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Memory Devices: Reflections about the Animated Documentary Films

Documentary films have an impact on the construction of historical memory. As cultural devices aren__t neutral means to reach ends and goals; are extremely varied and are keys to foster massive and reciprocal knowledge between societies in this increasingly global and technology-mediated world. To create a documentary artwork that has an effect on the community,


Critical Discourse Analysis of Thailand’s Film Acts (B.E. 2473 and B.E.2551)

Critical discourse analysis of Thailand__s Film Acts was studied by using the Critical discourse analysis of Norman Fairclough as an important system to analyze the authority and ideology of Thailand__s Film Acts, especially in film control laws, which are Film Act, B.E. 2473 and Film and Video Act, B.E. 2551. According to this study, King__


Visions of Postwar Fascism

For Japan, 1960s were a troubled decade, kept between modernization and national identity. Intellectuals as well as Japanese __Nouvelle Vague____s filmmakers led many protest movements related to a shattered Japanese identity. Some like Wakamatsu K√¥ji were motivated by revolt while others like √_e Kenzabur√¥ advocated for remembering in a way to peace. In 1960__s (censored) novel,


Power and Silence: Australian Media Portrayal of Israeli and Palestinian Casualties during the Gaza War of 2014

At one stage of the long-lasting Israeli__Palestinian conflict, Israel launched a military operation, Protective Edge, on the Gaza Strip in July__August of 2014. As a consequence, approximately 2,280 people died and over 11,000 people were injured, the majority of them Palestinian civilians (including children and women). These numerous casualties resulted in a pronounced interest in


The Relationship Between Social Support and Self-Esteem to the Self-Disclose of Social Media on Older Adults

Social Media has profoundly changed people’s daily life experiences. Whether it is to collect information, consumer trading, and express their viewpoints, participate in activities or making friends all connected with social media. Social Media is also the future of global mainstream business opportunities, although the elderly is not the main users. During 2009-2010, media survey


New Media/New Films: Smartphones and Evocative Documentary Practices

Smartphones are part of a convergence culture which is reconfiguring our relationship with media and arguably shifting our understanding of documentary practices. Smartphones may now be understood as powerful enablers that provide users with the tools and resources necessary to capture and share mediated traces of personal experience and the people and places that form


Rise of Media Technologies and Emergence of a New ‘Political’ Popular Culture in South Asia

The advent of media technologies changed the whole course of communication and its dissemination. The convergent global media brought a popular culture that provided a __third but common space__ to the people of different cultures. Of late, South Asia has been observed as the crucial region for the growth in media technology use with a


A Case Study on the Religious Model Reporting Style and Mediated Moral Panics in Malaysia

The issues concerning moral panics and music subcultures have often been overblown in the press coverage in Malaysia. Various models have been adopted by the authorities via the press to put a face on these so-called moral panics by appropriating the fashion and styles of music subcultures. Western popular culture has often had a volatile


Street Art as Political Media Literacy: About Geneng Street Art Project 2014 in Yogyakarta

Geneng Street Art Project 2014 (GSAP) was a project undertaken by street art artists in Jogjakarta. GSAP used people houses wall in village as medium to articulate the message. There are three interesting things in this study: first, a shift in medium of street art from urban space to village area. Second, the process of


National Identity or Cultural Opposition? News Media Discourse About Controversial High-School Curriculum Guidelines Event in Critical Discourse Analysis

This article aims to analyse how the news media reported the Ministry of Education (MOE) implementing minor adjustments to high-school curriculum guidelines event. For example the social sciences and history textbooks, downplaying of the White Terror era, the 2/28 incident, and conceivably¬_using a China-centric focus. This trend has triggered many protests against the government by


Governing International Commercial Contract Law: The Framework of Implementation to Establish the ASEAN Economy Community 2015

The Head of the State Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Summit of Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2007 on Cebu, Manila agreed to accelerate the implementation of ASEAN Economy Community (AEC), which was originally 2020 to 2015. This means that within the next seven months, the people of Indonesia


Daily Pleasures: Intensity, Significance, and Modality Specific Features of Auditorily and Visually Induced Emotions

Visual communication in various digital medias, and increasingly personalized usage of such medias has become an extensive part of daily life. Yet, we are able to say little about the emotional, social or cognitive impact because there is a lack of theoretical understanding of the mechanisms through which these behaviors impact our experience. Experimental paradigm


Media and Human Rights: India’s North East in National India Media

With the dawn of India__s independence in 1947 and subsequent consolidation of its territory, and reorganisation of international border with her neighbours, India__s North East as a distinct geographical region is explicitly palpable. More than just a geographical region, it is a cultural region different from mainland India. Culturally, people from the region are yet


Asset Allocation Applying Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization (MOPSO)

Portfolio optimization is an important problem in finance. Its goal is to discover an efficient frontier which shows highest expected return on each level of portfolio variance. The problem has multiple objectives and its search space is large. Multi-objective particle swarm optimization is a multi-objective optimization method, developed from particle swarm optimization by applying non-dominated


Friends with Benefits: A Discourse Analysis on Framing US-Philippine Relations through Print Media’s Coverage of EDCA

This study examines discourse production in the reportage of foreign affairs. In early 2014, Philippines announced the planning and signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) with the United States. This research discusses vested interests of stakeholders, conflicting frames the print media used in their reportage, and representations of diplomatic concepts of friendship, peace


Celebrity Cinema and Hallyu 2.0

Korean directors such as Im Kwon-Taek are synonymous with Korean national Cinema. They have raised the country__s cultural profile internationally through the film festival circuit. However, in more recent times, film is no longer a singular projection of the image of South Korea. (Berg, 2014; Shin, 2005) Today, television dramas have overshadowed films, flooding small


Discourses of Democracy and Freedom in the Election Manifestos of the Political Parties in the Turkish General Elections of 2015

This study had been focused on the democracy and freedom discourses in the election manifestos of four political parties which were entitled to be represented at Grand National Assembly of Turkey by passing the election threshold during the general elections performed in Turkey on June 7, 2015. According to the results of general election of


Hate Speech in Reader Comments Made on News Regarding the Turkish General Elections of 2015

The main problematic of this study is to reveal how the political hate speeches directed to a political opinion or to its supporters are regenerated through reader comments, and to make the analysis of discursive practices generating the hate speeches in reader comments made on the news. In order to reveal the way in which


Communication of Anti-Violence and Anti-Vengeance Themes in Revenge Films

Narrative film is potentially a powerful means to reflect, reinforce or alter attitudes within society. In Asia, popular martial arts films frequently depict acts of violent vengeance as arising from a sense of duty, honour, or justice. As for the West, Simkin (2006) points out that while many revenge films of the 1970s and of


Hear Their Voices: Asian Sex Workers in Australia

Internationally, the trafficking of women into the sex industry is a heinous crime deserving of attention in all source, transit, and destination countries. However, denying someone the right to work in the sex industry by labelling all migrant sex workers as trafficked is detrimental and removes their right to choose. Migrant sex workers in Australia,