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New Consensus on Archipelagic Sea Lane Passage Regime over Marine Protected Areas: Study Case on Indonesian Waters

Indonesia’s Archipelagic Sea Lanes (ASLs) is the routes of navigation that used to pass through the archipelagic waters and territorial sea of Indonesia. Every state has the right of ASL’s passage. As it is set out in the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention 1982, every foreign ship passes the ASLs is using the


Analysis of Household Debt Inequality in Thailand

Inequality has been usually mentioned in term of income inequality to elevate people’s well-being. This research examined another dimension of inequality, which is debt inequality. Among people who have the same level of income, some of them have high debt while some people have not. Therefore, we should not neglect this aspect because indebtedness makes


Recent Computer Applications in Marketing

Especially in recent years, marketing efforts of businesses have gained more importance along with the intense competition. Creating value to the target market and facilitating the life of consumers have become the primary goals of the firms. There is no doubt that offering simplicity to the consumers will affect the success of businesses in competitive


Grammar Teaching Approaches for Adult EFL Learners: An Indonesian Perspective

Grammar teaching pedagogy has been rigorously reconceptualised as a result of perpetual shift from one teaching method to another. A number of dimensions dichotomizing grammar teaching approach appears in response to the disparate degrees of grammar positioning in second or foreign language teaching. This paper attempts to rationalize that grammar teaching for adult learners in


Can You Do Hip-Hop in Yogyakarta? Global-Local Nexus in Javanese Hip-Hop

The emerge of the internet and the development of transportation technology has enabled massive products, people, and ideas to travel beyond borders and nations. It also fosters and intensifies the interaction between global and local culture. This essay attempts to examine of the global-local nexus in globalisation by conducting a case study. It focuses on


Factors Affecting Stress among Faculty Members of Public Universities in the Philippines: A Multiple Regression Analysis

This study focuses on particular demographic and education-related factors that contribute to the stress levels of public university faculty members in the Philippines. Participants in this study were part-time or full-time faculty members in a public university in the Philippines and were teaching at least a class for the First Semester of Academic Year 2016-2017.


Prevention and Eradication of Corruption through Optimization of Legal Research in College

Current world progress has brought sophisticated influence in the development of the level of corruption crimes. Today, law enforcement corruption eradication is highly anticipated for the direction of change that much better. The role of the College and in creating the next generation of the nation has a very big role for such changes. In


Can Elective Course Be Used to Promote Meaningful Learning at Secondary Level? A Study of Students’ Satisfaction in School-Based Course

The evolution of the traditional disciplinary curriculum was implemented by the education policy in Taiwan school curricula, at secondary level to create knowledge and understanding for the 21st century. This study was the first stage of the three-year research project supported by National Science Council of Taiwan, investigating the effectiveness of school-based elective courses in


The Environment Encouraging “Something to Do”, Being Lively, In Juvenile Correctional Facilities, Case Study: Juvenile Vocational Training Center, Thailand

Young generation is always important for the future. With the limited of experience and maturity, they occasionally make a mistake. In the developing country as Thailand, number of teenagers in juvenile correctional facilities is a serious problem. This qualitative study was conducted to understand the life in Juvenile Vocational Training Centers (JVTC) in Thailand and


The Characteristics of Environment Encouraging Elder-Teenager Cooperation in Rural Community

Nowadays, Local wisdom plays an important role in community development. One month of participant observation at Na-Ngoi – Phonplaloh, the rural communities, 650 km from Bangkok, Thailand, it showed that elders were full of passions to contribute craft wisdom to teenagers. Nevertheless, teenagers were not eager to learn. Crafting everyday-products in semi-outdoor space around houses


Financial of Public Enterprise Subsidiary in Corruption in Indonesia​​

Indonesia restructures State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the form of a holding company through Government Regulation Number 44 of 2005 in conjunction with Government Regulation Number 72 of 2016 on the Procedures of Participation and Administration of state capital in State-Owned Enterprises and Limited Liability Companies. This caused controversy. It is stipulated that the Subsidiaries of


Conceptions of Learning English with Synchronous Online Tutoring: A Case Study in Taiwan

With the advent of information and communication technologies (ICT), an increasing number of educational institutions are incorporating Internet tools in their teaching programs. In Taiwan, for example, private tutoring is now being transformed from face-to-face mode into distance mode. The purpose of this study was to explore 75 college students’ (around 20 years old) conceptions