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The Analysis of Centralized Layout on Traditional Batik Tulis Workshop in Central Java

Batik is a color crossing technique, using canting and hot wax originating from Indonesia and defined by Unesco became an intangible cultural heritage in 2009. Canting is a tool for transferring hot wax on fabric so it can form line or dot. The use of hot wax becomes an essential tool in the process of


Communication Accommodation of Indonesian Teachers in Using Language as an Intercultural Adaptation at a Korean International School in Jakarta, Indonesia

Intercultural communication can occur in many contexts, one of them is in the educational context. There is a Korean international school in Jakarta, Indonesia. Not only Korean people who work in this school, but also Indonesian people. This Korean international school employs Indonesian teachers to teach in English. That is why there are three languages


The Language Variation of Pendalungan Jember

This research examines the language variation of Pendalungan Jember through describing the structure of language and regional accent which show characteristics of Pendalungan people. Data obtained from public places and social media (instagram) to be observated, interpreted, and classified according to the language variations. According to the data, Pendalungan language variations contain: a) lexical variations;


The Recentering of the Geo-Political Misplaced Asian Identity in a Post-Colonial South Africa Through the Discourse of Inherited Photographs Pre-1994

The following paper is an analysis of the various Asian communities that had settled in South Africa following the Colonial period into the Apartheid regime and has now been assimilated into the “Asian”, “Indian”, “coloured” and “Malay” racial diaspora in the now ‘democratic’ South Africa. On one level, the paper discusses the re- construction or


Gender-Biased Words Marked by Indonesian Suffixes Wan, Wati, and Man: A Socio-Morphological Study

Bahasa Indonesia is not included into sexist language, such as English, German, French, or Arabic. Some words, however, are viewed in non-neutral usage related to gender perspectives. It motivates the writer to conduct a study concerning gender-biased words found in Bahasa Indonesia. The current study aims to describe the forms of gender biased words found


Spelling Variations of Standard Arabic Loanwords in Indonesian and Malay

Arabic is one of the most influential languages on the development of Indonesian and Malay. However, the Arabic language has linguistic characteristics which are much different from the Indonesian and Malay which require many adjustments. Pronunciation adjustments follow the rules of articulation, while the written forms require orthography adjustments in this case with regard to


Poetry in Geometry

Today some contemporary artists are trying to bring back the ancient images, because they feel that they were much closer to nature than the art of the industrial age. Certain Neolithic forms have been noticeable for a long time and they had great meaning for the ancient cultures. The centric circle, the spiral, the meander,


Perceived Risk and Trust Influence the Privacy Abuse Concern and Enjoyment on Social Network Sites for Shopping Decisions

The development of digital media and technology has a significant influence on daily life. Since the global increase in the use and popularity of Social Network Sites (SNS), many researchers focus their attention on user attitude and adoption intention. As users rely increasingly on social networks as part of their social life, concerns about the