Conference: ECE2017

A Comparison of the Use of Social Media for Blended Learning in China and UK Higher Education

Purpose–The purpose of this paper is to compare the use of Wechat in China vs. Facebook/ Twitter/ Blog/ Instagram/ Google+ in the UK in higher education practice, based on a case study in art and design subjects between a Chinese and a British university(Ningbo University and University of Huddersfield). Methodology –A combination of literature reviews, action

Course Facilitation Tools – Engaging 21st Century Adult Learners

As we develop online courses for our learners, we nurture them with well-conceived, well-designed, well-presented courses and programs. Course facilitation expectations and approaches are designed to engage 21st century learners in asynchronous activities with their peers and teacher. In this presentation, Tony will share research-based facilitation approaches which are designed to engage 21st century learners