and interpreting the world. It also appears that much of today’s output seems directed towards highly individual, so artists seem to demand an intimate, and personal engagement with their art. Drawing has become such perfect platform to accommodate the artists’ personal, intimate and direct experiences of belonging in transcultural


Perceived Barriers to, and Benefits of Physical Activity Among Injured or Sick British Military Veterans: A Behaviour Change Wheel Perspective

Background Physical activity (PA) has been shown to have many positive benefits for wounded, injured, and/or sick (WIS) British military veterans. Before PA is promoted in this population, however, it is important to understand the perceived barriers to, and benefits involved. Yet, to date, research has not explored this topic; despite many WIS veteran PA

NA conference series week 1 cover

ISSN: 2189-1095 – The IAFOR North American Conference on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment 2014: Official Conference Proceedings

NACSEE 2014, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Conference Theme 2014: “Individual, Community & Society: Conflict, Resolution & Synergy”
Thursday, September 11, 2014 – Sunday, September 14, 2014
ISSN: 2189-1095

ISSN:2188-2738 – The Asian Conference on Politics, Economics and Law 2013 – Official Conference Proceedings

ACPEL 2013, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme 2013: Trust: Governance, Society and Sustainability
Osaka, Japan
November 21-24, 2013


Reevaluating the Relationship between Millennial Students, Their Parents, and Professors When Teaching a Study-Abroad Course: Searching for More Success

When the new millennium approached, educators looked toward the 21st century with either excitement or concern. As a perfect time for of self-reflection, many universities and colleges began to pay attention to a new generation of students that began arriving on campuses in 2000. Since then, much of the research has focused on identifying their


Positive Disciplinary Power

For decades now, academics have developed analyses for uncovering oppressive forms of power in society. These investigations often reveal conscious and unconscious prejudices lurking behind seemingly innocent and humanistic agendas. Academic research makes power structures operating in a society visible, allowing individuals to understand the ways they are subjugated so that they can resist methods


“‘Knock it Out of Them'”: The Matter and Meaning of Stone

Novalis’ HENRY VON OFTERDINGEN (1802), Ludwig Tieck’s “The Runenberg” (1804), and E.T.A. Hoffmann’s “The Mines at Falun” (1819) are three linked German Romantic tales that speak of stone as object and sign. Their three protagonists Henry, Christian, and Elis, wayfarers all, study “the power of rocks”*, entreat us to “ask the stones, you will be


The C.L.E.A.R. Framework for Successfully Educating and Empowering Diverse Student Populations

Breaking the visible and invisible barriers that impede the success of school-age children of racially and linguistically diverse communities requires that we have a clear framework that allows for their academic and holistic success. The C.L.E.A.R. approach is a culturally responsive framework designed by this author, based upon a yearlong qualitative research study of urban


The Party’s Command: Explaining the Near Absence of Military Coups in Communist Countries

Why are military coups almost nonexistent in communist countries, despite the fact that democratic, and authoritarian regimes in the developing world have repeatedly demonstrated serious vulnerability to such way of seizing power? Although there is an abundance of scholarly works that concentrated on explaining the nature of military coups, none have delivered a comprehensive analysis


Students-Enthusiasts in a Virtual Classroom: Their Contribution to the Educational Process

In this work, the phenomenon of students’ enthusiasm was explored. 47 graduate students, which took the author’s online psychology courses, participated in the study. The tasks included quantification of the students’ learning motivation based on the analysis of their online coursework, comparing it with their academic achievement, and the analysis of the developmental tendencies of


The Influence of Gender Role Ideologies in Women’s Careers: A look at Marianismo and Machismo in the Treatment Room

Global statistics document an increase in women’s careers in the professions and portray successful female roles in the industrial, political and financial areas, with some variation in different regions of the world. Nonetheless, women hold only a small percentage of board seats and other influential positions in these areas worldwide. It is also known that


National and Gender Power Negotiations in Harriett Low’s Lights and Shadows of a Macao Life

Dictated by the cult of domesticity, American women’s status in the mid-19th century remains largely the same from previous centuries: they are powerless politically and socio-economically. Harriett Low, one of the first two American women who lived in Macao in the mid-19th century, is expected to abide by the ideals of the True Womanhood in


