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Using Tech at Uni: Students Report on Their Technology use at University

Many universities are embracing Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the delivery of programs to students. The LMS provides paperless modes of document and rich content delivery such as Microsoft Word documents and video lectures. Such delivery modes for on-campus students are becoming the norm as more blended learning environments are implemented in universities. This research


Academic Research in Vocationally-Oriented Higher Education: Perspectives From Teaching Staff

Academics’ need to publish research output in order to succeed in tertiary education has been discussed extensively. Less is known about research and publication needs of staff working in vocationally-oriented higher institutes who, until recently, were judged primarily on their teaching contribution. However, there has been a noticeable trend across the world whereby career development


Solitary Education: Introducing the Uses of Solitude

The state of solitude has always been associated with unusual human circumstances such as confinement in prison, a voluntary religious experience, or explorers charting new challenges in remote lands. The contemporary global capitalist world, however, with advanced information technology and the many gadgets made available to those who can afford them, is seen by many


Task-Based Language Teaching in Education in ASEAN Course for Student Teachers Mathematics English Program

Education in ASEAN means the course for students, learn about the evolution of education management, analyze the curriculum, teaching and learning of the countries in ASEAN and students are required to use English in this course. The objectives of this research were to study the achievement, to study the students’ language ability, and to study


The Comparative Study on Compliment Responses Between Indonesian EFL Students and English Native Speakers

While Western people use more acceptance continuum on compliment response, Indonesians utter more denial continuum which can somehow put the speakers into a face-threatening situation. This study investigated compliment responses employed by EFL students and English native speakers. Two research questions were set: 1) How do Indonesian EFL students and English native speakers respond to


Leagility in Education: Logistics and Supply Chain Management as a Dynamic Education Paradigm

The terminology of-agile education’,-agile pedagogy’,-the agile classroom’, has gained prominence in the literature in recent times. The concept of agile education emanates from the concept of-organizational agility’, which has been adopted and adapted to agile shipbuilding, agile logistics and supply chain, and agile software development, which, together with the concepts of Lean Thinking, which has


Reflections on the Current Problems and Future Development of Rural Education in China

Urbanization, industrialization, marketization and rapid mobilization have many negative effects on the current education in the rural areas of China. One of them is caused by the small-scaled schools which have already become a common phenomenon in rural areas of China. However, these schools haven’t made full preparation as well as adjustment to the decline


Finding Opportunities Within the Conventional Curriculum to Provide Research Experience to Undergraduate Students: A Collaborative Effort with College Teachers

In the past decade, undergraduate courses in Biotechnology and Microbiology in Indian universities have emerged as popular choices among students for their potential for aiding placement into industry and research laboratories. The laboratory curriculum for these disciplines includes an impressive list of experiments; however, they are conducted piecemeal, often by several different lecturers generally focused


A Descriptive Analysis on Grammatical-Morphology Patterns of the Deaf College Students’ Indonesian Written Language

Along with the encouragement of Inclusive Education in Universitas Brawijaya-Indonesia, the students with disability, including the Deaf, are having an opportunity to join higher education in the mainstream educational context. It is challenging for Deaf students, especially those graduated from Special Needs Schools since their previous education has not prepared them to access higher education.


The Relationship Between Musical Instrument Adoption and Professions of Music Students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University in Thailand 4.0

This research is the integration of qualitative research and quantitative research. The purposes are 1) to study factors and motivations when selecting musical instruments for learning Western music of music students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University 2) to study factors for making a decision on music careers of music students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University


Thailand 4.0 Music Students: Study on Classical Guitar Repertoire Learning Process

The purpose of this research is to study technique or methodology that music student of Thailand 4.0 uses for accomplishing the assigned repertoire for finding appropriate guitar methods that should be used in the future. Thailand 4.0 is the education system that focuses on developing and innovating knowledge for social need. Integrating and creating new


Administration Factors Affecting Student Development in Thailand 4.0 at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

The objectives of this research were to study the main idea of Thailand 4.0 for student developments and to study administration factors affecting student development in the faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. This study was qualitative research, collecting data from five experts of Thailand 4.0, 15 lecturers of the faculty


Music Curriculum Supporting Music Occupation for Music Students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University in Thailand 4.0

The objective of this qualitative research was to study music occupation for music students in Thailand 4.0 and study music curriculum that supports music occupation for music students in Thailand 4.0. The data were collected from interviews with university music teacher, musician and the person who are knowledgeable about Thailand 4.0 total of 15 persons


The Role of Technology in Improving Teaching and Learning Process at Tadulako University Central Sulawesi Indonesia

The use of technology in classrooms is rapidly growing. Therefore, this study attempted to give an in’depth analysis of the integration of technology in the classroom and the impact it has on student achievement. It is a qualitative study which employed questionnaires for both teachers and students. The questionnaire of teachers intended to find out


I am a Mercenary Now’: International Teachers as a Global Educational Precariat?

International teachers still remain an under-researched group in the field of international education (Bailey, 2015; Bunnell, 2016). They have typically been defined from a personal perspective (Garton, 2000) or in terms of fixed character types (Hardman, 2001). However, recent studies (Baily, 2015; Burke, 2015; Savva, 2015, 2017) have started to reclaim the international teacher experience


The Effect of Product, Service, and Customer Satisfaction on Word of Mouth Behavior

Banks are financial intermediaries which are vital to support the economy. Banks are simply interpreted as financial institutions whose business activities save funds from the community and distribute the funds back to the community as well as provide other banking services. The development and improvement of service quality from this company are important to get


The Significance and Strategy of Innovative Learning in the Age of Intelligence

The way people use to get information and knowledge and communicate has been changed in the age of intelligence and brings bigger challenges to human learning. First, where the knowledge comes from is complex and changeable. Second, the value orientation of knowledge is diversified. Third, knowledge can be acquired by diverse methods. Only by innovative


Web-Based Science Learning as Innovative Instruction

There are so many mediums of technology, which is radically redefined in order to obtain communication and change the view of teaching and learning. The widespread use of the World Wide Web (www) extended the capacity of the different educational institutions involved in training to extend the possibilities of e-learning. There are a lot of


The Investigation of Grammatical Instruction on Pragmatics of Thai EFL Learners: A Case of the 1st Year English Major Students

The study of The Investigation of Grammatical Instruction on Pragmatics of Thai EFL Learners: A Case of the 1st Year-English-Major Students of Nakhon Phanom University, Thailand aims to investigate whether the grammatical instruction affects pragmatic acquisition of Thai EFL learners’ scores, and to examine what types of the request speech act influence pragmatic acquisition of


Kinesthetic Perception, Physical Activity and On-Task Behavior in Thematic Learning

Objective: To investigate associations between kinesthetic perception, physical activity and on-task behavior in thematic learning, and evaluate how they correlate to academic performance in math reading and spelling. Methods: This study included 25 children (age: 6-7 years, 14 girls). Kinesthetic perception was evaluated in space-visuomotor task accuracy test (kinesthetic perception test and measurement). Level of