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Embracing Difference: Two Case Studies of Western Painting Style Embroidery in China

This study explores how traditional Chinese embroidery representing the special texture of western paintings through changes in stitch, color and manuscript through case analysis. Chinese embroidery is one of the most important traditional arts and crafts, which developed through thousands of years’ profound culture. It was originally focusing on representing Ink Art painting and was


First Language Influence and Its Effect on Language Fluency Among HS Students: An Analysis

Linguistic competence constitutes direct knowledge of the target language, hence, this knowledge is tacit and implicit especially among the second language learners. This establishes the idea that students do not have direct access to the principles and rules that govern the norms in terms of English language learning processes; be it in terms of speaking,


Design of Guiding Lines for a Tactile Map for a Campus in Taiwan

This pilot study aimed at the evaluation of three different designs of guiding lines, ruler-lines, dot-lines, and tangent-lines, for a tactile floor map for possible use in the campus of Tatung University. There were 14 visually impaired persons (VIPs), 11 males and 3 females, with mean age of 39.6 years touched these three tactile floor


Aesthetics of Villages: Analysis of Related Cases in the Combination of Art and Living

This study use the village is not only an art museum but art of life as the main ideology, to investigate and review domestic as well as foreign relevant cases for past five years, and summarize the present and future development trend of community design. The purposes of this research are (1) to understand the


Police-Community Relationship in Kuwait: Public Relation Approach

Police force is an important element of society which has been vigorously investigated by scholars and thoroughly examined by social researchers. This paper intends to explore the Kuwaiti police in relation to its community from a public relations perspective. The co-creational approach, a major public relations theoretical concept, assumes that both the police and the


Relation between the Parents’ Origin in the Academic Achievements of Children and the Role of Machine Translation Tools in the Access to Equitable Education

Official studies of the French government amongst 30,000 families between 2007 and 2016 show the link between a child´s academic achievements and the origin of the parents. In France, the children born to Turkish parents are more likely to repeat grades, already at the primary school (44 %, against 25 % for the whole primary


Designing the Multimodal Network in an Agriculture Supply Chain in Thailand

In terms of economic situation towards logistics implementation, it is found that one of the most important factors to consider about is transportation costs which need to be handled in many ways in order to get the best effectiveness and the lowest costs for the best profitability. For land transportation, rail transportation costs cheaper when


A Semantic Study on Verbs of Human Senses in English under Cognitive Linguistics (Versus Vietnamese)

Cognitive Linguistics is a recontextualizing approach. In contrast with formal semantics, the conception of meaning that lies at the basis of this approach is not restricted to a referential, truth-functional type of meaning ‘ the type of meaning that you could express in logical terms.In contrast with formal semantics, the conception of meaning that lies


Professional Photographers of Instagram: The Meaning of Visual Communication Through Modern Photography in Digital Society

The purpose of this paper is to study the modern forms of visual communication of people, through Instagram. In order to study the way in which the visual message is transmitted between individuals, and then how this transmission of information affects its final content, determining the creation of aesthetic experience and perception in the individual,


Learning from English Lecturers’ Voices in Teaching Oral Communication in EFL Classrooms in Indonesia

Research in English as a foreign language (EFL) settings indicates that teaching oral communication has been problematic due to various reasons. Teachers’ limited competence, students’ low proficiency level, and the use of inappropriate teaching method are some of the most commonly perceived reasons that compromise effective English teaching to improve students’ oral communication skills. Yet,


A Within-Asia Comparison of Anxiety in English Language Classrooms

Anxiety in English language classrooms is often considered as one of the major sources of students’ reticence and shyness, frequently reported as one of the common characteristics of Asian learners. But, do all Asian students share the same characteristics in the setting of language learning? There might be some differences even if they share the


Effectiveness of Marine Education Promotion Activities Integrated into SDGs Goal 14

The ocean is a very important part of our living environment. Avoiding pollution of the oceans so that they can be used sustainably is an important topic in many countries. How to understand our ocean through education is also an issue. In this study, we have designed and developed an ocean education campaign based on


On Eric Voegelin’s (1901–1985) Totalitarianism and Gnosticism: Gnosticism As the Nature of Modernity

This paper is part of the a master’s thesis in progress. The chosen theme arises from the need to understand the relation that the political philosopher makes between totalitarianism and ideologies, Gnosticism and modernity. For this research, two basic concepts proposed by his philosophical-political theory will be used as fundamental theoretical base: political religions and


Students’ Perceptions of a Designed Online Asynchronous Learning Activity Regarding the Community of Inquiry (COI) Framework

The COVID-19 pandemic situation is causing a rapid shift in higher education to be an online instruction or distance learning. This sudden change forces instructors around the globe to transform or re-design an offline course to be online instruction. In order to design an online course effectively, the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework has become


Supporting University Athletes to Succeed in Both Academic and Sport Performance at a University in Japan

University athletes often face a dilemma of succeeding in both academic performance and sport performance. For example, Inoue et al (2011) found that university athletes often found it very difficult for making time to study because of their physical fatigue. The future of university athletes is often uncertain. Some might succeed in their sport fields


The Role of Ethical Principles in New Media: A Case of Pouring New Wine into Old Wine Skin?

