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Synthesis of Poly (Acrylic Acid-Co-Sodium Styrene Sulfonate) as Scale Inhibitor for Industrial Cooling Water System

Water from most natural sources usually contains dissolved minerals and scale forming ions such as Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions. Poly (acrylic acid) (PAA) is one of the scale inhibitor polymers, commonly used in the industrial circulating cooling water system. However, the remaining polymer concentrations of scale inhibitors are facing some level of difficulty for determination.


Synthesis and Characterization of Bioi/TiO2 Photocatalysts for Waste Water Treatment

The main cause of water pollution was generally due to human acts. Activities such as transporting the already used industrial or generated waste water and garbages from the community and put them into the water resources. As a result of the pollution occurring, organic matters were degraded and natural forms were eventually changed into other


ASEAN Community 2015: Model for Managing International Labour Migration in Thailand

To enter to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015, human resources would be one of weaknesses for Thailand. There are more than 3.5 million persons from other ASEAN countries without Thai nationality living in the country, more than 3.0 million of them are working in the country, and approximately 1.4 million of them are not


A Study into Residential Energy Use in Adelaide Metropolitan: Determinants and Effects on Household’s Consumption

Energy consumption in residential buildings is a significant contributor to world energy use and related greenhouse gas emissions, since residential sector absorbs about one-fifth of global energy demand stems for heating, cooling, lighting and running appliances in dwellings. This paper analytically examines the effects of various determinants on household energy consumption. Household characteristics, dwelling type


Evaluation of Zeolite Efficiency for Removal of Cesium Ions From Seawater

Cesium is a radioactive material which is a big problem when it leaks into seawater. Zeolites are an alternative for removing cesium because they absorb cationic elements and are widely used due to their simplicity, high efficiency and low cost. The objective of this study was to investigate the efficiency of NaCl treated zeolite for


Removal Efficiency of Cesium and Strontium in Seawater by Zeolite-Fixed Bed Columns

It is documented that the Chernobyl nuclear melt down released large amounts of Cs-137, Cs-134 and Sr-90 (100, 50 and 8 PBq, respectively). The accident had a devastating impact on the marine environment. The main aim of this research was to study the removal of cesium and strontium in seawater by natural zeolite. The experimental


Assessment of Impact of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition on European Russia Forest

During the last two centuries, agriculture and the burning of fossil fuels have increased significantly the global pollutions and deposition of nitrogen compounds. Atmosphere nitrogen depositions influence on function of the natural habitat and limited nitrogen nutrition forests have particularly strong disturbance. The aim of our study was to assessment of effect of mineral nitrogen


Adsorption of Pb(Ii) from Synthetic Solution by Pomelo Peel

Agricultural biomass waste can be used for producing adsorbents, because it is as low cost material and friendly for environment. This research aimed to study adsorbent preparation from pomelo peel by chemical activation with 0.1 M HNO3 for investigating the removal efficiency and adsorption isotherm for adsorption of Pb(II) in synthetic solution. The batch experiment


Information Management in the Company’s Information Space

In modern companies’ activities, information plays a quite important role. Without adequate information and without an effective management system, it is not possible to achieve success on the current market. This is particularly related to dynamic character of present markets. It should be considered whether this dynamism and globalization as well, are not the result


The Use of Social Media in European Union Enterprises – Comparative Study

There are over 3 billion Internet users all over the word today. Over 50 per cent of them already use social media. The main role of social media is to build and maintain relationships between people from different backgrounds, with similar expectations, interests or preferences. Social media are now increasingly used by businesses, for example,


A Virtualization-Based Laboratory for Learners’ Hands-On Skills of Hacking

Information security continues to be a popular concern in current days, leading academics and practitioners to contributing lots of efforts in this field. Inspired by The Art of War, this study considers that engineering students would learn better if they have hands-on experience of both attack and defense skills in security education. In this regard,


Effective Cognitive Stimulation Training for Mild Cognitive Impairments in the Elderly: Perspective from Participants and Interprofessional Teams