The Analysis on the Documentary, “The Big Picture”: The Moment of Sympathetic Connection as a Rupture

A recently released documentary, “The Big Picture”, portrays the moment of a cross-cultural dialogue between the Japanese and Koreans regarding the comfort women issue. Through approaching the documentary from a Deleuzian perspective, I contend that such moment of connection through sympathy may induce both Koreans and the Japanese to perceive circumstantial vulnerability comfort women faced


Popular Mexican Snacks Originated in Japan

Japanese immigrants played a prominent role in Mexican snack culture. Cacahuate japones, muegano, jamonsillo, chamoy, and habas are all snacks currently sold in Mexican markets that were invented by Japanese immigrants. In this presentation, I introduce the history of these popular Mexican snacks and sweets based on field work I conducted in Mexico City from


Curbing Suburban Sprawl: Adding the Education Variable to the Housing + Transportation Model

In urban planning, there is considerable discourse about how to curb suburban sprawl, increase densities in the urban core and reduce the need to develop greenfields while accommodating population growth in metropolitan areas. One economic model that helps quantify the cost of suburban living versus urban living within US metropolitan areas is the “H +


The Globalization War Can Ethics Bring Peace?

In a recent talk on Capitalism, Bruno Latour argues that economic globalization is at war with the Globe and that the Globe is losing. Humans can expect to suffer great loses as our life support systems erode and crumble from the relentless attacks of economic aggression. How paradoxical, that it is easier to see the


A Case for a Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: A Lesson from The Middle East

In educational settings where a curriculum developed in the USA is taught on foreign soil, teaching is particularly challenging, especially if students’ socio-cultural and religious traditions invoke a distinct paradigm of human relations, and their habits of information acquisition and communication emphasize reiteration. It has been proposed that active and meaningful learning, exemplified by culturally


The King and His Queen: Henry VIII’s Verse and Katherine of Aragon as Center of the Chivalric Court

This essay examines the ways in which Henry used poetics and performances to establish the iconography of his court and the relevance, within this context, of Henry’s specific choice of Katherine as queen to preside over his chivalric court. Though analysis may now often interrogate the possibility of underlying insecurities motivating Henry’s actions, the king’s


Comparative Studies of Renewable Energy Development between China and the United States of America

Current status of renewable energy development in China and US is analyzed via comparative studies. Past trend for each country is analyzed based on data in the past twenty years or so. The trajectory for the renewable energy development is different. In order to meet the demand of renewable energy and protect environment, a mathematical


Misapplication of Power and the Death Penalty in Georgia: There is No Power Greater Than That Over Life and Death

The death penalty is a lottery, in which fairness loses and power wins. Under consideration are the supremacy of the parole board, political and media influence on legal decisions and the uneven application of the law on those condemned. Included are consequences of long imprisonment before the death sentence is effectuated and the execution of


A Deranged World through Structural Disarray: The Power of Narrative in 1980s Chinese Fiction

China under Maoist totalitarian extremity is a deranged world. In literary works by critically acclaimed authors Yu Hua, Can Xue and Chen Chun, the nightmarish reality is represented through narration strictly through the viewpoint of the male or female protagonists. In Yu Hua’s story, the teenage protagonist is an individual with the mental disorder of


Gender Disparities in HIV/AIDS Epidemiology: A Study of Expectant Couples in Selected Rural Communities in Nigeria

Gender disparities appear to be widening such that women make up a growing proportion of persons living with HIV, globally. Statistics has shown that the highest population of people living with HIV are women in the child-bearing age of 15-49 years. However, beyond women’s greater biological susceptibility and other explanations of why men and women


America, Our Home? A Qualitative Study of 1.5 Generation Asian Americans

Background: As the population of Asian immigrants and their children continues to grow in the U.S., it becomes increasingly important to improve our understanding of how these individuals experience growing up and living as Americans. The term 1.5-generation refers to a group of immigrants that is neither first- nor second- generation; these individuals fall in


Yayoi Kusama – Manhattan Salvation Addict

Kusama Yayoi is a world famous Japanese artist who has worked in a wide variety of media. Since the 90’s we can observe growing fascination with Kusama’s works, as well as its recognition and rediscovering. The phenomenon is better known as “The Kusama Renaissance”. As a still living and creating artist, she constantly tries to


