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Foreign Investment and Environmental Protection: The Liability of Private Enterprises Under International Environmental Law

Foreign investment and environmental protection entertain both synergistic and conflicting relations. On the one hand, foreign investment can harness the resources (financial and technological) to promote environmental protection through various channels (e.g. Clean Development Mechanism, socially responsible investing and private environmental finance). On the other hand, foreign investment may adversely affect the environment of host


How the Conceptualization of Refugees Impacts Their Capacity to Fulfill Their Social and Economic Agency

By the end of 2014, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) had identified 14.4 million refugees globally (UNHCR Global Trends 2014). The growth of the refugee population is an increasing concern that affects origin countries, host countries, aid organizations, and, most importantly, refugees themselves. The tendency of governments, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), aid agencies,


Rites of Passage in Japanese Traditional Culture

The paper examines the rites of passage in Japanese traditional culture from the perspective of semiotic method, a study of signs, symbols and significations. Sign systems of traditional customs and rituals ensure transmission of cultural values and information between and within generations. Based on the analyses of concrete elements and symbolic content of life-cycle rituals


Negotiating Power in Culturally Determined Bioethics Secular vs Islamic Bioethics in Decision Making

The supposition of this paper is that bioethics in its different strata is culturally determined. Other than universal in the sense of ‘neutral’, secular bioethics-which is internationally leading the field of bioethics academically and in praxis is an expression of a particular, materialistic worldview that does generally not consider spiritual or other-worldly dimensions. Islamic culture,


Information Sharing Between the Civil Administration and Citizens: An Implementation Proposal of Open Data Strategy in Japanese Local Governments

Administrative services in Japan have become diversified as a result of economic growth. However, as this growth has slowed down in recent years, there is now a need to review such conventional administrative service. Hence, in light of such a social climate, the Japanese government has been advocating an open data strategy (ODS) for administrative


A Proposal for Information Dissemination of Regional Culture for the Purpose of Multicultural Coexistence: Based on Japanese Local Government Plans

Japan has witnessed a considerable increase in the population of residents with multicultural backgrounds (MCR), especially around urban areas. A majority of these MCR have nationalities of other Asian countries, many of whom, although an integral part of the Japanese labor force, do not speak the Japanese language. The aim of this study is to propose


Politeness Strategies Among Japanese College Students: Discussion of the Acquisition of Honorifics and Onomatopoeias

In general, learning the proper use of parts of speech peculiar to the Japanese language, such as honorifics and onomatopoeias, often becomes a problem in Japanese language education. Honorifics are considered to be difficult by many Japanese and are used incorrectly on many occasions. Also, onomatopoeias are frequently used in various cartoon and comic books,


A Corpus Stylistics Study of the Mental Clauses and Speech and Thought Presentation of Gilbert’s (2006) ‘Eat Pray Love’

Elizabeth Gilbert’s (2006) memoir Eat Pray Love depicts her journey of self-discovery in her trips to Italy, India and Indonesia following a difficult divorce. Among the three phases of the author’s journey, the ‘eat’ and ‘love’ aspects have received far more responses from readers, but, overall, the author’s experiences with love, loss and the pursuit


The Use of MARIE CPU Simulator in the Computer Architecture Course: A Brief Exploratory Study of the Students’ Perception Learning

The teacher has to always bear in mind that he/she has to present educational contents regarding his discipline always trying to present it an attractive way through new teaching dynamics. The challenge is to not to distance from the curricular content by using a broader educational proposal, intensifying the interaction with the students with the


Internships in French-Speaking Environments: First Steps of a Thai University

Internships in French-speaking environments are transformational learning opportunities (TLO) that often contribute to enrich and broaden student learning and personal development. In a Thailand-centric context where the learning of French is losing momentum, it has become necessary over recent years to implement various tools to encourage our learners. Three different internships programs were implemented to


Ideas of Justice and Punishment in Frank Johnson’s “Famous Detective Stories”

In 1939, after many decades of debate around the value of different types of reading, Australia imposed import restrictions ‘ the main target of these restrictions being ‘pulp’ fiction ‘ that lasted twenty years. In response to this regulatory action a number of publishing houses emerged, almost overnight, to fill the void and supply Australian


Role of Televisual Literacy in Second Language Teaching

In non-native English speaking countries like Asian countries, where English is learnt as second language, teachers explore innovative practices for SLT. Televisual aids are really helpful as teaching tool. The present paper is writer’s endeavour to know how and why they work. Television, in present days, is used in social system by 95%. Although in


Justice As Mercy and Revenge: Antigone, Medea, Montecristo, Yong Pal

This paper is about personal justice understood in two of its opposite manifestations, mercy and revenge, and oriented against official and public law seen as untrustworthy. It is also about globalized archetypes and intercultural communication. The archetype chosen for mercy is Sophocle’s play Antigone, and the archetype for revenge is Euripides’ Medea. Some evolution will be


The Relation between Justice and Martyrdoms in Religious Art: The Paintings in the Church of the Gesù Depicting Japanese Martyrdoms

Martyrdoms are powerful political instruments that convey different aspects of the concept of justice. Legally speaking, they refer to public executions carried out as punishment for breaking the law. However, they are usually regarded as unjust acts performed by a ruling class which, ultimately, strengthen the martyr’s righteous cause. This multifaceted relationship between the concepts


Archival Institution as Agent of Representation of Religious Plurality in Indonesia

Using qualitative research through literature analysis, this paper hows archival institutions could act as a strategic agent of representation to develop a network with religious communities in Indonesia. Thus, they all together could collect, preserve, and exhibit religious archives. Through that action, religious archives collection in the archival institution could represent the plurality of religions


Experts Collaboration: Improving Information Services for Maritime Community in Indonesia

Maritime people’s livelihood is selling processed marine products. They need some information to produce variety commodity and improve the quality. Moreover coastal people is difficult to have freshwater because of sea intrusion into wells. They have to get water from distant places. However some of them have low level of information literacy. Furthermore some are


Meeting the Information Service Needs of Researchers: A Case Study of the Research Center for Science and Technology Area (Puspiptek – Indonesia)

Research center for science and technology, known as Puspiptek area, is the name of the Largest Research Area in Indonesia. In this area there are three research institutions under the coordination of State Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. Information services to support research activities in this region provided by Center for Scientific Documentation


Students Perceptions of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning on Chinese Language Learning

The discussions on second language learning in higher education facilitated by computer supported collaborative learning have increased over the past decades. To generate learners’ communications in the target language is the purpose of practicing CSCL for L2 learning. However, few studies have done to understand Chinese L2 learners’ perception on computer supported language learning. In


Leading Change Together: A Pitch for Education, Community Engagement, Social Justice, and Sustainable Development

Leading Change Together is the powerful idea of impact behind the mission of Global Tassels, a registered 501(c)3 international organization focused on alleviating poverty in the most severely- impacted communities around the world . Global Tassels’ signature mission is to provide access to college education with the goal of permanently empowering the sustainable development of