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ISSN: 2186-5892 The Asian Conference on Education 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

ACE2020, Online from Tokyo, Japan
Friday, October 31 – Sunday, November 2, 2020
ISSN: 2186-5892

ISSN: 2187-4743 – The Asian Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences 2020 Official Conference Proceedings

ACP2020, Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Friday, March 27 – Sunday, March 29, 2020
ISSN: 2187-4743

ISSN: 2189-101X – The Asian Conference on Education & International Development 2020 Official Conference Proceedings

ACEID2020, Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Tuesday, March 24 – Thursday, March 26, 2020
ISSN: 2189-101X

ISSN: 2186-229X – The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities 2021 Official Conference Proceedings

ACAH2021 – Held online from Tokyo, Japan
Monday, May 24 – Wednesday, May 26, 2021
ISSN: 2186-229X

ISSN: 2189-101X – The Asian Conference on Education & International Development 2021 Official Conference Proceedings

ACEID2021, Online from Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Monday, March 22 – Wednesday, March 24, 2021
ISSN: 2189-101X

ISSN: 2186-229X – The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities 2020 Official Conference Proceedings

ACAH2020, Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Sunday, May 24- Wednesday, May 27, 2020
ISSN: 2186-229X

ISSN: 2189-1036 – The IAFOR International Conference on Education – Hawaii 2021 Official Conference Proceedings

January 06-10, 2021 | Held online from Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

ISSN: 2189-1036 – The IAFOR International Conference on Education – Hawaii 2020 Official Conference Proceedings

IICEHawaii2020, The Hawai‘i Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Friday, January 10 – Sunday, January 12, 2020


The Case Study on the Freshmen’s Self-assessment on the Indicators of Character and Beliefs Cultivated by the Experiential Education

This case of the University of Science and Technology mainly explores the 2020 cohort of freshmen’ recognition of the importance indicators of character and beliefs and their self-assessment on the degree of enhancing character and beliefs after participating in the experiential learning activities.The objects of this study are the freshmen who enrolled in 2020, experienced

ISSN: 2188-1162 The European Conference on Education 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

ECE2020 Online from London, United Kingdom
Friday, July 17 – Sunday, July 19, 2020
ISSN: 2188-1162

ISSN: 2186-2311 The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

ACSEE2020 Online from Tokyo, Japan
Friday, November 6 – Saturday, November 7, 2020
ISSN: 2186-2311

ISSN: 2436-1690 The Osaka Conference on Education 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

OCE2020, Online from Osaka, Japan
Tuesday, December 15 – Wednesday, December 16, 2020
ISSN: 2436-1690

ISSN: 2188-1111 – The European Conference on Arts & Humanities 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

ECAH2020 Online from London, United Kingdom
Friday, July 24 ​- Sunday, July 26, 2020
ISSN: 2188-1111


Social Justice for Deaf Students in Indonesia: Implementing the Right to Education by Learning Sign Language for All

As the government of the Republic of Indonesia initiates a 12-years compulsory study program for all students, both system and study approach are different in each level of education. The higher level of education is, the more specific major the pupils learn in school. Moreover, the education system in Indonesia has a uniformity aiming to

ISSN: 2187-4743 – The Asian Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences 2021 Official Conference Proceedings

ACP2021, Online Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Monday, March 29 – Wednesday, March 31, 2021
ISSN: 2187-4743


How the Cost of Participation Influence the Inclusiveness of Stakeholder Participation? Experiences in the Participation Process in Flood Risk Management in Indonesia and the Netherlands

Literature continues to highlight the importance of stakeholder participation, although it also emphasizes that it can be misapplied. Participation generates a considerable cost for the organizer and participant. This research addresses how organic participation organized by the stakeholders and how the cost of participation influences the inclusiveness of the process. This study is conducted to


The Efficacy of Life and Career Skills in the Workplace Preparedness of the Students of Engineering

