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A Study of the Protein Profile Related to Sweetness during the Developmental Stages of the Nam-Dokmai Mango (Mangifera indica)

Sugar production levels and protein profiles of Mangifera indica were examined in order to study their relationship during development. Sugar levels were analyzed over eight developmental stages using an ATAGO hand refractometer. The results showed that sugar was detected at stage two and remained at the same level through stage five, increased at stage six


The Subnational Local Governance Index in Mexico

The main purpose of this paper is to present the results of the use and construction of the methodological instrument called Subnational Local Governance Index (ISGL). That Index was built to contribute to the assessments of institutional capacities of local governments, in order to resolve public problems in Mexico. The Construction of that Index has


Cloud-based LCA Management System for Environment-efficient Society

Recently year, the environmental problem has been the one of most important problem in the world. Inventory Database is improved and expanded to estimate environmental load such as GHG in each country. Meanwhile, it is needed to visualize for the executing of efficient policy: Evidence Based Policy. This visualization allows us to control the emission


Curative Methods of Thai Traditional Medicine

The purpose of this study was to examine, identify, and accumulate all existing methods of Thai traditional medicine that were available in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. All practitioners of a traditional system of medicine developed and selected methods of treatment, which had been existed in Thailand before the advent of European medicine, still flourish. Observing, interviewing,


An Empirical Study about Social Factors and Pro-environmental Behaviors in Southeast Asia

This study aims to investigate the various factors affecting environmental behaviors of the residents in ASEAN countries. To achieve the objective, the data from questionnaire survey “ASEAN Barometer 2009” (sample number of completed questionnaire = 9,080) were used to examine the relationships among demographic characteristics, information access, environmental concerns and environmental behaviors. The data were


A Study on the Work Stress Sources, Consequences and Coping Strategies of Taiwan Airport Ramp Ground Staff

Airport ramp safety becomes an essential topic in global aviation safety. According to the estimation of Flight Safety Foundation, losses from apron damage cost the world’s air carriers in the vicinity of US $5 billion every year. Ramp operations suffering time pressure, all flight preparations have to be done within limited period and tend to


Thai Phuan Traditions in Globalization Era : A Case Study of a Village in Chacheongsao Province

The research objectives were to investigate the condition of Thai Phuan traditions in the current climate and to find out ways to revive and preserve their traditions. Qualitative methods for data collection and analysis were employed. The key informants were chosen through specific sampling. Data collection was used through specific sampling, participatory and non participatory


Japan and Japanese Image in Turkish Newspapers

Country image can be defined as the total of beliefs and impressions that one has about a particular country. Country image is created by different kinds of knowledge which are gained directly or indirectly over long periods of time. Todays, having positive image in the eyes of foreign countries are very important for all the


The Relationship among Yoga Teaching, Leadership Type, and Student Motivation in Class Setting

In order to improve students’ learning, teacher needs to adapt various and useful techniques in class teaching. The efficient learning can be influenced by teacher’s personal leadership styles, personal characteristics, or teaching visual aids equipments. The purpose of this study was to investigate yoga teachers’ teaching strategies, teachers’ leadership types and influence upon students’ learning


The Development of 4 MAT Lesson Plans for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Combined for Prathomsuksa 3 Students

The study was aimed at developing the 4 MAT lesson plans with an efficiency criterion of 80/80. Efforts were made to study the effectiveness index of 4 MAT lesson plans, students’ learning achievement after learning using 4 MAT lesson plans, and students’ satisfaction after learning using 4 MAT lesson plans. The participants comprised of 22


Voluntary Contribution of Public Goods and Income Equality

If we consider the models of voluntary contributions of public goods, a neutrality theorem holds. In this theorem, a small redistribution of incomes between contributors does not affect each agent’s consumption in the equilibrium outcome. In contrast, a large redistribution of incomes changes the set of the contributors and each agent’s consumption. Especially, redistributions that