Conference Final Paper Submission

How to Submit

  • Submission deadline is 1 calendar month after the conference end date
  • Official Conference Proceedings are published online 2 calendar months after the conference end date.
  • Only .doc and .docx MS WORD formats are accepted.
  • Final papers are not accepted via email.
  • Only papers presented at the conference (including virtual presentations) will be included in the Official Conference Proceedings.

Formatting your paper
Papers that do not follow the formatting guidelines will be returned for editing and may miss being published in the proceedings.

Basic Guidelines

  1. APA Style
  2. 12-point Times New Roman font
  3. All paragraphs and body text justified and single spaced
  4. One line separating paragraphs or sections. Do not indent.
  5. Page size set to A4
  6. Margins: Top & Bottom – 2.54cm; Left & Right – 3.17cm (Office 2003 Default)
  7. Manuscript not to exceed 5000 words (excluding tables, figures and references), those longer will be returned for editing
  8. All graphs and visuals must be inserted in a JPEG image format, within the page margins. Center images. Do not insert “wordart” such as arrows, lines, or text boxes.
  9. Bold any section/paragraph headers, left align
  10. Do not use any page headers, footers or page numbers. (Footnotes are acceptable)
  11. Use only portrait layout. Do not have any pages in landscape layout.
  12. References / Bibliography to start on a new page, left align
  13. OPTIONAL: A contact email address can be added to the end of the paper after references. IAFOR is not responsible for unsolicited emails received.

    Final Paper Submission

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    Ethical Conduct
    IAFOR takes ethical conduct very seriously, and considers any form of plagiarism unacceptable. IAFOR follows guidelines from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in relation to conference submissions and publications. Papers that contain redundant publication (reusing one's own writing verbatim or in a substantially similar form) or plagiarism (using another author's writing without attribution) will be rejected without further review, and additional action will be taken as appropriate.

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