The astute transformation of employment opportunities in the innovative and digital era pursue employees with updated professional and self-determination skills set that are indispensable to enrich the productivity of the industrial outcomes in India. However, the insurmountable needs of the industries are unfulfilled due to the inadequate skills set of the engineering graduates constituted by


The Effects of Market Places on the Spatial Variability of the Urban Soundscape: A Case Study in the Department of Cauca (Colombia)

The soundscape paradigm is the emerging alternative to the reductionist vision of noise in all the cities around the world. Thus, the urban sound studies of 21 century focus on integrating physical and perceptual factors, which underlie the interaction between citizenship and its closest acoustic environment. This study examines the soundscape produced by market places

ISSN: 2435-7030 – The Asian Conference on Language 2021: Official Conference Proceedings

ACL2021, Online from Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Thursday, March 25 – Saturday, April 27, 2021
ISSN: 2435-7030


Behind the Animal Names: The Wild being Category (獸部) and the Animals in Wuti qingwen jian五體清文鑒

Sunja hacin i hergen kamciha manju gisun i buleku bithe or Wuti qingwen jian 《五體清文鑒》(The five language compendium or The Pentaglot Dictionary) reflects the Manchu-deployed comprehensive cognition of the Qing world up to, also beyond, this dictionary’s completion in 1794. Chapter 31 of the Dictionary, Shoubu 兽部 or “Section for wild animals” delivers the Qing-time

ISSN: 2435-5240 The Southeast Asian Conference on Education 2021: Official Conference Proceedings

SEACE2021 – held online from Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore
Thursday, May 13, 2021 ​to Saturday, May 15, 2021
ISSN: 2435-5240


Whose Festival? Ritual Reconstruction and the Shaping of “Sense of Place”: The Mazu Meets the Mary

On October 20, 2018, in Wanluan Township, Pingtung, Taiwan. A religious activity named “When the Holy Mother (Mazu) From the East Meets the Virgin (Mary) From the West – Let Love Fly” was co-organized by the Centennial Catholic Church of Wanjin and the Taoist Zongtian Temple of Taiwan. This was the first formal meeting between


Disintegration and Reshaping: Northeast Renaissance and the Working Class Narrative

Northeast Renaissance refers to a cultural movement that reflects the spiritual outlook of youth in Northeast China in 2019. The common inspiration for this generation is the Northeast, which experienced the laid-off reform and guarded the last glory of the old industrial base, and was deeply affected by the popular culture of Hong Kong and


World Order, Regime and Law of the U.S., UK, France and Europe

After the Second World War, the United States, United Kingdom, France and Europe have built Peace, World Order, Regime and Law with NATO and alliances. In 2020, the World is confused by the coronavirus pandemic. The United States, United Kingdom, France and EU cope with the pandemic. On March 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron said:

ISSN: 2187-476X – The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy 2021 Official Conference Proceedings

ACERP2021, Online Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Monday, March 29 – Wednesday, March 31, 2021
ISSN: 2187-476X


ISSN: 2436-0503 – The Kyoto Conference on Arts, Media & Culture 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

KAMC2020 Online from Kyoto, Japan
November 12–14, 2020
ISSN: 2436-0503


The Quality of the e-courses Provided During the COVID-19 Pandemic From the Students’ Perspectives

The aim of this study is to reveal the students’ view of general course quality across online learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as well as how much of the standard e-courses could be actualised to arrive at the 80% streamlining level. The researcher utilised a test, produced for this context, which included 42 items to


Death of the Enemy: The Spectacularity of War and a Zombie Enemy

The constructedness of the notion of ‘enemy’ specially during war times often includes demonization and propagandist characterization bordering on depicting inhumanity in ‘them’. But in this paper, the move is from a human enemy to a nonhuman one – a zombie. Keeping in mind its nonhuman characteristics and inhumanity, the argument is carried on to


Gender Differences in the Effects of Expectancies for Hypnotic State on Attitude Towards Hypnosis

Significant but weak positive correlations between expectancies for the hypnotic state and attitude towards hypnosis (Nakatani et al., 2021a) are reported in women. Fukui (2012a, b) analyzed gender as a control variable and found the moderating effects of interpersonal dependency or empathy in the effects of expectancies for the hypnotic state on attitude towards hypnosis.