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the issues of right and wrong actions. Beyond the issue of right or wrong actions, ethics deals with the skills human persons may need to acquire in order to tackle different dilemmas in everyday life. One area knowledge of skills to handle dilemmas is very important


Growth Process of Graduate School of Teaching Students in Their Life as Graduate Students

At present, the teacher training system in Japan using graduate schools is about to undergo a major transformation. However, although there have been many discussions about the graduate school of teaching, it has not been clarified what kind of obstacles the graduate students actually feel and how they overcome them. In this study, we focus


Technology Integration: Implication for Teachers’ Professional Development

The technology of today shortly becomes the technology of yesterday in education. The demand for Technology Integration is increasing as schools in the Philippines and abroad were required to keep up with the 21st century learners. It is quite a challenge to point out a starting ground without having to understand what it is and


TRADILEX: Applying an Action-oriented Approach (AoA) to Audiovisual Translation in Modern Foreign Languages

Media in the learning and teaching of modern foreign languages (MFL) have been employed for decades to present examples of oral communication in realistic situations. Research and practice involving visual literacy and digital communication that focus on the active engagement of learners through action-oriented tasks are significantly more recent. The acquisition of language skills by


The Influence of Saliency and Frequency of Morphosyntactic Structures on Attention to Recasts during Spoken Interaction

Studies on the effectiveness of recasts have drawn mixed results, which is possibly due to the role of attention to recast, or lack thereof, during interaction. According to Goldschneider and DeKeyser (2001), it is suggested that attention is associated with saliency and frequency of structures. Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine how


Policing the Others: Cultural Studies of Police Work in Relation to Human Rights Politics in Hong Kong

In contributing to the “reinvention of Cultural Studies” (Grossberg, 2006:8), this paper makes an attempt in building up the linkage between human rights and Cultural Studies by analyzing the alleged human rights violation by police towards ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. This study focuses on the controversial Limbu Case, in which a Nepalese man named


Drylands Agriculture and Prevention Strategy of Environmental Agroecosystem Damage in Kabupaten Musi Rawas, South Sumatra

Until now, the use of drylands as a agricultural mode is severely lacking in Indonesia. Agriculture, Paddy farming in this sense, is done more in wetlands. In fact, the drylands area occupies the largest area of Indonesia. Besides that, the future of drylands has a strategic position in the agricultural development in Indonesia. Therefore, the


Teachers as Actors: Lecturing Theory Classes for Students in Vocational Education and Training Institutes

When Confucius and Socrates taught, they had one thing in common: they lectured. Using vocal control, body languages and questioning techniques, they performed, improvised and interacted with their disciples.  Apparently, their direct and primitive presentations were able to draw their audience’s attentions, articulate higher order thinking and reflections.  Resemblance of drama and performance, the beauty


Through Hamlet’s Subversive Character

Over the centuries when people are faced with the deaths of their beloved ones in the family and suffer from grief over them, William Shakespeare in Hamlet offers his ideas of how a son faces his father’s death and his mother’s remarriage, ideas of whether the purgatory exists and ideas of which eschatology is correct


Applying Logistic Regression Analysis to Determine the Service Quality Factors Affecting on Consumer Satisfaction Toward Low Cost Airlines in Thailand

In recent years, Thai low cost airline market has been significantly growing. Because of the rebound of Thai economy and economic policy of government to stimulate people consumption and tourism increasing more holidays, the amount of sales in Thai low cost airlines were increased dramatically. Thailand has 3 major low cost airline providers, namely Thai


Quality Management and the Reduction of Unproductive Times in Agro-Industrial Processes: Bonduelle Portugal

Because of not adding value to the final product, the unproductive times are the subject of this study, in order to proceed, when possible, to its elimination, or the reduction of its duration. The studies to be developed during this work has as main objective, the creation and implementation of a procedure to reduce the variability,


Hybrid Learning Higher Education: The Co-creation of Value in the Student’s View

Interaction (student-teacher relationship) and active participation (student involvement) were enhanced due to digital transformation and as long as the student interacts with the teacher, he changes into co-creator student, as the perception of his role in the process of learning evolves. A context in which it is possible to observe such conjuncture in higher education,