Introduction: Cognitive stimulation training (CST) was effective to reduce risk of cognitive decline and dementia in patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The proposed of this study was to explore factors that contribute to an effective CST for MCI elderly from perspective of interprofessional team members and participants. Methods: After finish 6 sessions of CST, data


Synthesis of Poly(Acrylic Acid) Based Polymers as Quantitative Determined Scale Inhibitor

In present days, the use of water transported from the river as the source material for generating electricity is very common. Generally, this water needs to be purified before it can be used in the process. However, during the water purification process, some calcium ion that existed is not uncommon. The calcium ion will somehow


Educational Policies for Aging and Movements in Thailand: A Literature Review

According to the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (2002), social and policy movements to increase an educational opportunity among Thai elderly had also been established and implemented. The objective of this paper is to review the education policy for the elderly and its implementation. The secondary data employed from several resources, either Thai


The Study of the Readiness for Entering the ASEAN Community of Undergraduate Students

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is established to create a mutual understanding for political and economic purposes among 10 countries, all of which include Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia. This brings all the nations not only to maintain peace, political stability, and economic prosperity, but also


Design and Development of Mobile App for Language Learning

Mobile devices have become a significant part of everyday life. The potential of mobile learning is accepted and highly popular, including among language educators to enhance language learning and literacy for students. This paper presented the educational app prototype design and development that could be used as CAI and CAL for an informal learning as


Existence of the Tradition of Moon Festival in Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province

This article aims to investigate the existence of the tradition of Moon Festival in Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province. The data of this qualitative study were gathered from related documents, research reports, and in-depth interviews with Thai Chinese in Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province. The study found that the tradition of Moon Festival could still


Introducing Computer Aided Learning in Teaching Basic Electronics for Technical-Vocational Students

The use of technology in the delivery of teaching and learning is vital nowadays especially in education. Computer Aided Learning Software (CALS) is basically the use of computer in the delivery of instruction with a tailored fit program intended for a specific lesson or a set of topics. The CALS software developed in this study is


Recommend Video Materials to Enhance Language Learning Motivation by Collaborative Filtering Method

Learning English on Internet has become increasingly common, where Internet movies for learning English are also booming. For instance, the VoiceTube, an Internet video platform for learning English, has pluralistic free videos with both Chinese and English captions. Meanwhile, VoiceTube can combine social media to create a learning network community. However, a good recommendation system


Learning Strategies and Learner Attitudes in the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Cube World

The rapid progress of technology has revolutionized learning and in the field of computer assisted language learning, use of digital games has expanded significantly. One type of game that has been attracting interest is massively multiplayer online role-playing games (henceforth MMORPGs). Recent research has drawn attention to the potential of these games as arenas for


An Investigation on Vibrotactile Emotional Patterns for Blindfolded People

Different feeling and cognition was often triggered by the tactile exploration process, such as the reaction of tactile emotional linking. These reaction might occur in different patterns of Human-Computer interaction. According to the compilation of relevant literature, the previous works lacked this important issue that deeply investigate the cognition of vibrotactile emotion. Therefore, it is


A Preliminary Study of Sports Picture Books applied on High School Special Education Students’ Sports Cognition and Sports Learning Interests

The development about cognition, personality, morality, and life could be promoted on picture books (Lin & Wu, 2014). In the past picture books were widely used in special education areas such as, life education (Peng, 2013), social skills (Tsai, 2014), and gender education (Chang, 2014). Nevertheless the utilization in the special physical education field of


Game-Based Motion Sensing Game Training Systems to Improve Visual-Motor Integration for Children with Developmental Delay in Special Education

Visual perception dysfunction could hinder the participation in school activities, academic performance, and independence in daily living. These unsuccessful school experiences may further retard social and emotional development in children with disabilities. Effective therapy to enhance visual perceptual function is thus of paramount importance in facilitating integration into school life, and reducing the immediate burden


The Audit Commission of Local Government in the UK

This paper examines the Audit Commission of local government in the United Kingdom. The function of the Audit Commission, established in 1983 as an independent public corporation and dissolved in 2015, is to audit administration by the local authorities. However, in fact, the Audit Commission has been playing roles of the policy maker and influencing


iPads and Autism: Using iPads for Autism and the Effects of that on Learning Methods