Investigation of the Learning Effects of Presentation-style Lessons and the Basic Social Skills of Students With Spontaneous Beat Gestures

The purpose of this study is outlined in the following two points. First, an investigation into the effects of presentation activities conducted on the summary of the second language learning units. One hundred and eighteen (118) presentation-style learners and eighty-three (83) grammar-style learners participated. As predicted, the presentation group performed better than the grammar group


The Construction of Self-Awareness Efficiency Scale for Helping Professionals

In the helping profession, having good self-awareness can effectively improve the working efficiency while helping others. The purpose of the study is to provide a better understanding by constructing a “Self-Awareness Efficiency Scale for Helping Professionals (SAES)”. The research is divided into four stages. The first stage is “qualitative interview” stage. The researcher invited six

ISSN: 2432-8642 – The IAFOR International Conference on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment – Hawaii 2021 Official Conference Proceedings

January 06-10, 2021 | Held online from Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
ISSN: 2432-8642


Who Will Heal the Wounded Soul of Modernity? Is It Spirituality or the Spiritual Modernity?

The ancient sages of the world had been the real practisers to obtaining the optimal quantum of spirituality for rhythmic life. Soul loves fertile spiritual fields to be cultivated. She needs a pure pool of water, a puff of air, and a serene and blessed environment to awaken the cosmic energies and spiritual forces. Unfortunately,


Evaluating Socio-cultural and Spatial Impacts on Brownfields Recycling in Europe. What is the Effect on the City and Territory?

Throughout the last decades, more and more attention has been given by scholars and practitioners to neglected and abandoned sites and their regeneration. In Europe, at the regional and municipal level, many innovative redevelopment policies and projects have been promoted to recycle these spaces and create an impact at the local scale (Bollenti Spiriti Programme


A Blended Learning Model for Public Senior High Schools in the Division of Laguna

This study aimed to design a blended learning model for public senior high schools in the division of Laguna. A descriptive-quantitative research design was considered in the study and utilized the neo-positivism for objectivity and neutrality of the research process. A survey using Mercado’s eLearning readiness assessment tool and eLearning System Readiness Assessment(ELSRA) based on


English for Graduation: The Development of an Innovative Japanese University Program Connecting ESP Courses With Graduation Seminar Topics

The increasing importance of English as a global language as well as the recent attention to the merits of the integration of language learning with knowledge/content construction has led to the necessity for the inclusion of courses satisfying these requirements. This presentation will discuss the development of an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) program that


The Inclusiveness of Inclusive Education – The Key Themes, Attitudes, and Challenges a Review of the Literature

The global initiatives of Education for All and inclusive education (IE) have created many unique problems as countries around the world find ways to both implement inclusive policies and with the realization of the different stakeholders learning to play their part in successful implementation. This study aims to use the literature on IE based on


Study on the Usage Environment of Online Games Based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

Online games enrich children’s daily lives by providing places to interact with each other and fun. On the other hand, the negative aspects are also pointed out such as long-time gaming, health effects, privacy, and security issues. In light of these circumstances, UNICEF published a report “Child Rights and Online Gaming” in 2019, which states


The Implementation of VR Technology in the Recoloring of the Historical Pharaonic Sites: Case Study on Khuwy’s Tomb

Egypt has a rich Pharaonic heritage. Most of them are tombs or temples as the Egyptians believed in eternity. The ancient Egyptian artist decorated tombs and temples with colored hieroglyphic texts that serve their eternity believes. By developing his own color identity a remarkable color scheme was distinguishing most of the pharoanic arts. He used


The CIGS Building Integrated Photovoltaics: Financial Validity of Façade Applications Under Current Technological and Market Conditions

The recent technological shift supported by the growing recognition of the public and policymakers of the renewable energy sources fostered the employments on the uncharted markets. The energy industry increasingly affects the other sectors that were not directly related to the energy generation before. The construction industry which could benefit from the Building Integrated Photovoltaics