Parental Involvement in Children’s Gaming and Students School Outcomes

Although research on parents’ involvement in their children’s gaming (PMG) should be an important area of research, there is little research complied in the field. Considering the dramatic growth of students’ gaming and its negative influences on their attitudes and behaviors (Gentile, Lynch, & Linder, 2004) and academic performance (Skoric, Teo, & Neo, 2009), PMG


The ZEA and the ZED: Examining Zones of Ethical Agreement and Disagreement between Premillennial Dispensationalism and a Realism Approach to International Relations

The eschatological belief of Premillennial Dispensationalism has been a cornerstone of the fundamentalist evangelical belief system in the United States. As will be discussed in this presentation, the ideological claims in Premillennial Dispensationalism have a history of permeating foreign policy despite the fact that International Relations is typically characterized by a more secular paradigm. Premillennial


Locating Hybrid Identity Formations: Readings on Mississippi Masala, The Namesake and Bhaji on the Beach

Diasporic cinema or what Hamid Naficy would like to call ‘accented cinema’ is an expression from the interstices of societies where the diasporic groups occupy an ‘in-between’ position. However, with the increasing formation of such groups and thereby blending of different cultures, languages, and nations etc. the concept of hybridity has gained much importance as


Mathematical Modeling – A Synthesis of Qualitative Research: A Proposal for an Integrated Mathematics and Science Modeling Cycle

The purpose of this study was to synthesize qualitative research findings about mathematical modeling at the high school and college levels focusing on the inquiry processes applied during modeling. A total of 19 primary studies published in peer-reviewed journals between January 1, 2000, and February 28, 2013, with a total of 1,290 subjects met the


Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures: A Study of the Financial Characteristics and Capital Investment of the S&P 500 Firms

This paper examines the corporations’ decision to disclose information related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its implications. While there are no accounting standards similar to those for financial reporting, companies here in the U.S. and abroad have voluntarily started disclosing CSR information. While a study as recently as 2010 shows that only 30 percent


Verticality of Space in Japanese and English with Image-Schema in Cognitive Linguistics

The purpose of this study is to analyze the reconceptualization of lexicon-grammar in a linguistic category of vertical space from Japanese to that of English with image-schema. Talking about space substantially differs among cultures, despite the fact that physical space is the same everywhere (Bowerman, 1996; Levinson, 2003; Pederson et al. 1998). Primary differences between


A New Way to D.I.E.: Intercultural Communication Strategies

This workshop provides a brief overview of pertinent research and major theories related to communicating with people of different cultural backgrounds, as well as fun and useful techniques and strategies to use when counseling individuals, couples, and families; teaching in international or multinational classrooms; working or consulting in international or multinational school offices, companies, and


Shared Adventures: How International Students from Four Continents Learn English Together

This presentation will introduce the feature of the Intensive English Bridge Program (IEBP), the teaching methods and learning strategies the author and her colleagues developed to help the international students in IEBP at Indiana Institute of Technology. The presentation will first give a profile of the college, the students, and the courses, followed by the


Power, Religion and the Informational Nature of Reality

Technological advances change our view of reality. Published articles and books suggest that we live in a Matrix-like simulation or in a mathematics-created universe. Some suggest that the universe itself is a nothing more than a quantum computer made of information. There are many opinions, but do our opinions coincide with the truth at all


The Employee Outcomes of Workplace Favoritism in Turkish Public Sector

This paper investigates the effect of workplace favoritism on job satisfaction and intent to quit, and mediating the role of job frustration in these relationships. Data was collected from a sample of 267 public hospital employees in Turkey. Structural equation modeling analyses indicated that workplace favoritism was directly and indirectly effect on intent to quit


There is No Box: The International Interdisciplinary Nature of Higher Education

“We think by feeling. What is there to know?” Roethke, “The Waking” Just as the concept of traditional disciplines needs to be questioned, traditional attitudes towards learning would benefit from a more inclusive look at how our ideas and values are formed and change over time. In this discussion we have as much to learn


Between Fiction and Documentary: The “Documentary-ness” of Still Life (Jia Zhangke, 2006)

Concerning Jia Zhangke’s pursuit of an ingenuous cinematic language, Jia’s particular documentary-inflected realism, most evident in his use of nonprofessional actors as an instrument for the interweaving of documentary and staged footage, ambitiously joins the discourse of documentary film with his parallel projects—the documentary film, Dong (2006), and the fiction film, Still Life (2006). Triggered


