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Seniors Use of Medical Electric Scooters with The Intention Satisfaction Study in Taiwan

This study aims to explore the properties of the senior citizens of Taiwan; their living and their needs of going out. Through using the software “SPSS12.0” to build the model of this research to do confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis and satisfaction analysis, we can understand the influence caused by several dimensions on people’s intention


Consumer Market for Functional Foods in Thailand

Functional food is any healthy food claimed to have a health-promoting property beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients. The awareness in developing functional foods is thriving, driven largely by the market potential for foods that can improve the health and well-being of consumers. However, consumer attraction of functional food is starting in Thailand. The


Children’s Understanding of First- and Second-Order False Beliefs in One Narrative

The results of false belief tasks show that children acquire second-order false beliefs (B thinks that A thinks X is Y) a few years later than first-order false beliefs (A thinks X is Y) (ex. Hayashi, 2002). Although different tasks are used to investigate these two false beliefs, it was unclear whether the story of


The Diagnostic Technique of Activity, Action and Deed Reflection

The reflection diagnostic technique is based on long-term fundamental theoretical and methodological researches of Russian psychologists. A new approach to reflection diagnostics is focused on the study of reflexivity mechanisms within the structure of activity. The reflection is considered as the process of a person’s consciousness of the means and ways of his/her activity, and


Stress Resistance, Adaptability, and Emotional Stability of Medical Students Obtaining Categories 4 and 5 on The Psychometric Test and Related Factors

Background: In its effort to produce high quality graduates, the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Indonesia administers psychological tests to assess first year medical students’ logical thinking skills and personality. The results of those tests are divided into 5 categories of recommendation, 1 to 5, based on the capability of the students to complete


An Integrated Theory of Behaviour

The objective of the study has been to develop an Integrated Theory of Behaviour,to test the theory on Indian and foreign samples and to test the application of theory in changing, predicting and controlling behaviour. The scientific method for the development of theory stems from the natural sciences and adopted by Bunge and Ardila (1990).


The Relationships of Trust in Supervisor, On-the-Job Embeddedness, and Intentions to Leave: Testing the Mediating Effect of On-the-Job Embeddedness

Much work has been done on the voluntary turnover topic in over 50 years, yet much work has to be done to understand the phenomena. Mitchell and Lee (2001) marked the first comprehensive work to try to understand the phenomena of leaving by asking why people stay instead of why people leave. They introduced the


Connectedness between Individual, Community and Environmental Factors in the Process of Recovery People Affected Merapi Eruption in 2010

The process of recovery of people after exposure to a natural disaster usually always is seen as the individual process. However, recently many researches disaster-related found that social, including environmental factors, also influence not only the process of recovery but also how people understand the disaster that they experienced. It is Important for Indonesia as


Living Arrangements and Adjustment of Elderly Persons

Adjustment of old age persons is a common problem all over the world. Due to old age and retirement, their living arrangement also changes. This study analyzed the living arrangement of elderly persons and their old age adjustment & mental health. Four types of living arrangement are considered here. 1. Married persons living with their


Is Personality Type a Predictor of Social Network Connections?

Social media platforms have become an integral part of how we live our lives, in particular for those generations who have grown up in the digital world and use these platforms to connect and communicate with many different groups. Behavioral science now underpins many facets of our lives for example digital marketing campaigns target specific


Self-Acceptance of Sexual Orientation in Gay Men: A Consensual Qualitative Research

Self-acceptance is a salient process for LGBT including gay people, to both explore one’s identity and share that identity with others. It has been documented that self-acceptance has positive effects on psychological well-being of gay men. However, a question of what experiences gay men may encounter in the path to unconditioning self-acceptance still remains unanswered.


Modeling Choice Behavior of Delivery Provider of Online Auctioneer

Digital technology has provided a new paradigm of our society and changed our life’s interaction with the Internet. As an efficient and flexible sales channel, companies can use auction sites to liquidate unwanted inventory, as well as to assist in pricing new products, acquiring new markets for low-margin items, and reaching markets that would be


The Relationship between Analytic and Holistic Styles of Thinking and Forgiveness

This study examined the relationship between styles of thinking (analytic vs. holistic) and willingness to forgive. Previous research has uncovered a qualitative difference in how individuals attend to their worlds: analytic thinkers focus on objects and their attributes while holistic thinkers focus on the context as a whole in which objects are viewed in relation


Social Bond of Indonesian Higher-Education Students Who Access Facebook

Along with technological advances and the rapid flow of information, people’s need to access the Internet is increasing. According to data held by, a site that continues to monitor internet usage in the world of on-line, internet users in Indonesia, in 2008, reached 25 million people. This is because apart from being a source


An Analysis of Film Voice-Over and Sound Interpretation Techniques from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

One of the filming approaches is cross-cultural perspectives. Many cross-cultural works, however, are susceptible to controversies and often subject to heated discussions about whether a certain culture is adequately respected or fully understood. This article will focus on the issues in that respect to explore the functions of “voice-over” and “sound” in enhancing the screen


Competition Anxiety in Egyptian Children Sportsmen

Studying the anxiety of child sportsmen has increased in the past ten years. A lot of studies aimed to identify the causes of anxiety and how to minimize it. Our hypothesis is that child athletes suffer anxiety resulting from the training and participation in competitions in addition to natural anxiety factors apart from sport. If