Understanding the Role of Mary in the Catechetical Documents Issued in the Philippines

The Blessed Virgin Mary plays a vital role in the history of salvation. She was chosen to become the Mother of God and given by Christ to become the Mother of All. The Church in the Philippines is called Pueblo Amante de Maria, which means a people in love with Mary. It is one of

ISSN: 2435-9475 – The Barcelona Conference on Arts, Media & Culture 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

BAMC2020 Online from Barcelona, Spain
September 17-20, 2020
ISSN: 2435-9475

ISSN: 2435-7030 – The Asian Conference on Language 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

ACL2020 Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Monday, March 30 – Wednesday, April 1, 2020
ISSN: 2435-7030


A Historical View of Addressing the Connectivity of the Green Infrastructure by the Urban Plans

Urban ecology sees today the city nature as a green infrastructure providing ecosystem services to the urban dwellers, contributing to their welfare and a sustainable urban development. However, the concepts included in this view are not as new as it seems. Ecosystem services are just a reiteration of the ecological economy view of nature as

ISSN: 2188-9643 The European Conference on Media, Communication & Film 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

EuroMedia2020 Online from London, United Kingdom
Friday, July 24 – Sunday, July 26, 2020
ISSN: 2188-9643


The Effects and Challenges of Adopting the CLIL Approach at a Japanese University: Exploring Ways to Provide Language Support Effectively

This study reports on the results and challenges of implementing the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach in an all-English lecture course for Japanese university students who took a content course in English for the first time. Specifically, this study illustrates the language support as well as language related activities included in the course

ISSN: 2435-9467 – The Barcelona Conference on Education 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

BCE2020 Online from Barcelona, Spain
September 17-20, 2020
ISSN: 2435-9467


Towards Kommos: The Narrative Vessel — A Proposed Construct of Narrative Formation

This paper scaffolds a larger investigation entitled Configuring Kommos: Narrative in event, place, and memory, which explores the tangible formation of narrative generated from the intangibility of a largely undocumented historic event: the Massacre of the Acqui Division on the island of Kefalonia, Greece in 1943. The aim of this project is to investigate a


Mass Media in the System of Improving Financial Literacy of the Population and Professional Training of Journalists – Russian Practice

In today’s conditions, when the level of financial literacy not only directly affects the material well-being of the population but is also a “barometer” of the social and economic situation in the country, its increase becomes a necessary element of the development of any state involved in international economic relations. To meet this problem, national


Philippine Basketball, Economy and Politics: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Hit the Filipinos’ Most Beloved Sport

This paper explores how the prolonged quarantine measures in the Philippines affected the economics and politics of basketball, arguably the most beloved sport among Filipinos, given its sub-cultural underpinnings and significance as a venue of public interaction. It presents the sport and its foremost structure (basketball court) as an “economic hub” in limbo because of


Turning the Exorcist’s Heteropatriarchal Order ‘Upside Down’ in Stranger Things

The popular Netflix series Stranger Things is often-noted for critiquing homophobia and conservative gender norms (Joseph 2018; Roach 2018; Berns, Fontaine and Zárate 2018). This paper expands upon Tracey Mollet’s (2019) passing observation that a scene in Stranger Things 2 references William Friedkin’s The Exorcist. I argue that the sequel, in its entirety, actively dialogues


Ghost and Desolate Place in Yao Feng-Pan’s ‘All in the Dim Cold Night’ and ‘Ghost Under the Cold Moonlight’

Known as the master of horror in Taiwan, Yao Feng-Pan directed over 30 movies of different genres, and more than half of which were horrors in the 1970s. Since the success of his blockbuster All in the Dim Cold Night, Yao had devoted his efforts to the creation of horrors and led a boom in


“The Human Condition” in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot

In his essay about two brother-painters, the van Velde brothers, Samuel Beckett presents a view that both of them share a profound interest in “the human condition” which precedes their interest in painting. This view is related to Beckett’s own conception of art. He himself was interested in “the human condition” in his creation of