Mean Girls in the Legal Workplace

Purpose This quantitative study examined relationships between perceptions of aggression, workplace incivility, and job satisfaction among legal professional women. Framework Microaggression Theory and Relational Aggression Theory provided the theoretical framework for this study. Result Perceptions of higher levels of direct and indirect aggression from others were significantly associated with greater workplace incivility towards others and


Interdisciplinary Art Approach Collaboration, Equal Partnership and Common Language

Visual artists no longer dwell in the ivory towers, which isolate themselves from the existing world, thus creating artworks based on their personal interests and beliefs. Such mode of creative engagement has been overridden by an interdisciplinary approach that encourages visual artists to leave their comfort zones to collaborate with people from non arts disciplines


(Re)imagining and (Re)negotiating the Taiwanese Sense of Self: “The Taipei Experience” in the Post Taiwan New Cinema

Since the Emergence of the Post Taiwan New Cinema, advocates of the Taiwanese New Cinema’s recuperation of “The Taiwanese Experience” has criticized the postmodernized Taipei cityscape in those PTNC films as a crisis in reestablishing a sense of Taiwanese identity. From a postcolonial standpoint, the contemplation on the PTNC’s cinematic engagement with the debates on


A Study of Students’ Orientation in the Virtual Classroom

One of the most important features determining successful adjustment and learning in the virtual classroom (VCR) is an individual’s ability to quickly, independently, and flexibly orient oneself in the new learning environment. It means grasping an idea of information-technological resources as well as the course organization with its academic, administrative, technical, and communicational requirements. In


When Terrorism Enters the Theatre. A Reflection on the Terrorist Attack to the Dubrovska Theatre in Moscow in 2002

In October 23, 2002, forty two Chechen Terrorists attacked the Dubrovka theatre in Moscow and took 850 people hostage during the performance of the Russian Musical Nordost. The terrorists commando included 22 women, the so-called “black widows”, i.e. women whose husbands had been killed during the Chechen war. The siege lasted 57 hours. To put


Design Critique: Teaching Design Students to Be Effective Communicators Using Open Broadcaster Software

Peer review is vital to the growth and performance of the student and design critique and jury is a staple in basic and advanced studios since their teaching and learning process are different and more complicated than theory courses. Evaluation and grading systems in art, design and architecture studio-based courses are more difficult than other


Power and Domination

Historically, we speak about women as the ignored and the invisible, while the standard of humanity is male. Much recent feminist discourse seeks to expose the phenomenon of the exclusion of the feminine voice in language. The analysis of the corruption of the use of language may reveal this silencing. We see how the perpetuation


Regional Disparity of Productivity and the Factors in Japanese Industries

This study examines productivity change and the factors of regional industries in Japan using a data set consisting of 47 prefectures over the period from 1990 to 2009. The data set is comprised of one output and five inputs for manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries; amount of real term production as an output and intermediate input,


The Effects of the Thai Phonological and Writing Systems on Spelling and Writing in English: A Case Study of Burapha University Students

Thai has unique phonological structures, which contrast with other languages. Crucially, the fact that Thai lacks certain English consonant phonemes in its phonological system has created problems for Thai learners of EFL in accommodating and pronouncing English sounds, particularly the consonant ones. This could result in ambiguity and miscommunication e.g. ‘tin’ instead of ‘thin’ due


Risk Management and Counseling Chinese Students and Scholars in United States

Rising mental health issues have been recorded across university campuses in the United States alongside the increase in the Chinese international student population over the past 20 years (Zhao, 2005). These issues include domestic violence, stalking, depression, and suicides (National Institute of Mental Health, 2013). This study discusses mental health issues among Chinese students and


How Effective are Bullying Interventions in Reducing Perpetration and Victimization Among School-Aged Children? A Systematic Meta-Analysis

Education administrators, policy makers, and community workers need clarifications of school-based bullying interventions when making informed decisions concerning bullying prevention resources and funding. In the past decade, bullying strategies and intervention programs have increased significantly from the original strategies and interventions of Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The purpose of this systematic meta-analysis is to contribute


Applying a Project Management Strategy to Rule of Law Programs: Recommendations for Myanmar Based on Lessons Learned From Afghanistan

Since 2003, the US government and international partners have worked to develop the rule of law in Afghanistan. This effort has focused on areas such as the judicial system, corrections system, informal justice system, legislative reform, legal education and anticorruption efforts. In a report issued by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, RoL programs


The Power of Integrated Treatment for Caregivers of Dementia Patients

Study Premises There is great power in a model of psychosocial treatment that works well. Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients are known to encounter stressors resulting in compromised health status for the caregiver; however, the factors that contribute to an integrated model of care for ill, disabled, and older family members has not been fully explored.


