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The Libyan-Italian Partnership: Attempts of Innovation in Solving the Migration Crisis

Italy and Libya hold a close relationship, and the migrations flows across the Mediterranean only deepens it. In August 2008 both countries signed a Treaty on Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation. Among other things, it called for deeper cooperation to fight illegal immigration. However, the scenario of potential cooperation changed quite significantly in 2011, in the


Bureaucracy of Power-Dependence in Domestic Politics in Japan and Interdependence of International Relations in the UK, U.S. and EU

This paper investigates power-dependence of central-local government relations and interdependence of international relations. The power-dependence means political dependence in the political networks between central government, bureaucracy, local government and interest groups in common regime state. On the other hand, the interdependence means comprehensive relationship, from which zero-sum game is not necessarily derived, between various states


Towards Sustainable Buildings Production Through the Lens of Lean Construction Perspectives

The study proposes the application of the principles of lean construction to the processes that would lead to the production sustainable buildings. This is aimed at promoting sustainability in the built environment, because buildings form the greater per cent of the built environment. Sustainable buildings are the products of sustainable processes of design and construction,


The Journey on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Preservation for Improving Community’s Welfare: The Ideas from Pesanggaran Power Generation, Bali, Indonesia

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are now becoming the highest priority for Pesanggaran Power Generation, Bali ā€“ Indonesia. Considering the energy demand has increased exponentially along with environmental degradation, neither local nor global impact, Pesanggaran Power Generation endeavor certain efforts on minimize waste throughout electricity main process, supporting process, and domestic activity. This paper mainly


Socio-Energy-Environmental Management in West Bali: A Case Study of Gilimanuk Gas-Turbine Power Plant, Indonesia

This paper mainly presents about Environmental Management, taking into account energy and societal aspects, of Gilimanuk Gas-Turbine Power Plant (GTPP), West Bali ā€“ Indonesia. Currently Gilimanuk GTPP is a stand-by unit for electricity back-up in Java ā€“ Madura ā€“ Bali (JaMaLi) interconnection grid system. For the last couple years, Gilimanuk GTPP is not fully operational,


Aggregate Production and Gases Emissions in Rich Countries: Are the G7 Contributing to Environmental Air Damage?

Due to the importance of the G7 (Group of Seven) countries, and taking into account the current need for nations adhering to environmental standards, a relevant issue to investigate is if increasing levels of Gross Domestic Production (GDP) are related to increasing levels of environmental damage. This paper aims to analyze this production growth-environmental damage


Reification of Social Privilege in International Volunteerism

International service learning programs are highly regarded in U.S. undergraduate education as an effective tool for enhancing and promoting intercultural dialogue. However, such a claim is questionable because the effects of social privilege on the volunteers and their actions while abroad are seldom analyzed critically. This study examines undergraduate volunteers’ understanding of their social privilege


A Critical Review of Three Current Cantonese Textbooks Published for Teaching Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers in Hong Kong

Despite the growing importance of Mandarin, Cantonese has not died out in Mainland China. There are at least over 66 million Cantonese speakers in the world, and Cantonese is classified as a language in need of preservation. The dialect is still the primary language used in Hong Kong, and spoken in the Chinese communities in


Depth of Teachers’ Subject Content and Pedagogical Knowledge as Predictors of Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement in Kwara State, Nigeria

High rate of students’ failure in Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (SSCE) in Nigeria has become a perennial source of worry to all stakeholders. Less than 40% of candidates had credits and above in English language and Mathematics between 2009 and 2015. Previous research efforts have not yielded conclusive explanations for the problem but not much


Learning Cat Tools Using E-Learning Tools: A Case Study

The Post-Graduation Program in Translation at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, a private university in Portugal, is in its fifteenth edition. The program has undergone various changes, including from face-to-face to b-learning and e-learning formats. Though initially only Moodle was used, in recent years, different Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) were introduced, the first being WizIQ©. In


Negotiation Strategies to Support Misbehaving Children: The “Deal” Strategy

Purpose To negotiate behavioural changes with children, while developing an attitude of personal accountability for progressing the kindergarten program. Method The child is asked about their favourite fruit, the name of which is then used as a code for a deal on a behavioural change. The child becomes excited to share what their favourite fruit is, e.g. banana.


Developing Intercultural Awareness in Primary Teacher Training through International Placements: Some Early Reflections on the Spiral Experiment

The European Commission report “Supporting teacher competence development”, published in July 2013, makes primary school teacher training a key priority for Europe’s educational policy. Co-funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ programme, the SPIRAL project aims to address this priority through a collaborative project undertaken by universities and public bodies across five different European


Needed Interventions for More Effective Counsellors’ Role Performance in the School System in Edo and Delta States of Nigeria

This study investigated teachers’ opinions about principals needed interventions for more effective counselling services in schools. The purpose of the study was to ascertain teachers’ opinion on what principals should do towards improving counselling services in schools. This study adopted the expo factor descriptive survey research design. The population of this study consisted of all


The Use of Digital Means in the Teaching and Learning of Multiplatform and 2.0 News Communication

The debate promoted decades ago on the use of the ICT as a key factor for the learning processes in the university teaching, together with the advancements in the journalistic field support this paper approach (Scott, 2002). The main aim is to determine the value of using social media when training journalism students on the


The Effect of Stimulating Children’s Brains Using Digital Games on Their Information Retention

Children of the “Digital Age” are very attached to smart devices. It is not easy for parents and educators to resist this “smart” wave; therefore, the challenge is to make use of it. The researchers believe that the children are in their optimum time of mental activity when they play games. While playing, they race,


Writing Learning Outcomes for Courses/Programs and Beyond

Program assessment for accreditation purposes is one of the main topics of discussion among higher education faculty members. Classroom management techniques often focus on day to day needs that help produce lectures and assignments. Well-written learning outcomes at the course level will support strong programs and help teachers/instructors with their daily lesson plans and assignments.


Course Facilitation Tools – Engaging 21st Century Adult Learners

As we develop online courses for our learners, we nurture them with well-conceived, well-designed, well-presented courses and programs. Course facilitation expectations and approaches are designed to engage 21st century learners in asynchronous activities with their peers and teacher. In this presentation, Tony will share research-based facilitation approaches which are designed to engage 21st century learners


Content Analysis of English Itineraries About Iran Translated Into Persian, Existing in the Libraries

A travel log has nice and sad stories inside by narrator to show historical facts. So this study investigates English Itineraries about Iran which are translated into Persian and exist in the libraries to help historians and researchers. On the whole 60 translated itineraries from 64 travelers were found since 16 to 20 centuries in


A Curator(Ial) Collaborative: Curating Contemporary Asian Art in an Australian Context

This presentation begins with an examination of the historical relationship in cultural shifts in Australia, which reflects the re-orientation towards the Asia-Pacific region and the development of Asian contemporary art over the last two decades. This research reflects my cultural and artistic position on the imposition of Australian culture on Asian culture and vice versa.


An Issue of Suicidal Woman and Feminism in Vietnam: Situations, Solutions, and It’s Effects on Society

Gender inequality is a normal and prevalent fact in Vietnam since the early years of the 20th century. However, when Viet Nam was colonized by the French this southeast Asian country was exposed to Western culture including Feminism. Although most social positions were quite varied, traditional views of woman’s role and functions were equally dismal.