Instructional Coaching for School Principals – Lessons and Findings From the Peruvian Principal Mentoring Programme

In Peru, the role of principals has been traditionally associated with administrative duties at school. However, in recent years the Ministry of Education of Peru (MINEDU) has been promoting an education reform oriented towards the improvement of school management, which implies empowering principals in their role as pedagogical leaders. This reform has become even more


Roma Students and Inclusive Education: The Design of Democratic Models for Intercultural Family Participation

The data provided by official organizations and the international scientific community indicate that Roma students face difficulties in the current educational system, including school segregation, student homogeneous grouping models, stereotypes and discrimination, failure, and early school leaving. The specialized scientific literature points to the participation of Roma families in the educational system as a key


Beyond the Difference: Ecofeminism in Angela Carter’s “The Tiger’s Bride”

This paper focuses on the human-animal divide by analyzing the transformation of the female protagonist into a nonhuman animal within Angela Carter’s short fiction “The Tiger’s Bride,” which portrays the restrictions created by a dominant, patriarchal society that separates the body, the mind, and the natural world. These then turn out to be boundaries which


The Impact of the Art Educational System in China

This session will focus on the pedagogy of the effects of the 2018 Chinese Art education System and compares it to the Canadian Educational System. This session takes a look at how different factors influence the Role of Arts Education in Chinese Society. This session will explore some theoretical implications, of the education system within


An Interdisciplinary Look Behind the Top 100 International Universities Recognized for Innovation: Geographically, Historically, and Financially

The need for higher education institutions to strategically innovate proves no small feat given strong heritage and reputations for being slow to change. In fact, the international universities most recognized for innovation by Reuters (2018) span distinctive eras from around the world with the oldest such as Oxford, founded in 1096, and Harvard, dubbed the


Rebuild Resilience: Film Communication Within East Asia in the Pre-pandemic, Pandemic, and Post-pandemic Era

The increasing in-depth cooperation of the film industry among Japan China and South Korea has accelerated the integration of film cultures among the three countries. The global epidemic in 2020 not only has an impact on the film industry in every country, but also has a great impact on film exchanges among the countries. The


Spatial Modeling for People Forest by Using Remote Sensing-GIS and AHP to Support Rural Municipal Sustainable Development for the SDGs

People forest or non-state forest in rural municipality able to act as lungs that can provide coolness and ensure the sustainability of the surrounding ecosystem. Although there are many levels of importance to land use, land use for people forest area must also be prioritized. So, it needs to support people forest area for sustainable


Teaching Music in the Times of the Pandemic: Pedagogical Pathways for Online Learning

The online learning environment demanded by pandemic conditions in China has offered opportunities for teachers to engage internet-savvy students, but also presented serious obstacles to unmediated face-to-face teaching. The possibilities for student collective collaboration in real time, the difficulties of teachers to connect with the sheer immediacy of music performance and its physical nuances, and


Bridging the Gap for Critical Eco-Literacy in the Philippines through Debating

The Philippine Congress has finally declared climate emergency in the country on November 25, 2020. While long overdue, the declaration has nonetheless sparked anew the need for environmental awareness and education. Two weeks after the declaration, high school debaters from various academic institutions gathered for the 4th Ateneo Eco Debate (AED), the sole national debate


Action Research at Educare: Shifting Focus to the Learner for the 21st Century

A new small-school, Educare or Edu2 (pronounced edu-car-ai; from the Latin word meaning “to draw out”) opened its doors in Montreal, Canada, in September 2019. Edu2 has launched an innovative educational environment to address the challenges of preparing students to live meaningful and fulfilling lives in the 21st century. In order to achieve that, Edu2


Embodied Interaction in Language Learning Materials: A Multimodal Analysis

The purpose of this research is to explore the potential of English-language learning materials as a source of multimodal communicative representation. In particular, this study examines the animated cartoon videos that supplement the text-based dialogues for how kinesics is made relevant in the moving images to enhance the communicative capacity of the English-language textbooks used