Leading Change Together: A Pitch for Education, Community Engagement, Social Justice, and Sustainable Development

Leading Change Together is the powerful idea of impact behind the mission of Global Tassels, a registered 501(c)3 international organization focused on alleviating poverty in the most severely- impacted communities around the world . Global Tassels’ signature mission is to provide access to college education with the goal of permanently empowering the sustainable development of


Storytelling As a Form of Academic Discourse Engaging English Language Learners in the United States Standards-Based Classroom

Academic discourse is the pattern of speech and writing that exists in academic settings. In the American school system, academic discourse is driven by discussion-based instruction that expects students to ask clarification questions, build on each other’s ideas, and above all, demonstrate evidenced-based reasoning. Academic discourse understood as such calls for cognitive and language demands


My Own Little Television: Implications of the Conflation of Internet Broadcasting and Television Broadcasting in the Korean Context

Internet broadcasting jockey (BJs) has been a lucrative occupation in Korea, but it has not necessarily been a legitimate job. However, the recent boom in independent internet broadcasting shows spearheaded by an online video streaming service AfreecaTV has brought these shows and the BJs into the limelight. Not only do some of the popular BJs


Domestication and Foreignization in the Revolt of the Young: Essays by Tawfiq Al-Hakim

The Revolt of the Young is a collection of essays originally published in 1984 by one of the most distinguished Egyptian writers of the twentieth century, Tawfiq al-Hakim. The English translation appeared in January 2015 done by the present researcher. Al-Hakim (1898-1987) muses on the cultural, artistic, and intellectual links and breakages between the old


Using Dna Barcoding as a Pedagogical Tool to Teach Genetics to Undergraduates at Queensborough Community College

Over the past five years, the author has noticed that students who take the Biotechnology (lecture/lab) first, do better in the Molecular Genetics course than those who do not. This is especially true for the part that explains the central dogma of DNA, Restriction Enzymes, PCR amplification, Gel electrophoresis and DNA sequencing. The author strongly


How the Conceptualization of Refugees Impacts Their Capacity to Fulfill Their Social and Economic Agency

By the end of 2014, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) had identified 14.4 million refugees globally (UNHCR Global Trends 2014). The growth of the refugee population is an increasing concern that affects origin countries, host countries, aid organizations, and, most importantly, refugees themselves. The tendency of governments, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), aid agencies,


Christian Conservatives and the LGBTQ Community in a Pluralistic World

Conservative Christians and the LGBTQ community are seldom bedfellows with a common cause. The former often lashes out publicly against the latter with the latter occasionally lashing back. The debate over gay marriage is a bitter source of conflict between these two groups. Nevertheless, the persistent presence of conservative religionists is unlikely to abate in


Linplexity: A Closer Look at How One Asian is a Representative for an Entire Race

Asians specifically in America, negotiate with the depictions of microaggressions rooted in racism in everyday life. According to Derald W. Sue et al. (2007), “racial microaggressions are brief and commonplace daily, verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communication hostile, derogatory; or negative racial slights and insults towards people of color” (Sue


The Power of Pretty: Re-Appropriating the Gaze and Feminine Agency in “Spring Breakers”

When Mulvey (1975) posited the marginalization of female characters in film as passive, powerless figures that advance the narrative only in the sense that they drive male characters to act, she became one of the key figures of second-wave feminist film theory. Her analysis of scopophilic pleasure and the male gaze has long been a


1+1=1; An Exploration of Bakhtinian Minimum for Existence in Andrei Tarkovsky’s Nostalghia

