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The Change in Accentual Patterns in Certain English Words – A Diachronic Study

All languages tend to change in certain respects over a period time. These changes become perceptible only when they remain in vogue for a period of twenty five to thirty years. In English it is noticed that changes take place in the pronunciation of certain words with time, leading to two alternative pronunciations for the


Drylands Agriculture and Prevention Strategy of Environmental Agroecosystem Damage in Kabupaten Musi Rawas, South Sumatra

Until now, the use of drylands as a agricultural mode is severely lacking in Indonesia. Agriculture, Paddy farming in this sense, is done more in wetlands. In fact, the drylands area occupies the largest area of Indonesia. Besides that, the future of drylands has a strategic position in the agricultural development in Indonesia. Therefore, the


Through Hamlet’s Subversive Character

Over the centuries when people are faced with the deaths of their beloved ones in the family and suffer from grief over them, William Shakespeare in Hamlet offers his ideas of how a son faces his father’s death and his mother’s remarriage, ideas of whether the purgatory exists and ideas of which eschatology is correct


Quality Management and the Reduction of Unproductive Times in Agro-Industrial Processes: Bonduelle Portugal

Because of not adding value to the final product, the unproductive times are the subject of this study, in order to proceed, when possible, to its elimination, or the reduction of its duration. The studies to be developed during this work has as main objective, the creation and implementation of a procedure to reduce the variability,


The Investigation Research of the Group of Active Aging with Experiencing the High-Tech Eco-Travel Interactive Situation

With the rapid aging of the world population trends and technology, Eco-tourism has become one of the elderly’s relaxing and travel patterns. This research first begins with scenario approach ‘i-Travel’ Ecotourism interactive scenarios, and continues with the original design method to conduct the interactive model and simulation. We invited the active aging group for experience,


Comparative Analysis of Thinking Process Between Designer and Engineer Based on Case Application of Multispace Design Method

This paper describes each feature of thinking process for a designer and an engineer based on comparative analysis applying Multispace Design method (M method) to the bench design. Additionally, it is indicated that a utility of M method for an unrestricted idea generation and precise design thinking.ย M Method is a design method that combines idea


Using Personal Diaries to Improve Students’ Academic Writing Skills in English

Most students in Japan leave high school having been exposed to a wide range of grammatical structures and vocabulary items. However, analysis of first-year university studentsโ€™ written reports showed a marked lack of multi-clause sentences, limited vocabulary use, and confusion about how to structure paragraphs. Additionally, student interviews showed that many students were unwilling to


Teachers as Actors: Lecturing Theory Classes for Students in Vocational Education and Training Institutes

When Confucius and Socrates taught, they had one thing in common: they lectured. Using vocal control, body languages and questioning techniques, they performed, improvised and interacted with their disciples.ย  Apparently, their direct and primitive presentations were able to draw their audience’s attentions, articulate higher order thinking and reflections.ย  Resemblance of drama and performance, the beauty


Perceptions of the Concept Moral Courage: The Stories of Religious and Secular Teachers in the Israeli Ethnocentric Educational System

Moral courage of teachers in Israeli education system has an additional value, because the Ministry of Education has complete control in determining policy and educational activities in the country (Baratz & Reingold, 2010). Kidder formulates it: “Moral courage is the courage to be moral” (Kidder, 2005, p. 10). That is to say, moral courage is


Strategic Outlook for the Indian Ocean in 2030: The Role of IORA in Ocean Governance and in Maintaining Regional Maritime Security

By 2030 the Indian Ocean will become the busiest and most important global sea lane of communications which connects the world. Seeing the strategic location of this ocean, many actors force their interests to the region which might lead to clash of interests and increase the number of non-traditional maritime threats in the Indian Ocean.


Develop the Independent Corruption Eradication Commission Through Redesigning the Recruitment Mechanism of the Corruption Eradication Commission’s Chairman

The Corruption Eradication Commission was formed as a special government institution to combat corruptions. The institution is constitutionally granted an authority to combat corruption. Thus, it is important to be an independent institution which is free from other institutionsโ€™ interference. The independency requirement of the Corruption Eradication Commission is very crucial in order to maintain


The Relationship Between Intercultural Communication Competence and Perceived Challenge and Its Effect on Perceived Success of International Students in Japan

The number of international students in Japanese higher education institutions (HEIs) has increased significantly in recent years. Aside from Japanese-medium instruction (JMI), English-medium instruction (EMI) has been introduced to the countryโ€™s HEIs to attract more diverse student groups. Intercultural communication competence (ICC) plays an essential role in improving the on-campus experiences of international students. This


Republican Freedom Against Pluralism

Phillip Pettit has drawn on a republican tradition in order to articulate a conception of the state as primarily oriented towards pursuing freedom, understood as non-domination. In his framework, domination constitutes a harm that the state ought to alleviate. He explicitly treats this ideal as a political one, but in this paper I assert that


Studying How to Study Kanji: A Practical Approach

One of the biggest challenges for Japanese language students is to effectively learn kanji (Chinese characters used in modern Japanese writing system). Therefore, teaching kanji becomes also one of the biggest challenges for Japanese teachers/professors. A variety of teaching methods has been developed in order to make this learning effective, i.e., pleasant, long-lasting and accurate.


