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Asset Allocation Applying Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization (MOPSO)

Portfolio optimization is an important problem in finance. Its goal is to discover an efficient frontier which shows highest expected return on each level of portfolio variance. The problem has multiple objectives and its search space is large. Multi-objective particle swarm optimization is a multi-objective optimization method, developed from particle swarm optimization by applying non-dominated


Friends with Benefits: A Discourse Analysis on Framing US-Philippine Relations through Print Media’s Coverage of EDCA

This study examines discourse production in the reportage of foreign affairs. In early 2014, Philippines announced the planning and signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) with the United States. This research discusses vested interests of stakeholders, conflicting frames the print media used in their reportage, and representations of diplomatic concepts of friendship, peace


Celebrity Cinema and Hallyu 2.0

Korean directors such as Im Kwon-Taek are synonymous with Korean national Cinema. They have raised the country__s cultural profile internationally through the film festival circuit. However, in more recent times, film is no longer a singular projection of the image of South Korea. (Berg, 2014; Shin, 2005) Today, television dramas have overshadowed films, flooding small


Discourses of Democracy and Freedom in the Election Manifestos of the Political Parties in the Turkish General Elections of 2015

This study had been focused on the democracy and freedom discourses in the election manifestos of four political parties which were entitled to be represented at Grand National Assembly of Turkey by passing the election threshold during the general elections performed in Turkey on June 7, 2015. According to the results of general election of


Hate Speech in Reader Comments Made on News Regarding the Turkish General Elections of 2015

The main problematic of this study is to reveal how the political hate speeches directed to a political opinion or to its supporters are regenerated through reader comments, and to make the analysis of discursive practices generating the hate speeches in reader comments made on the news. In order to reveal the way in which


Communication of Anti-Violence and Anti-Vengeance Themes in Revenge Films

Narrative film is potentially a powerful means to reflect, reinforce or alter attitudes within society. In Asia, popular martial arts films frequently depict acts of violent vengeance as arising from a sense of duty, honour, or justice. As for the West, Simkin (2006) points out that while many revenge films of the 1970s and of


Hear Their Voices: Asian Sex Workers in Australia

Internationally, the trafficking of women into the sex industry is a heinous crime deserving of attention in all source, transit, and destination countries. However, denying someone the right to work in the sex industry by labelling all migrant sex workers as trafficked is detrimental and removes their right to choose. Migrant sex workers in Australia,