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Perils of the Post Cold War Era: Sources and Strategies

This workshop will serve as an introduction to resources for educators, scholars, administrators, and students to address the multiple challenges of the contemporary world. Beginning with an assessment of the theories of Steven Pinker, in The Better Angels of Our Nature, the workshop will address historical context and offer strategies to confront a number of

The Aesthetics of Hunger: How U.S. Media Frames African Famine

If you depend solely on the U.S. media for news and information about the Global South, it quickly becomes evident that Africa is constructed as a continent always suffering from disease, drought and decay. This paper analyzes the way the covers of America’s two primary newsmagazines, Time and Newsweek portrayed the famines in Eritrea and

The Evolution of Elephant Tourism in Thailand

Elephants play a crucial role in the tourism industry of northern Thailand. In the context of a dramatic decline in the number of elephants in Thailand during the past century, tourism has increasingly relied on elephants to diversify its tourism industry and attract visitors from several tourist-generating markets. Elephants that live and work in tourist-oriented

The Rhetorical Understanding of Agency in the Wisdom of Royal Glory and its Implications for the Contemporary World

“Rhetoric” usually refers to the teaching and practice of public speaking and written composition developed in ancient Greece. Scholars have previously challenged the “Western” nature of rhetoric by recovering and examining the wide diversity of experiences across cultures. My current research aims to continue recovering non-Western approaches to rhetoric with a particular focus on the

The Naked Option, Delta Boys and Big Men: An Analysis of Corruption in the Niger Delta

The oil-rich Niger Delta region in Western Africa is in crisis. Economic disparity and corruption are the main features of the nation that is constantly ranked as one of the most corrupt in the world. Global capital, manifested as powerful and all-encompassing transnational corporations play out a struggle for national power in an increasingly poverty-stricken

The Safe Bet

Humanity’s’ future is a topic discussed intensively around the world. Fear is a term that rises in many of the conversations as a general implication. The issues of pollution and ecology are central to the debate. Lately, a war started between environmentalists and global warming deniers (Hulme, 2009). The controversy is a sensitive and timely

A Brief Approach to Spivak’s Reflections on Subalternity and Agency from the Perspective of Cognitive Science

The purpose of this research is to examine Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s reflections on subalternity and agency from the perspective of cognitive science. The sciences of mind and brain shed light on how the human brain processes and transforms the inputs it receives and highlight the importance of contemplating how the “machine” of mind works in

Study on China’s Ecological Agriculture Policy-Oriented Financial – A Case of Zhuhai City, China

The purpose of this paper is to solve the core question of “where does money come from” from the perspective of policy finance, when developing the ecological agriculture. Zhuhai, as the pioneer of China’s Economic and Ecological construction under the “One-Belt-One-Road” Framework, increasingly shines her prominent strategic position in the world, especially after the “Guangdong-Hong

Mechanics of Qs Ranking Developing at King Khalid University

This study seeks to describe as case study the current objective of King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia, in improving its global ranking as reported by several aggregates of higher education performance. As described in the Saudi Vision 2030, a broad governmental plan to diversify the Saudi economy and develop aspects of the social sector, an

Teaching Cultural Humility Online: Using a Clinical Model to Identify the Best Practices and Appropriate Technologies

Cultural competence, more recently conceived of as cultural humility, has assumed a justifiably important role in the education of professionals. Unfortunately, effectiveness research for teaching this topic is in its toddlerhood, currently providing only initial ideas on the best approaches for preparing professionals to work well with the diversity of clients they serve. Research into

Powerless Students Over Powerful Tests: A Critical View Over Testing Practices and its Impact on Students

Tests are known to be the most common assessment tool, and in most educational settings, students have no power over them. Very few studies have examined students’ involvement in tests and their effects on their perspectives. This study aims to analyse within a critical applied linguistics framework what these students go through as a result

Migrant Agency in a Genocidal Colonial World-System: A Comparative Analysis of Eritrea & Guatemala

The growing number of brown and black bodies dying at the borders separating the Global North and South – the “abyssal line” dividing the zones of being and non-being – is an integral part of the current global migration and refugee crisis. Both Eritrea and Guatemala are part of this phenomenon. While the UN reported

Trend and the Factors that Affecting on Aesthetics Experience of Viewer at Contemporary Art and Cultural Museum

This research aims to study the 1) perception on aesthetic experience 2) factors influencing aesthetic experience 3) trend of aesthetic experience and 4) guideline for management aesthetic experience in contemporary arts and cultural museum. The research was done as mix-methodology by using in-depth interview 5-6 sampling by qurator and the 8 -10 sampling by art

Culturalizing Transformation: Reimagining Futures

This paper introduces an ‘action research’ work that began in 2013 with the identification of the experience of singleness among adivasi (indigenous) women farmers in rural India. The continuous articulation and analysis of singleness has connected women in a kind of collective form, named Eka Nari Sanghathan (Single Women’s Collective). The Sanghathan has emerged as

Imagining ‘Empowered’ Futures: Thinking of Possibilities in Contemporary Times

The paper is a presentation of the work based on an intensive ‘field work’ conducted in Hoshangabad district, block Kesla, Madhya Pradesh, India. The work examines the practices of women empowerment and its strategies at the ground level. It is a work which critically pursues the functions of empowerment strategies and goals,with its successes and

Cultural Flow: The Struggles Between Global Culture and Local Context on the Online Games in Taiwan

Based on online games are woven into webs of cultural meaning, social connection, politics, and economic change, this study explores the cultural flow between localization and globalization on Taiwan game industry. Through the theoretical review, I puts forward three kinds of cultural flow modes, namely, “cultural flow of media imperialism”, “transnational cultural flow” and “diachronic

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: A Methodology of Choice in Educational Research

This paper focuses on the use of the qualitative method, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), as an effective approach for research in teacher education. It introduces briefly the philosophical background of IPA, its use across research disciplines, and discusses the use of IPA within educational research. Finally, the paper describes the use of IPA in a

Reinventing Teacher Education for Our Troubled Times

Current global troubles are clearly disruptive. One source of disruption is the rapidly changing nature of work. Those who want to work will need to figure out how to retool for these largely unpredictable jobs. The environment provides another disruptive force. Some of the biggest and most powerful hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and droughts along with

Embracing Multiculturalism in the Age of Trump: Lessons from America’s Most Diverse Campus

In his second year in office, President Donald Trump and his rhetoric of “America First” have permeated every facet of American life: from international trade wars to interpersonal relations. The homogenizing aspects of populism are on the rise and clash with American tradition of multiculturalism that characterized this country of immigrants. In fact, in February

Which Capital Matters? Cultural, Social and Economic Capital, Subjective Health and Well-Being: A Representative Study of Slovenian Youth

A large body of literature suggests that a variety of resources can have an impact on health. The majority of previous studies have focused mainly on economic (e.g., income, wealth and living conditions) and social capital (e.g., relationships and social support) and their role in explaining health inequalities. Numerous studies have also dealt with the