Self-evaluation of The Success of the Main Clinical Skills Given in Medical Faculty

Background: The aim of medical education before graduation is to train qualified physicians who have the knowledge, skills and attitudes that can provide qualified services, who can improve themselves continuously, acquire problem-solving skills and have clinical competence. We would like to determine how the interns feel about their practice and knowledge and just before the


Existential Mobility, Nostalgia and Narration: Unwrapping a family journal’s account on escape from Japanese air raids in Burma in the years 1941-1942

“The 20th century even more than any age before is the age of the refugee” and simultaneously works on migration seem incomplete without looking into the migrant experiences. In fact, to study migration more holistically would mean to study objective analysis of migration along with lived experience of the migrants, which is made possible through


The ‘Culture Hero’ in Literary Anthropology: A Gynocentric Perspective on the Narrative Cosmology Constructed in Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Earthsea Cycle

Given the compass of literary anthropology, the formulaic predilection for a male ‘culture hero’, charging at or circumventing obstacles while being engaged in a quest of epic proportions, has long dominated the narrative-scape in fantasy novels traditionally penned by male authors such as J. R. R. Tolkien, George MacDonald, and C. S. Lewis amongst others.


The Role of Policy-makers Towards Graduate Work Readiness: A Malaysian Perspective

The strategic role of the policy-maker in higher education and its co-relation towards graduate outcomes is gaining focus in Malaysia. While there have been initiatives and policy changes over the past decade, the focus outcome of improving graduate work readiness remains a concern. This concept paper aims to investigate the important role of the first


Developing a Cultural Ecosystem Services Valuation Framework for Enhanced Natural Resource Management for Bangladesh’s Forests

From till-date literature review it has been found that there is no universally accepted definition of cultural ecosystem services (CES) and as a result there is no agreed model to incorporate CES valuation into policies. The main reason for this gap is the subjective nature of the sub-categories that make up CES’s definitions. Also, such


Characteristics of Support Cases for Single Elderly People in Daily Life, Medical Care, Long-term Care, and Death Situations

In Japan, the number of the elderly who cannot be supported by family members in decision making is increasing. Difficulties in making medical decisions due to dementia or deteriorated physical condition are apparent. Considering the aging process, difficulties in maintaining the quality of daily living must exist beforehand and supports are required from earlier stages.We


Development of an Automated Drinking System Using Microcontroller for Broiler Production

Although the broiler industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the Philippines, it still lacks the process of automation. Thus, this study sought to develop an automatic drinking system for broiler production that can monitor, control, record water quality and environmental data parameter. An automated drinking system was designed using the Arduino microcontroller


The Habitat Differentiation for the Fairness

I am a developmentally disabled person. In this paper, we challenge considering formalizing the relationship between the fairness in econometric analysis of Rawls’s theory of justice and Barwise’s information flow and propose the realization of an equality society for persons with disabilities who can be distinguished from non-handicapped persons. Deterministic social structures are being created


Academic Performance and Attitude of the 21st-Century Learners on Mathematics in the Modern World

Attitude towards mathematics has played an important role in the mathematics teaching and learning processes and its effect on the student’s mathematics achievement has been highlighted many times on basic education. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between the academic performance and the attitude of students on mathematics in the higher


Professional Photographers of Instagram: The Meaning of Visual Communication Through Modern Photography in Digital Society

The purpose of this paper is to study the modern forms of visual communication of people, through Instagram. In order to study the way in which the visual message is transmitted between individuals, and then how this transmission of information affects its final content, determining the creation of aesthetic experience and perception in the individual,


The Rhetoric of the Freedom Party of Austria in the 2019 National Council Elections – Lexicon, Pragmatics, Discourse

Our study deals with the language of the Freedom Party of Austria in the early elections to the National Council in 2019. It analyzes the party’s rhetoric after the corruption scandal that led to early elections. The linguistic analysis takes place in three stages. First, the lexical level of the language is examined – in