Comparative Analysis of Thinking Process Between Designer and Engineer Based on Case Application of Multispace Design Method

This paper describes each feature of thinking process for a designer and an engineer based on comparative analysis applying Multispace Design method (M method) to the bench design. Additionally, it is indicated that a utility of M method for an unrestricted idea generation and precise design thinking. M Method is a design method that combines idea


Using Personal Diaries to Improve Students’ Academic Writing Skills in English

Most students in Japan leave high school having been exposed to a wide range of grammatical structures and vocabulary items. However, analysis of first-year university students’ written reports showed a marked lack of multi-clause sentences, limited vocabulary use, and confusion about how to structure paragraphs. Additionally, student interviews showed that many students were unwilling to


The Exploration of Primary School Teachers’ Self-expectation Under the 5+2 Education Model – Take Nan’an City as an Example

China is implementing a series of” Further Reduce the Burden of Homework and After-School Tutoring on Students in Compulsory Education” (“Double Reduction”) policy, the aim of the double reduction policy is to ensure the quality of students’ learning and to require schools to improve after-school services to reduce the burden on families. This research mainly


Perceptions of the Concept Moral Courage: The Stories of Religious and Secular Teachers in the Israeli Ethnocentric Educational System

Moral courage of teachers in Israeli education system has an additional value, because the Ministry of Education has complete control in determining policy and educational activities in the country (Baratz & Reingold, 2010). Kidder formulates it: “Moral courage is the courage to be moral” (Kidder, 2005, p. 10). That is to say, moral courage is


Palestinian Liberation Theology. Seeking Social Justice through a De-Zionization of the Holy Scriptures

This proposal focuses on the development of a Palestinian Liberation Theology as a consequence to the establishment of the sovereign State of Israel. In particular, the paper examines the ecumenical efforts set forth by Sabeel a liberation theology movement established in 1990 near Jerusalem. This center addresses both the question of promoting an inclusive non-Zionist


Strategic Outlook for the Indian Ocean in 2030: The Role of IORA in Ocean Governance and in Maintaining Regional Maritime Security

By 2030 the Indian Ocean will become the busiest and most important global sea lane of communications which connects the world. Seeing the strategic location of this ocean, many actors force their interests to the region which might lead to clash of interests and increase the number of non-traditional maritime threats in the Indian Ocean.


Develop the Independent Corruption Eradication Commission Through Redesigning the Recruitment Mechanism of the Corruption Eradication Commission’s Chairman

The Corruption Eradication Commission was formed as a special government institution to combat corruptions. The institution is constitutionally granted an authority to combat corruption. Thus, it is important to be an independent institution which is free from other institutions’ interference. The independency requirement of the Corruption Eradication Commission is very crucial in order to maintain


Instructors’ Perceptions of the Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating Technology in Crisis-prompted Online Language Instruction in the Times of Covid-19

This mixed-method study investigated higher education language instructors’ experiences during the pivot from face-to-face teaching to online teaching during the stay-at-home order in the Spring of 2020. Eleven participants discussed their approach to teaching online for the first time. The present study provided a comprehensive view of language instructors’ use of technology, their experiences, challenges,


Chinese University Student Perceptions of Teacher Quality

This paper focuses on the qualities and characteristics of Chinese university students’ favorite and least favorite professors. The paper looks to answer the question: What qualities and personal characteristics do favorite and least favorite professors have and how does that affect Chinese university students? In surveying over 280 students from 3 different universities, 226 surveys


Environmental Risk Assessment of 4,4′-Dichlorobenzophenone in the Mouth of the Pearl River Delta

The Pearl River Delta (PRD) is one of the most industrialized regions in the world and has been identified as one of the areas in China that has high environmental concentration of pesticides, such as organochlorine pesticides (OCPs). One of the most commonly used OCPs was dichlorodiphenyltrichlorethane (DDT), also listed as one of the main


Homework Worksheets Designed to Promote Learner Autonomy

Developing learner autonomy can be a long and arduous journey but it is what language educators aspire to achieve. Discover a simple tool that streamlines learning and self-assessment and prompts learners to take ownership of learning by examining their own comprehension, identifying areas for improvement and setting goals for each learning task. With a simple


Reducing Production Costs of Jasmine Rice with Quality Control Circle (QCC)

Our research objective was to find ways to reduce the cost of growing jasmine rice in Chachoengsao, Thailand. The finding revealed that the estimated costs of production were high up to 4,403.39 baht/rai with an average yield of 467.62 kg/rai. The transfer of technologywith a Quality Control Circle was proposed to reduce costs of production.