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A Smart Guiding Tours of Eco-Tourism for Taiwan’s Fairy Pitta: The Service Design Viewpoint

Fairy Pitta, is a special bird that could be found in Taiwan during the summer season. Currently, we can only find their appearance in Huben area in Taiwan. In each summer season, there are many backpackers and birdwatchers all around the world traveling to Huben area to watch this bird. However, the serious outward migration


Developing a 3D Interactive Tool for Learning OOP Concepts

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) recently became the most influential programming paradigm. Several studies have indicated some serious deficiencies in the learning outcomes of students who have passed one or several programming courses in CS programs. In King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Jeddah-Saudi Arabia, during the second semester of the year 2014-2015¸ it has been analyzed through


Send Kids to the World: A Study on Using Postcards to Improve Students’ Writing Skills

English Learning and Teaching (ELT) deals with four language skills, i.e., reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Of all these skills, writing is often considered as the most difficult one (Widiati & Cahyono, 2006). Mukminatien (2003) finds that many problems arise with regard to the development of productive skills, especially in the area of writing as


Practice of 21st Century Skills-Oriented Project-Based Learning: A Case for Developing Application Software

Rapid technological advances and globalization of the 21st century have caused a large change in people’s way of life and how to think and learn. On the other hand, modern society have various complicated problems such as terrorism, conflict, refugee problems, poverty, and environmental issue. Today’s children must face the problems in the future. However,


iPads and Autism: Using iPads for Autism and the Effects of that on Learning Methods

The purpose of this study is to grasp the opportunity of utilizing technology like iPad for Autistic students. This study to prove that technology is not an optional tool in learning it becomes an essential tool to teach and provide information, and enhance academic skills for students. In 2012, the research in the Centers for


Building Opportunities for Children to Exercise their Rights at School

There is inconsistency in the relationship children have with regards to their rights in the school setting. Few teachers know about these rights, families don’t utilize them, and children are ignorant of them. Having said this, one of the most substantial social justice problems in schools is talking about rights without creating any opportunities. If


Fostering Social Justice Orientation through Clinical Legal Education in the Caribbean ___ Stakeholder Considerations

Caribbean law schools governed by the Council of Legal Education, aim to “facilitate the development of competent legal practitioners for the region”, who, among other things, ‘are inspired in the promotion of social justice’. Towards this end, students are required to attend a legal aid clinic in their final year of law school, where they


The Perception of Science Secondary School Teachers Towards the Science Learning Problems of Lower Secondary School Students in Thailand

The purposes of this study are; 1) to find the science learning problems of lower secondary school students in terms of science teachers’ perception. 2) to find the issues that science secondary school teachers need to solve in science learning. The open-ended questionnaire was responded by thirty-six science teachers from nine areas in Thailand in


High School Students’ Understanding of Nature of Science

The aim of this study was to investigate students’ understanding of the Nature of Science (NOS). 108 high school students at a secondary school in the Secondary Educational Service Area Office 36 participated in this preliminary study. An open-ended questionnaire was adapted from the View of Nature of Science questionnaire (VNOS-form C) of Lederman et


Flipping with a mooc: A Case Study of an English Academic Writing

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) have been growing in popularity with educational researchers and learners in online environments. Courses in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) in higher education setting often bring together students from different academic backgrounds. However, MOOCs platforms haven’t provided many choices for EAP courses. For this reason, such courses tend to demonstrate


Active Compassion: Empowering Buddhist Nuns Through STEM Education

This study endorses teaching and learning opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) for Buddhist nuns. The Dalai Lama’s position on science and secular education is examined, as well as STEM educational programs in which the Buddhist monastic community participates. This research advances the initiatives of international governmental and nongovernmental organizations


Leading Change Together: A Pitch for Education, Community Engagement, Social Justice, and Sustainable Development

Leading Change Together is the powerful idea of impact behind the mission of Global Tassels, a registered 501(c)3 international organization focused on alleviating poverty in the most severely- impacted communities around the world . Global Tassels’ signature mission is to provide access to college education with the goal of permanently empowering the sustainable development of


The Effectiveness of Authentic Material Application to Enhance EFL Students’ Listening Comprehension

Up to now, there has been a variety of factors influencing on Thai EFL students who are learning English for their survival in the competitive societies, especially when Thailand becoming one of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) members. One of the most influential factors is that Thai students still lack English communicative competence which is considered