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A Solution for the Educated Cosmetic Choice to Reduce Cosmetics Waste and Replacement Cycle

There are increasing international concerns in reducing plastic waste. Although cosmetic companies proclaim environment-friendly marketing strategies, it seems to be still hard to replace the plastic cosmetic containers with dissolvable materials. Also if the purchased cosmetics do not fit for customer’s demands, they are likely to be thrown away. Eventually it causes significantly shorter life

Power-Dependence in Domestic Politics and Interdependence, Balance of Power and Soft Law in Diplomacy, Comparison of Bureaucracy in the History

This paper investigates Power-Dependence in Domestic Politics and Interdependence, Balance of Power and Soft Law in Diplomacy, Comparison of Bureaucracy in the History between the US., UK., EU and Japan. This paper consists of four parts. First, this paper investigates the similarity and common factors of Power-dependence in Domestic Politics and Interdependence in Diplomacy. I

Sejong Puzzle: An AR Based Fun Geometric Math Teachware

We are developing a teachware app implemented by Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Recent interests on AR technology have promoted a number of AR-based teachwares for children. However, most of them simply show users 3D images to intrigue them when users attach cards or books onto camera. Sejong Puzzle is designed not only to give funs

Current Situation of Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) Ammonia Synthesis and Its Potential to Build a Sustainable Nitrogen Fixation Industry

Ammonia has more sustainable applications than being a fertilizer. Its emerging applications include hydrogen carrier, fuel cells, clean transportation fuels, and other off-grid power applications. The environmental and centralization problems associated with the conventional Haber-Bosch process are great limitations to the current nitrogen fixation industry. Currently, the Haber-Bosch production of ammonia around the world is

Endangered Cultures: The Tacit Wisdom of the Past

Bangladesh has a wealth of indigenous communities and ethnic groups scattered across its geographical territory. More than twenty seven different peoples and cultures have been identified each with its rich and diverse cultural practices. Having been marginalized both in terms of authority and connectivity, these people are in most cases deprived from the mainstream infrastructural

Evaluating Effectiveness of Length of Closure in Remediating Coliform Contamination in Boracay Island

The international tourist destination of Boracay Island was closed by national authorities last April 2018 due to the persistent high coliform concentrations found in its beach waters. The cause of the contamination is identified as inadequate sanitation systems whose outflow goes to the groundwater. This water in turn leaks out to the sea. The rationale

Education for the Emerging Future

Educational leaders need a framework to lead schools fearlessly into the uncertain, emerging future. In our rapidly changing world there is growing concern around the suitability of an industrial revolution based education model and debate around the keys to educating students for an unknown world. Many educators want change but feel confined by the existing

Climate Change Law: Limitations of the Legal System to Respond to the Threats

From clean air regulations that affect cars and the transportation industry to government subsidies/incentives for renewable energy (solar & wind) to protecting the first amendment rights of scientists and journalists who maintain that climate change really exists and is caused by human activity, the American legal system is an integral part of the response to

Right-Wing Populism, Eco-Populism, and the Future of Environmentalism

My paper analyzes the populist rupture in what is generally understood as “normal politics” and the implications of this rupture for ecological theory and environmental policy. I draw on John Judis’ book “The Populist Explosion: How the Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics” and other works to define populism generally as well as the

Evaluation of Slope Greening Performance in Promoting the Urban Ecology of Hong Kong

Urban expansion leads to a large scale of terrestrial habitat loss in Hong Kong. Urban greening plays a crucial role in ecologically restoring the degraded landscapes by promoting biodiversity and ecosystem services. Slope greening occupies to a considerable proportion of greening works in Hong Kong due to the presence of hilly topography and highly urbanized

Waste Management Education and Its Impact on the Environment of the Kyrgyz Republic

In the Kyrgyz Republic, waste management has posed a great concern partly because of rapid urban population increase and poor waste management education. Past studies have shown that education for waste management can considerably contribute to reducing waste generation by inducing recycling. However, few studies have examined the link between environmental education at school and

Importance of Geographical and Sociological Factors in Household Livelihood Vulnerability to Climate-Related Crisis in Rural Burundi

This paper analyses the vulnerability of 2 communes in the provinces of Kirundo and Bubanza in Burundi to climate change using social and geographic variables. Primary socio-economic data was collected through surveys where 450 households were involved in responding to a questionnaire. Data collected included demography, livelihood sources, asset ownership, land management practices, social organization

Densification of Tropical Wood Residues for the Development of Solid Fuels

Densification of materials through pelletisation, briquetting and cubing to form strong and durable bonding products with greater structural homogeneity, better handling and durability properties has attracted the attention of researchers in recent past. The present work focused on conversion of residues of some tropical wood species to energy fuel through pelletisation. The woody-biomass species studied

Assessing Barriers to the Diffusion of Net-Zero Homes: Consumer Response to the Solarhouse Demonstration Project

Buildings are responsible for a significant proportion of the total energy and carbon emissions worldwide and as such the building sector can be integral to the implementation of sustainable development strategies. One of those strategies is encouraging the construction of net-zero energy buildings and residential houses. Data was gathered from attendees of the 2017 Expo

How is the Concept of Flourishing Central in the Move toward Sustainability: A Case Study of the Aeolian Water Crisis

This presentation explores the role of the concept of flourishing as it moves toward sustainability by examining a theoretical case study of Lipari, located in the Aeolian Islands. Challenged by a lack of potable water, Lipari provides a tangible model of the interconnectivity of community agency and sustainable issues. This presentation examines the leading qualities