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Exploring the Framework and Implementation Efficacy of the Flipped-Action Model in a College Bilingual-Education Class

Inspired by the FLIPPED model proposed by Chen et al. (2014), which added three more PED components to the original FLIP model, this research project adds ACTION as one more component to make the previous schemata better-rounded. To figure out which component(s) make a significant influence on students learning motivation, learning strategies, and learning outcome,


A Survey of Critical Thinking Skill of Matthayomsueksa 5 Students in Thailand

The purpose of this research was to survey the critical thinking skill of Matthayom Sueksa 5 Students. The participants were 120 students of academic year 2015 from Roi-et Wittayalai School, Muang, Roi-et which selected by using the purposive sampling technique. The research instrument was the 30 items of critical thinking test which measured in 5


Game-Based Motion Sensing Game Training Systems to Improve Visual-Motor Integration for Children with Developmental Delay in Special Education

Visual perception dysfunction could hinder the participation in school activities, academic performance, and independence in daily living. These unsuccessful school experiences may further retard social and emotional development in children with disabilities. Effective therapy to enhance visual perceptual function is thus of paramount importance in facilitating integration into school life, and reducing the immediate burden


Studies in Historical Memory: A Path to Contemporary Understanding

This presentation will examine case studies of historical memory in classes with Japanese university students. Students have grown up with a sense of pride in Japan being a peaceful member of the international community. At the same time, students often express frustration that the good points of Japan are overlooked by its neighbours and that


The Role of ESL Education for the Social and Economic Development in Global Contexts

English is the “Global language”which is widely used in international business, academics, politics, and technology in the world; therefore, English has been taught as first or second language in different countries in different regions. Wealthy countries, such as US, believe the more money invested in promoting English-as-second-language (ESL) education, the better the social and economic


Promoting Parental Involvement to Prevent Elementary Student Dropout in Indonesia’s Backward Regions

The highest dropout rate for elementary school level happens significantly in Indonesia’s backward regions (UNICEF for Indonesia, 2012). This will not only affects personal success of students but also create other social disadvantages. Chirtes (2010) classified the factors of school dropout into school factor, social environment, personal factor, and family factor which is the greatest


An Exploratory Study on the Relationship between Learning Networks and Organizational Identity

Organizational learning leads to distinctiveness of organizations, and distinctiveness is one of the criteria by which organizational members categorize groups. Organizational learning is the mechanism by which organizational identity becomes salient. Although research has made great efforts on organizational identity, few focus on between-level dynamics. This study adopts a network perspective of organizational learning, which


A Guideline for Using Lesson Study for Preservice Science Teachers in Thailand

This paper addressed the results of the attempting of using a lesson study in preservice science teacher classroom. The lesson study was implemented for 42-senior science student teachers who enrolled the professional experience subject. The classroom observations, reflective journal, discussion form and semi-structured interviews were used in order to gain the required data. Preliminary findings


The Development of Teacher Knowledge in 4th Year Science Teachers in Thailand Through Lesson Study

The purpose of this study was to investigate how and what teacher knowledge preservice science teachers develop in contexts of Lesson Study. In order to gain the required in-depth data, a range of qualitative methods was used. These included lesson plan analysis, reflective journal, group discussions, concept maps, and documentations. Data were collected from a


Students Perceptions of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning on Chinese Language Learning

The discussions on second language learning in higher education facilitated by computer supported collaborative learning have increased over the past decades. To generate learners’ communications in the target language is the purpose of practicing CSCL for L2 learning. However, few studies have done to understand Chinese L2 learners’ perception on computer supported language learning. In


Promoting Education for Sustainability in Early Childhood Education

Environmental issues have become a public discussion in the last two decades since the Brundtland Report in 1987. It is because environmental issues, such as climate change, air pollution, and water crisis, create a significant impact not only for a local but also for a global society. Education is considered as one way to overcome problems


Automated Students’ Thai Online Homework Assignment Clustering

This paper proposes a model to cluster students’ Thai online homework assignments before teachers go for further for grading, in other words Automated Students’ Thai Homework Assignment Clustering. The proposed model consists of 5 parts: 1) Thai Word segmentation, 2) Stop-word removal, 3) Term Weighting, 4) Document Clustering, and 5) Performance Evaluation. The Thai Word


Entrepreneurial University: A Case Study of De La Salle Araneta University in the Philippines

The results of this study will benefit De La Salle Araneta University in the Philippines, other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and its policy makers. It provided DLSAU with insights regarding their present status as an entrepreneurial university and consequently serves as basis for strategic planning. Other HEIs will gain valuable insights regarding entrepreneurial university in


Development of Problem-Solving Ability, Using Problem-Based Learning of Mathayomsuksa 5/8 Students at Borabuwittayakhan School, Mahasarakham, Thailand

This action research aims to develop the problem-solving ability and – scientific attitude, using the Problem-based Learning (PBL) in Physics. The target students are 27 students in Matthayomsuksa 5 from Borabuwittayakham School, Mahasarakham, Thailand. The research process is divided into 2 main periods. Each period is consisted of 4 cycles having 4 steps; planning, acting,


The Influences of ICT on High School Students’ Understanding in Physics Courses: A Review of the Literature

The number of students who registered in physics courses for upper education is reported decrease across the world. Some studies reported that there are several reasons caused this phenomenon; students think that physics is the most difficult subject; some physics theories are invisible phenomena; and poor teaching method. This paper concerns on how information and


Why Researchers Compared Education Internationally 1994 – 2009 and What This Tells Us about Why We Do This Today

This paper is a systematic literature into the recent history of international comparative education research. I review the reasons given for comparing education internationally in the fifteen years leading up to 2009, discuss the different types of research conducted and identify patterns in terms of research conducted in different locations. This historical review gives an


Gender Differences in the Predictors of Intention to Attend University using an Extended Theory of Planned Behaviour Model

The purpose of this thesis is to further understanding of the salient factors that underpin students’ intentions to study at university, particularly those categorised as being from a low Socio-economic status (SES) background. Despite claims made in previous research reporting the elicitation of students’ intentions to study at university, from a social cognitive perspective, these


Perceptions of Classroom Learning Environments and Computer Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Computer Science Students

Extensive studies have reported that students’ computer self-efficacy beliefs are very important for students’ academic achievement and outcomes. Students’ levels of computer self-efficacy have been shaped by many factors including perceptions of classroom learning environments which are consistent with these study findings. Our survey study collected from 549 undergraduate participants who study in computer science


The Audit Commission of Local Government in the UK

This paper examines the Audit Commission of local government in the United Kingdom. The function of the Audit Commission, established in 1983 as an independent public corporation and dissolved in 2015, is to audit administration by the local authorities. However, in fact, the Audit Commission has been playing roles of the policy maker and influencing


Students’ First Language in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Classroom in Ubon Ratchathani University: “The Students’ Perspective”

This study tries to investigate the students’ perspective on the use of their L1 (Thai) in the acquisition of the L2 (English) in Ubon Ratchathani University. The study adapts questions used in previous studies to capture weather students think Thai should be used in the English class room and in what situations students use their