Mikhail Bakhtin’s emphasis upon the constructedness of language and consciousness, the essential connectedness of individuals to each other, and the co-creation of un-finalized beings in the course of inter-subjective utterances of a dialogue have come to the aid of a great many people to defy subjugation and confinement. By depicting the anti-authoritarian spirit of the


A Goals-Based Evaluation Regarding a Contrasting Analysis of Profession Growth and Evaluation Programs

This goals-based evaluation analyzes and compares several professional growth and evaluation programs among selected states in the United States and including a few countries internationally in order to determine if an ideal model of common variables constituting an effective professional evaluation system can be designed. Both inter-state and international comparisons will rely on data sets


Confronting Underlying Issues of Racism for Effective Intercultural Communication

This workshop session provides an overview of pertinent research and major theories related to both racism and communicating with people of different cultural backgrounds, as well as fun and useful techniques and strategies to use in international classrooms, school offices, and businesses, including a new approach to a widely-used tool in intercultural communication training—the D.I.E.


Multiplicity and Difference: Pluralities of Identity

The main objective of this paper is to discuss the idea of cultural identity its tendency become the overriding or singular affiliation. While exploring individualism as a pluralistic notion of constant movement and becoming as opposed to monistic substance, the discussion will emphasize on the importance of parallel multiplicity and difference as a critical, yet


Twenty-Five Years after the Fall of Communism: Toward a Symbolic Interactionist Approach to the Study of Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe

Even when the domestic political system has undergone reform, it sometimes seems unlikely that any outside force can introduce enough of a “carrot and stick” approach to persuade a country to maintain momentum. This article is concerned with understanding the cultural peculiarities of fighting corruption and building civil society in Romania, where despite the tough


Healthy Children Healthy Minds: Helping Children Succeed Now for a Brighter Future

This workshop will be divided into 3 parts: 1. Keeping the Brain and Mind Healthy which will explore exercise, nutrition, arts stimulation and Language development 2. Challenges to Brain and Mind Health: Attention, Focus, Brain injuries, alcohol and drugs, physical and mental illness, violence and abuse 3. Strategies for building Healthy Brain and Mind: Mindfulness,


The Comparison of Children’s Caloric Expenditure During Elementary Physical Education Class and Free-Choice Recess Time

The physical benefits of structured physical education (PE) classes and free-choice recess time in elementary school and how they compare to each other is unknown. National health objectives encourage 50% of PE class time being spent in moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA), while no set standards for elementary recess exist. PURPOSE: To determine if


Teaching Assertiveness to International Students in the United States

This presentation describes an approach to teaching assertive communication skills to international students in the United States. Assertiveness involves expressing one’s personal rights and feelings; standing up for one’s rights while respecting the rights of others; believing one has a right to one�s feelings, beliefs and opinions; and viewing oneself as equal to others, while


The Power of Fiction: The Nameless Book and the Birth of Literary Criticism in Japan

Mumyōzōshi (The Nameless Book, ca. 1200) is frequently cited as the first work of prose criticism in the Japanese literary tradition, in part due to the author’s sensitive treatment of several vernacular tales (monogatari) composed between the early tenth and late twelfth centuries. The author is generally assumed to be the poet known as Shunzei’s


The Shift from Yakudoku to Communicative Language Teaching: Empowering Students with a Diversity of English Classes

Traditionally, English classes taught in Japanese schools have followed the yakudoku method (Gorsuch, 1998; Nishino, 2008; Rutson-Griffiths, 2012). In this method, English sentences are translated into Japanese word-for-word, and then reordered in accordance with Japanese grammar. This limits the use for students to practice speaking English with the exception of repeating words for pronunciation purposes.


Analysis of Compositions Written by a Fifth Grade Chinese Child in Japan

This paper outlines an approach to analyzing linguistically diverse student writing. The current study focuses on the Chinese and Japanese writing of a fifth grade student living in Japan who is ethnically Chinese and multilingual. Literary and Bakhtinian analysis are used to explore the literary elements and voices in this student’s writing (Bakhtin, 1986). Such


Aggregate Production and Gases Emissions in Rich Countries: Are the G7 Contributing to Environmental Air Damage?