Personalising the Sringara Padam (Poetry on Love) by Adapting Michael Chekhov’s Psychophysical Techniques

The purpose of the practice of Bharathanatyam (South Indian Classical Dance) is for the dancer and spectator to experience this aesthetic pleasure (Rao, A. 1997). Dance is meant to be sensorial, experiential and pleasurable. Have these core values of the practice been lost through transmission? The problems in the current landscape of learning Bharathantayam include


Retracing Positive Images of the Black: The Racial Reading of The Walking Dead Through its Adaptations

In contemporary culture, video games, like other media, have played an impactful role towards players’ societal perceptions and influenced their impressions and understandings of social groups. Despite the increase of African Americans figures in video games, these characters are usually portrayed in negative, racially stereotypical ways. This paper offers an analysis of the representations of


ISSN: 2187-4751 The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2021: Official Conference Proceedings

ACCS2021 – Held online from Tokyo, Japan
Thursday, June 3 – Saturday, June 5, 2021
ISSN: 2187-4751


Difference as the Source of Polarization Among Right-wing Populist Parties

Just as difference can be a source of innovation, so it can be a source of polarization, too. And even more so when the difference is used as a tool to achieve certain goals. It is thought of the political area, specifically of the European right-wing populist parties, where the difference belongs to often raised


The Journey of Deterrent Cinema: Retracing Film Activities with Aboriginal Tourism Policy in the Japanese Colonial Period in Taiwan

Upon Aboriginal Tourism Policy of Colonial Government in the Japanese Colonial Period, this study reviewed the aboriginals’ film culture experience when the cinema was introduced in Taiwan in early times and the cultivation on the aboriginals of the colonialists by tourism activities and cinema promotion in order to recognize the aboriginals’ early film experience and


Towards an Extended Mobile Social Network Acceptance Model for the Social Entrepreneurs’ Skill Enhancement

Since Davis (1989) developed the theory of technology acceptance model (TAM) and explained the factors influence users to accept and use technologies based on perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. Many scholars modified TAM (Reychav, Ndicu, and We, 2016; Chaka and Govender, 2020; Ali et al., 2018; Park et al., 2014). But to what


The Guidelines for Development of Agricultural Areas Based on Concepts from Participatory Ecological Agriculture to Solve Environmental Problems

This project is to design and develop agricultural areas in accordance with the concept of participatory agriculture ecology to solve poverty and protect the environment. Using the study of Landscape ecology and agriculture ecology concepts. In-depth interviews were used to explore the problems and impacts of agriculture affecting the economy Society and Environment of Wapi


A Development of the STEM Interest and Attitude Scale for the Elementary School Students

This study aimed to develop a STEM interest and attitude scale suitable for the elementary school students in Taiwan. After reviewing relevant literature, a scale was drafted and used to assess 100 elementary students for conducting both item analysis and exploratory factor analysis. After that, unsuitable items were deleted and the revised scale was employed


The Influence of Immersion Education in China on Students’ English Learning Motivation

This study investigated the motivation of English learning among high school students in China. Half of the 40 participants received traditional English education and the other half received immersion education. The study compared the learning motivations of the two groups and analyzed the differences between the two sets of data. In addition, the research examined


Theatre in Vietnam as Critique of the Environmental and Social Crisis

Halfway through the 2010s, Vietnam started to face major environmental and social problems in the race for globalization. Vietnamese people have experienced a growing sense of anxiety and discomfort about the state of economy and started to realize that their priorities may include responding to wider environmental issues. Since 2003 a special satirical comedy named


No Hands, No Feet: Power in the Art Vision of Bahman Mohasses

As one of the most famous contemporary Persian sculptors, two subjects are important in the work of Bahman Mohasses: the physical aspect and the treatment of the object based on the growth, decay, and dissolution of the body, as well as the power of isolation or loneliness. In the works of Mohassess, the issue of


Strategies of Integration: Challenges and Possibilities in the Online Teaching of Music During the Pandemic