The purpose of this study is to grasp the opportunity of utilizing technology like iPad for Autistic students. This study to prove that technology is not an optional tool in learning it becomes an essential tool to teach and provide information, and enhance academic skills for students. In 2012, the research in the Centers for


The Effectiveness of Self Management Program ‘Bipolar Beraksi’ in Decreasing the Frequency, Intensity or Duration of Bipolar Moods

Bipolar Disorder is a kind of mood disorder which contains of mania or hypomania episode, depressive episode, or the combination of both. Preliminary study on people with a bipolar disorder shows that they need some improvement on self-illness management because frequency, intensity, and duration of this bipolar disorder seem to come often and disturbs people’s


Comparison of Dietary Behaviors and Acculturation of Korean International and Japanese Students in Japan

For cross-cultural students to remain healthy, proper nutrition is an important factor. However, Japanese universities do not show adequate interest in international students’ health behavior. It is believed that health behavior is a key aspect of acculturation. In this study, we examine a change in Korean students’ dietary habits as they acculturate to Japanese culture,


An Investigation of the Mate Preferences of Young Adults Using Choice Based Conjoint Analysis

The current study is an exploratory investigation concerning mate preferences of young adult males and females. Specifically, those that self proclaimed to be single or in a relationship, all of which were never married. Previous research shows that men and women differ in their mate selection preferences, specifically, men desire physical attractiveness and potential for


Relationship Satisfaction and Children: Effects on Sexual Satisfaction in Married Couples

This study addresses the great importance of relationship satisfaction in regards to sexual satisfaction. 4000 participants were analyzed utilizing data from the Relate Assessment, which analyzes factors impacting martial satisfaction. Previous research suggests that both relationship satisfaction and sexual satisfaction decrease when a couple has children (Glenn & McLanahan, 1982). Analyses yielded supporting evidence that


The Role of Visual Attention in Preference Formation for Food

Evaluative decision-making is the decision-making based on personal preferences among different choice options. Previous studies have suggested that people tend to gradually commit toward a choice by spending more time looking at it. Thus, attention may imply a positive feedback mechanism, promoting the choice of an attended item. Alternatively, attention may imply information integration, with


Marital Relationship Satisfaction: Impacts of Children, Religion, Income Level, and Gender

To understand the effect of having children and length of marriage on relationship satisfaction, 4000 participants were analyzed from data supplied from the Relate Institute, which is dedicated to assessing marital satisfaction. Relationship satisfaction decreased at a slower rate after controlling for children. Children were found to have a significant effect (p


Symbolic Immortality, Death Anxiety, and Quality of Life in Japanese Elderly Men

According to Erikson’s theory of psychological development, elderly people face their own death by withstanding death fear and anxiety in order to accept death. Death anxiety is a basic human anxiety and cannot be eliminated fully (Rank, 1945). Lifton (1973) proposed the concept ‘ȡ’ symbolic immortality ‘ɡ’ to refer to the universal human quest to achieve


Empirically Informed Theorizing About Justice and Distributive Justice Reasoning Among Asians

Although some philosophers who are committed to applying the method of wide reflective equilibrium to theories of justice have already argued that evidence from the social sciences should inform theorizing about distributive justice, it remains unclear how or whether evidence on the impact of sociocultural factors on patterns of reasoning about just distribution should similarly


Stigma in People with Schizophrenia in Griya Pmi Peduli, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

The purposes of this research are (1) Determining public’s view of people with schizophrenia in ‘Griya PMI Peduli Surakarta’ (2) Determining the cause of stigma in people with schizophrenia in ‘Griya PMI Peduli Surakarta’. This research was a type of qualitative study by using phenomenological approach. The sampling technique in this research was a type


The Effect of Varying Short Message Service (SMS) Intervention for Promoting Safe Sex Among Army Conscripts in Lopburi Army Area