Due to the importance of the G7 (Group of Seven) countries, and taking into account the current need for nations adhering to environmental standards, a relevant issue to investigate is if increasing levels of Gross Domestic Production (GDP) are related to increasing levels of environmental damage. This paper aims to analyze this production growth-environmental damage


Typography and Iconography: Influential Tools in Visual Communication

Graphic design is the most effective art form to quickly communicate a message to the viewer. People are influenced by skillful storytelling, which can provide both logic and an emotional investment [1]. A visual communication craftsperson can efficiently stir the emotions in his or her audience through various tools of storytelling such typography and iconography.


High School Dropouts: An Issue for the Individuals and the Country

In order to address this pressing issue of high school dropout rates in the United States, this paper will examine the “push” and “pull” factors leading to this phenomenon. “Push” factors include graduation requirements and related educational policies put in place that affect a student’s ability to graduate . Social factors that influence graduation rates


Leadership in Building a Sustainable Future: Education, Equity and the Economy

Traditionally, the mission of public schooling has been to serve the common good through upward mobility, transfer of knowledge and inculcation of social values. Managing change is what school leaders do. As well, one of the primary characteristics of the effective school leader is to have a sense of futurity to ongoing improvement of students


Sustainability in the Curriculum and Teaching of Economics: Transforming Introductory Macroeconomics

Sustainability is arguably the outcome of a holistically integrated economic system. However, when the marketplace fails to assess the “true” cost of production, inclusive of resource regeneration, waste creation and disposal, and unexpected externalities and when simultaneously, consumption forms the basis of evaluating progress, the outcome of an economic system can fall significantly short of


Keeping Tabs on Reading: Comparing Reading Comprehension Scores of E-Text Readers and Physical Text Readers in Senior High School

Technology plays a powerful role in the field of education (South, 2017), and with digital integration inside the classroom, scholars debated in the use of these e-texts since issues regarding reading comprehension surfaced as researchers tried to tackle new forms of digital learning (Moran et al., 2008). This research aims to compare the pre and


Considering eLearning and Collaborative Learning in Secondary Schools – An Australian Perspective

Drawing upon my experiences as an English teacher in a West Australian public school, this workshop explores a number of case studies in which groups of secondary school students were able to achieve improved outcomes with the support of technology. Australian schools are in the process of implementing the Australian Curriculum – a set of


Online Interactions of Japanese and Hungarian EFL Learners: A Critical Analysis

This presentation seeks to address how Japanese and Hungarian EFL learners co-constructed their social relations, identity and power through the use of English as a lingua franca (ELF) online. Following the principles of critical discourse analysis (Gee, 1999), I analyze ELF online interactions between six Hungarian teenagers with low socio-economic background and five Japanese university


Instructor Experience Affects Perception of Student Technology Use as a Sign of Engagement

Devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops have become commonplace in the classroom. Students can use these devices to disengage and distract others or to take notes and collaborate with others. Recognizing the difference is now a critical skill for university instructors. Assessing student engagement and responding to disengaged students are learned skills that


Applications of the Arduino Electronics in the Kinematics

Due to high precision, quick response and low price, Arduino electronics, including motherboards and sensors, have potential to be the main parts of physical experiments. Especially, the experimental data can be easily transferred to smartphones and tablets through the Bluetooth communication that greatly enhances the portability of the experimental equipment. There are many commercially available


Parasitism: The Inextricable Connection of the Indispensables

When questioning people about their top three everyday life companion gadgets, the answers are often smartphones, smartwatches, and laptop computers. The interconnection could be symbolically analogized to a parasitic relation. The term parasitism characterizes an interdependent relationship between two living beings, in which one benefits from another; in some incidents, the parasites cause some harm


Can MOOC’s be a Model for Providing Quality Higher Education to Refugees? Lessons from the First Experiment

The literature on refugee studies thus far has explored the role of education in the settlement of refugees in their host countries (Rek 2005). Efforts to integrate them through various socio-economic programmes have met limited success with millions forced to work illegally in the informal economy (Orhan 2015). Although holistic assistance is required to ensure


Tablet Reading Bridging the University and Children in Remote Areas

Faced with limited resources and human support, children in remote areas encounter many difficulties in learning and reading with the use of modern technological devices. To help these children experience mobile reading activities with innovative technology, donation of tablets from the industry was initiated. Follow-up services to learning sites were provided by the university library.


