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The Effective Dimensions of Engaging Students in Contemporary Architecture Design Studios in Times of Change

The architecture design studio is a pedagogical platform for the majority of learning and teaching experiences that take place within architecture design education. The traditional architecture design studio pedagogical model signified as “signature pedagogy” has gradually shifted away from its conventional forms of engaging students. Since the turn of the millennium, the studio has transformed


The Use of ‘Kebudiluhuran’ Aspect As a Curriculum Development in Budi Luhur University

Budi Luhur University located in Jakarta is a private university that has a basic principle in the learning process. Budi Luhur University uses the philosophy of “Cerdas Berbudi Luhur”. based on that in the application of the curriculum that emphasizes on the achievement of learning, Budi Luhur University includes the element of kebudiluhuran in each


The Role of Informal English Language Teaching in Childhood on English Knowledge and Attitude Towards it in Adolescence

The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of informal English language teaching in childhood on English knowledge and attitude towards it in adolescence. The research plot was ex-post facto one. The statistical population includes all first-year students of undergraduate of Islamic Azad University branches who had been studying humanities in the academic