At present, sexual risk behavior is threatening the health status of the Thai population and undermining quality of life of the population all ages. This study examined the effectiveness of self-regulation and mobile phone SMS intervention to promote safe sex among army conscripts in a central province, Thailand. Conscripts (n=192) were recruited by multi-stage sampling


A Study on Improving Listening Efficacy of Instructions for Nursing Students Towards the Accurate Information Transfer

Aim: Focusing on the listening efficacy of instructions as skills for medical safety, we devised a social skills training (SST) of instructions-received skills for nursing students. For that reason, this study aims to examine the relationship between the improvement of the skills after SST and the experience of the students. Methods: The participants were second-year nursing


Women’s Needs Related to Obstetric Services: Viewpoints of Mothers of Children with Disabilities in Japan

The experiences of pregnancy and childbirth are considered important events in a woman’s life. Particularly, memories related to pregnancy and childbirth can be painful to some mothers of children with disabilities. I previously interviewed 47 mothers of children with disabilities, and found that most of them had had unpleasant experiences at obstetrics and gynecology hospitals


Relationship between Homesickness, Self-Efficacy, and Achievement Motivation among Non-Native Students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences

Abstract The transition to university often involves separation from home can lead to the challenge of adapting to a new academic environment. For most new students, adjusting to an unfamiliar academic setting can induce homesickness. The present study investigated the relationship between homesickness, achievement motivation, self-efficacy among non-native students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences


Comparation of Creativity Dimensions (Fluency, Flexibility, Elaboration, Originality) between Bilingual Elementary Students (Azari Language-Kurdish Language) in Urmia City Iran

ABSTRACT In Urmia city, many children learn and speak their first language (either Azari or Kurdish) at home and study all of their courses in Farsi throughout their education. The goal of this study was to compare the creativity abilities between bilingual elementray students (Azari- Kurdish language). Almost (N=387) students from 10 schools from all over Urmia


Comparison of Health Care Models for the Elderly: Thailand and Japan

This research aims to compare the health care model for the elderly in Thailand and Japan. Data collect consisted of interviews of providers and foundation analysis. Comparing the patterns of health care for the elderly , as well as most of the elderly long-term care policy, elderly care by family and community, welfare for elderly,


A Method of Estimating Cooperative Activities in Collaborative Learning Based on Participants’ Spatial Relationships

Collaborative learning has become more and more important in education area. In most collaborative works, students are separated into groups, where the possible scope of teachers might be strongly limited. Therefore, automatic feedback based on sensing the state of students during collaborative work is helpful for effective educational guidance. In this work, we focus on


A Japanese-German-English Trilingual Childs Word Acquisition Patterns Focusing on Category Differences in Comprehension and Production

Problem: The current study focused on trilingual ( German, Japanese, and English) word acquisition by a single child to investigate relationships or patterns among the different categories of words produced and comprehended in the three languages at each time interval and to see possible changes of the patterns over the period of 14 months. Methods:


Seven Linguistic and Pedagogical Principles Leading to Success of Phonics Based Instruction: An Overview of Magic Phonics

Until recently, the dominant phonics material to teach Iranian Young Learners of English was Jolly Phonics originated by Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham in 1970s. However, a growing body of national and international researches has questioned the efficacy of Jolly Phonics in over 100 countries where they are being taught either in public educational institutions


Improving Working Mindfulness by Multisensory Smart-Office with Cloud Computing

Trying to recall our day life in office, we rarely can stay on our seat and focus on the job all the day. There are so many factor cause we lost our mindfulness on our job, for example, the chair is not fit for our body, the desk is too high to comfortable our arms_¶etc. Depends


National Identity or Cultural Opposition? News Media Discourse About Controversial High-School Curriculum Guidelines Event in Critical Discourse Analysis

This article aims to analyse how the news media reported the Ministry of Education (MOE) implementing minor adjustments to high-school curriculum guidelines event. For example the social sciences and history textbooks, downplaying of the White Terror era, the 2/28 incident, and conceivably¬_using a China-centric focus. This trend has triggered many protests against the government by