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Inspecting the Bad Society? Bentham’s Panopticon Revisited

In Panopticon; or, The Inspection-House (2008 [1797]), the utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham outlined what he perceived to be a model prison, based on the inspection-principle (p. 68). It was centrally about power, the control of miscreants by subjecting them to total visibility. Even more worryingly, he claimed that his model applied equally splendidly to schools,


Comparative Analysis of Purchasing Behavior at Physical and Online Bookstores by University Students

This study conducts a comparative experiment on the purchasing behavior of university students at both physical and online bookstores. Recently, the spread of the Internet has changed people’s lifestyles and their purchasing behavior. Given the presence of large online bookstores, this also applies to book purchasing behavior. In particular, this study uses university students –