Conference: ECSEE2017

Socio-Energy-Environmental Management in West Bali: A Case Study of Gilimanuk Gas-Turbine Power Plant, Indonesia

This paper mainly presents about Environmental Management, taking into account energy and societal aspects, of Gilimanuk Gas-Turbine Power Plant (GTPP), West Bali ā€“ Indonesia. Currently Gilimanuk GTPP is a stand-by unit for electricity back-up in Java ā€“ Madura ā€“ Bali (JaMaLi) interconnection grid system. For the last couple years, Gilimanuk GTPP is not fully operational,

Aggregate Production and Gases Emissions in Rich Countries: Are the G7 Contributing to Environmental Air Damage?

Due to the importance of the G7 (Group of Seven) countries, and taking into account the current need for nations adhering to environmental standards, a relevant issue to investigate is if increasing levels of Gross Domestic Production (GDP) are related to increasing levels of environmental damage. This paper aims to analyze this production growth-environmental damage

Investigating the Energy Performance of Buildings with a 3D City Model and Thermal Simulation: Results from the Urban Transition Lab

Reduction in consumption of non-renewable energy resources at the local level (e.g. district or neighborhood) is one of the effective manners to support sustainable development. To achieve this goal, engagement of citizens and other actors in the early stage of research is important. In this regard, the “Urban Transition Lab 131” (R131), which acts as