The pandemic crisis has ushered a new era in the teaching of music. The suddenness of the crisis and the transfer of teaching to an online setting brusquely undermined the conviction that online pedagogies were to be transient and purely instrumental to the learning environment of the classroom. “Classrooms,” indicated a music teacher, “is where


Factor Structure and Psychometric Properties of a Thai Translation of the Body Appreciation Scale-2

Objective: The purpose of this study was to develop and validate the Thai version of the Body appreciation Scale-2 (BAS-2). Previous empirical research suggested that body appreciation is associated with positive psychological well-being such as life-satisfaction and self-esteem in female sample. Materials and methods: A total sample comprised of 217 Thai females, whose mean age


Annotation and Practice of Reading: The Tale of Genji and Kakaisho

The Tale of Genji, by Murasaki Shikibu, is the most famous Japanese classic novel and the world’s oldest existing novel by a woman. My paper sheds light on the heretofore understudied Kakaisho, an earliest annotation of The Tale of Genji, written by Yotsutsuji no Yoshinari, in the late 14th century. Kakaisho is characterized by its


Management of Natural Protected Areas Within the Romanian Cities. Case Study: Văcărești Protected Landscape and Natura 2000 Sites

The rapid pace of city expansion is drawing more and more attention to the reconsideration of interest in the city-environment-landscape nexus. Urban planning is one of the main potential tools with a considerable impact on protecting the environment and the landscape. Natural Protected Areas are among the most vulnerable areas and the impact on those


Developing a Textbook of Writing Pantun, Syair, and Acrostic Poetry by Using the Website and

This study was aimed to develop a textbook of writing pantun, syair, and acrostic poetry by using the website and The researcher used the Research and Development (R&D) method with the ADDIE model (Branch, 2009) which the steps were Analyzing, Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating. The results of the need analysis with a closed


Identifying Quality Critical Thinking Apps for K-12 Students

This proposed presentation discusses the essential criteria for the evaluation of iOS-based K-12 critical thinking mobile applications (apps) and reports on the findings of an evaluation study. (The study examines iOS-based apps on the App Store because it offers most educational apps.) The study attempts to answer the following two questions: (a) what are the


Relationship Between Factors and Graduation Rates for Student Success in the U.S. Colleges

Graduation rates are essential indicators of students’ success and the indicators defined as the percentage of a school’s first-time, first-year college students who continue their studies at the school next year. Graduation rates are essential for student’s learning accountability purposes, and graduation rates need to be improved. The purpose of this study aims to find


Orientation Courses for Migrants in Germany: Between Civic Adult Education and Neoliberal Tendencies

Migrants coming to Germany are obliged to take part in ‘integration courses’ in order to obtain residence titles. The curriculum proclaims these orientation courses as ‘value-based political education’. This paper analyzes the perception of the impact of the courses from the perspective of participants and teachers, focusing on neoliber-al fixations in tradition of the ‘Chicago


The Role of Social Media in Health Communication: Implications for Coronavirus Disease

As the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic around the world, which have highlighted the power of social media. The media has a significant agenda-setting role in health communications (e.g. Eysenbach, G. 2008; Chou, W.Y.S., Hunt, Y.M., Beckjord, E.B., Moser, R.P. and Hesse, B.W. 2009). Kamel Boulos and Wheeler (2007) emphasized the social media plays an enabler


Improving Grade 3 Students’ Poetry Writing Skills Through Flipped Model of Instruction

The flipped model of instruction has been the focus of many researchers through the years due to its impact on students’ academic performance. This action research study aims to uncover the pedagogical effects of applying the flipped classroom strategy to Grade 3 students’ poetry writing skills. The researcher applied the triangulation technique where the data


Identity of the ǂKhomani San as Authentic Bushman in the 21st Century: An Ethnographic Study

The small indigenous community of the ǂKhomani San Bushmen in the Southern Kalahari Desert of South Africa are grappling to maintain their identity in the 21st century. Being authentic Bushman comes with a huge number of challenges for this indigenous community in retaining their cultural links to the land and their San heritage. Their authenticity