Promoting Student Autonomy and the Co-creation of the L2 Class Through Linguistic Theory

In this paper, I will present ways in which linguistic theory can be combined with appropriate teaching methods in order to further develop learnerโ€™s independence and promote the co-construction of methodologies for the L2 class. For this purpose, I will refer to the use of some key concepts from Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics and


Panangisuro iti Ilocano (Teaching in Ilocano): Perceptions of Elementary School Teachers on the Role of MTB-MLE in Preserving Cultural Identity

Language in education can either empower or marginalize students and their communities. The Bilingual Education policy that has long been practiced in the Philippine basic education setting has been viewed to contribute language loss at the expense of native languages. The full implementation of Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) thru the Philippinesโ€™ Department of Education


Forced Departures and Fragmented Realities in Palestinian Memoirs

The Arabic word nakba means โ€œcatastropheโ€. The Palestinians use this word to refer to the events that took place in Palestine before, during and after 1948. These events terminated both in the establishment of the state of Israel and the loss of Palestine. In the decades after 1948, the narratives of identity, exile and dispossession


Motivating Students in an Era of Declining Motivation and English Ability

Over the last 20 years, many teachers in Japan have witnessed the gradual decline in student motivation and ability with respect to English. Teachers want to create a suitable English environment in their classrooms but students continually revert to Japanese, especially during pair or group work. The aim of this research was to identify the


Using Social Innovation to Implement Weixin Shengjiao Doctrine in Lifelong Education

In the past decade, the concept of social innovation has been constantly looked at and examined by scholars, for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations and the government, and has been widely explored and applied. Taiwan is facing the problem of an aging population and low birth rate. It is therefore of the essence to be able to


Depth Perception and Visual Manipulation of Japanese Gardens

The primary interest of this research is to introduce the principle of visual perception of depth and how the principles are implemented and applied into Japanese garden design. Physical and psychological proximity to nature is essential for Japanese gardens. Consequently, many Japanese gardens are located near or surrounded by natural environment, however some of


Whose Role is it to Develop Secondary Students as Self-regulated Learners? A Study Exploring Student, Parent and Teacher Perceptions

This paper draws on data from a doctoral study exploring how schools approach the development of self-regulated learning (SRL) for secondary school students. Self-regulation is becoming increasingly important as we move towards technologically driven self-directed learning environments, where greater amounts of autonomous learning may be necessary. ย Equipping students with self-regulation skills that help them navigate


Whose Voice? Love Legend of Phra Khanong: A Case of “Mak, Nak and People of Phra Khanong”

The love legend of Mae Nak Phra Khanong was perceived and portrayed as a haunting, revenge and furious ghost story for almost a century. In 1999, Nonzee Nimibutr’s version of Nang Nak was the first version that humanized Mae Nak and depicted tragic aspect of her as a mournful young lady who devoted her life


Power of Unconscious: In Clinical Usage

As a practicing Psychoanalyst, I have found in my clinical experiences that power often comes as a non-verbal sign language in different expressions of emotions. Though talking cure method discloses the power of unconscious as a tool in shaping the ‘intra-psychic’ life of the patient, yet at the initial stage it comes as defiance, resistance


Contemporary Family Structures and Teacher-Parent Communication

This qualitative study was designed to explore diverse-family parentsโ€™ (such as one parent family and same-sex families) perspective of their communication with their children’s teachers. This study acknowledges the importance of effective communication between teachers and parents for the benefit of the children. It is based on researches that constantly reveal the significance of home-school


At the Grassroots Level of Diplomacy:A Research on the Perception of Indonesian Migrant Workers on Indonesian Diplomatic Corps

This research addressed the perception of Indonesian migrant workers on Indonesian diplomatic corps. This study also investigates the correlation between the proximity of the workers with the diplomatic corps and the impact on their perception on Indonesian diplomatic corps. These are important issues because Indonesian migrant workers have been a challenge for Indonesian diplomacy lately.


Semantic Gaps Are Dangerous

Semantic gaps are dangerous Language adapts to the environment where it serves as a tool to communication. Language is a social agreement, and we all have to stick to both grammaticalized and non-grammaticalized rules in order to pass information about the world around us. As such language develops and adapts constantely. Recently both media and


Personal and Collective Narrative Meaning Making in the EFL Classroom

Personal experience narratives are among the dominant forms of folklore. Through these stories, we make individual meaning and negotiate collective meanings simultaneously. Such a pervasive narrative practice should find a prominent role in FL teaching and learning. In order to feel a foreign language, we must first of all feel it as a genuine means


The Evolution of Research on Organizational Compassion Capacity: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda

The study of compassion at the organizational context is gaining momentum as the need for other-serving behavior increases in todaysโ€™ global crises and social trauma environment. Compassion which is commonly defined as a social process consisting of noticing, feeling, and responding to the suffering of others, is a concept that is as ancient as the


Wind Catcher Earth Air Tunnel: A Tool for Passive Cooling for Residential Homes in New Cites of Egypt

Wind catcher Earth air tunnels systems are proposed to be used in modern buildings to minimize the consumption of non-renewable energy. A tunnel in the form of a heat ex-changer burns at a depth of about 4 m below the ground level will acquire the near temperature as the surrounding earth. Therefore, when the ambient


Discovering Microfluidics Technology Opportunity Using Patent Analysis

Purpose โ€“ Recent trends of technology innovation emphasize the notion of dominant designs for next-generation products. Technology-based firms, especially in biotechnology field, have to spend plenty of resources in R&D in order to identify appropriate technology opportunities for sustaining their competitive advantages. To help SMEs to discover new technological opportunities with a relative lower cost,


Effects of Cinema Sounds on the Perception of the Motion Picture

A big number of studies have investigated the mechanisms of the human nervous system that receive environmental stimuli in order to create what we understand as โ€œrealityโ€. Taking into account the importance of both audition and vision in constructing a common audiovisual reality, it is of great importance to identify the relation and interactions between