Mood and the Decision to Purchase High-Tech Products

The paper describes the results of a study of the effect of mood on the way people assessed different attributes of tablets; their assumption was that depending on their current mood, people look for certain product characteristics in making purchasing decisions. The respondents (40 males, 24 females, mean age = 26,2, S = 4,5) were


Traditional Art, Interactive Technology, Gamifying Cloud: Cross-Cultural Hybrid Puppetry New Experience

Puppetry is the key project intangible cultural heritage in Taiwan, which has developed into the most drama performances featuring arts and culture, modern life has become an integral part of the entertainment . In the past few years , with the significantly improved computing capabilities , emerging digital tools ( such as tablets , smart


Language Learners Perceptions and Experiences on the Use of Mobile Applications for Independent Language Learning in Higher Education

With the widespread use of mobile phones and portable devices it is inevitable to think of Mobile Assisted Language Learning as a means of independent learning in Higher Education. Nowadays many learners are keen to explore the wide variety of applications available in their portable and always readily available mobile phones and tablets. The fact


Web-Based Science Learning as Innovative Instruction

There are so many mediums of technology, which is radically redefined in order to obtain communication and change the view of teaching and learning. The widespread use of the World Wide Web (www) extended the capacity of the different educational institutions involved in training to extend the possibilities of e-learning. There are a lot of


The Utilities of New Media for Indonesian Organic Community

Making a commitment to eat healthy food is a great start towards a healthier life. Organic food has become very popular issue in Indonesia because it provides a variety of benefits. But in fact, as the biggest agricultural country in the world, people in Indonesia is not really aware about organic food. Consequently, Organic Community


Geography of German Daycare Centers and its Association with the Preschoolers’ Sociolinguistic Characteristics

Purpose: Language acquisition is associated with or influenced by a number of factors which can be called sociolinguistic, social/sociological or demographic. Among other things, children cannot avoid being influenced linguistically by their peers and other contact persons from their neighborhood. Also, neighborhood might be a correlate of several factors influencing language acquisition. This study aimed


De-colonizing Canadian Post-Secondary Education

In Canada, the recent Truth and Reconciliation Committee of Canada Report (2015) revealed the devastating impact of over a century of forced assimilation on Indigenous peoples. In the educational context, assimilation manifested itself in the residential school system, a system which existed from the late 19th century until 1996 and whose mandate was to “Kill


Reaching Global Audiences Through Platform Partnerships

This presentation will walk through how the University of Virginia has partnered with third-party platforms to reach global audiences. Data on the massive open online course (MOOC0 portfolio of the University of Virginia and the related metrics on enrollments and completions will be reviewed. The content strategy of the University utilizing courses and specializations to


Using the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) to Investigate Consumers’ Purchase Intention: Usana as an Example

The sudden boom in direct selling business in recent years has drawn a considerable number of participants. The mechanism that makes the participants stand out and entices consumers to buy products is crucial to them. This study explores the impact that two independent variables, which are argument quality (central path) and source expertise (peripheral path),


Is there any Connection/Relation between Ad Creativity and “Old Brain”? Analyzing Awarded Advertisements through Neuromarketing

Creativity is a central component of advertising success and in a close relation with the other components like getting interest and attention. Many awards in the advertising business focus on creativity, only a few focus on the effectiveness of advertising. Neuromarketing is a new field of advertising research which tries to understand consumer’s mind. It’s


The Risks of Purchasing Superficies Right-Based Housing: The Perspective of Consumer Protection

This paper investigates the risks of buying superficies right-based housing for consumers and takes the Zone T-9 development project in Taipei city as a case study. It explores the potential risks consumers face when purchasing such housing and the question of how they can safeguard their personal rights and interests. Interviews were conducted with scholars


Equity and Meritocracy in the Singapore Education System: Can There Be a Balance?

The Republic of Singapore is a small multiracial and multicultural island-nation. While the Malays are recognized as the country’s indigenous group, they make up less than 14% of the total population. The Chinese, being the dominant group, form 75%, while the Indians, at 8%, are represented as another minority group. The rest of the population


Exploring Consumers’ Intention to Accept Smartwatch

Smartwatch is currently the most popular form of wearable technology, a promising category of information appliances. As an integration of classic timepiece and fashionable IT industries, smartwatch is a challenging business since both of the industries used to have very different marketing strategies. However, there are few studies having discussed about consumers’ attitude toward such