Month: September 2023


An Investigation on the Similarities and Differences in Conducting Project-Based Learning in Pure Online and Face-to-Face Class Environments at UTAS-Nizwa

Following a prolonged stretch of worldwide online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent return to a face-to-face setting when everything normalized, the authors had the opportunity to conduct phenomenological observations on a project-based approach to learning. This was done while different cohorts of IT students undergo this approach when classes are done


The Effectiveness of Self-Regulated Learning via Infographics on the Topic of the Traditional Chinese Artisan Tools: A Case Study of Sichuan Vocational College of Health and Rehabilitation, Republic of China

The objectives of this study were to: 1) compare learning achievement after using infographics of traditional Chinese artisan’s tools, 2) study the effectiveness after using infographics of traditional Chinese artisan’s tools, and 3) explore student’s satisfaction after using infographics of traditional Chinese artisan’s tools. The population of this study were 30 students from Sichuan Health


A Study of Literary Characters Who Knew How to Dress Up

Fashion and Literature are two primarily different mediums though they do intersect each other and deviate in their own historic and contemporary times. Fashion in fiction is explanatory, illuminating, symbolic and full of visualization. Some of the best scenes in the literature are braced with fashion. It is assumed that fashion is only about clothing


Artificial Intelligence-Enabled in Clothing Supply Chains: Research Context and Motivation Perspectives

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to drive technological advancements today, it profoundly influences economic and social development. Publication of research on AI integrated with multiple disciplines, such as creative computing, art, innovation management, finance, etc., reveals the boost of academic attention. In this context, research on AI in the fashion industry provides insights for industrial


Age Limit for Teachers’ Recruitment in Moroccan Public Schools: Investigation of Teachers and Student Teachers’ Perspectives About the Policy

In November 2021, the Moroccan government launched a new educational policy restricting the age for teachers’ recruitment in Moroccan public schools, bringing the age down to 30, which caused a lot of controversy and disagreements among Moroccan student teachers. The aim of this study was to investigate teachers from Moroccan public primary and secondary schools,


Virtual Archive as New Materiality: Application of Virtual Reality on Digital Art Collection

“New Materialism” is a philosophical concept that has gained prominence in recent years. It represents a shift in philosophical thinking that challenges traditional dualisms and emphasizes the agency and significance of material entities and processes. Here are some key aspects and concepts associated with New Materialism. Moreover, new materialism has been used to explore how


The Knot: Other Possibilities in Moebius’ World

This presentation will highlight the multiple possibilities described in the film Moebius and how they impact the lives of Argentines who lived in the midst of convulsive social changes, the dictatorship regime, disappearances, famine, and especially the brain drain suffered by the country when many decided to escape from the knot of reality that makes


Adoptee Ancestry Searches: The Intersubjective Space of Self-Integration

The adoptee’s ancestry search can function as a dynamic intersubjective space that is vital to self-integration in the psychoanalytic sense. The guiding theoretical question of this paper is: How can contemporary intersubjective psychoanalytic theories describe this intersubjective space? Intersubjective psychoanalytic theory has its roots in philosophical hermeneutics and phenomenology. A case of adoptee ancestry search


Insights on Innovation in Education: A TPACK Experience in Continuing Teacher Education in Southern Brazil

Pedagogical practices at different levels of education, especially in basic education, demand proposals capable of developing autonomy and innovation skills. Considering the Latin-American scenario, especially in Brazil, the (post) pandemic context has contributed for information and communication technologies to move from supporting to protagonists in the pedagogical process, with their limitations and potential being the


Japanese as a Lingua Franca: Exploring Communication Dynamics and Pedagogical Insights for L1 Speakers

Lingua franca (LF) communication research is critical to addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by our increasingly interconnected and linguistically diverse world. English is at the forefront of LF scenarios owing to its global prevalence and international significance. In contrast, Japanese as a lingua franca (JLF) has a different dynamic, unfolding primarily within specific communities


The Migration of Lolita From High-Brow Literature to Pop Music: An Overview

Considered nowadays to be one of the best novels of the 20th Century, Lolita has become firmly established in the literary canon. Futhermore, its main character has become an icon in mass culture. However, by making her a teenage temptress with an out-of-control sexuality, mass culture has distorted the point of the novel. Film versions


Development “Tangram Sultan” as Medium for Presenting Angle and Side of a Two-Dimensional Figure in Elementary School

Children naturally learn through play, which has been shown to be age-appropriate and a useful learning strategy. The goal of this research is to create media that will help elementary school pupils understand geometry through games. Tangram Sultan is the name of the produced medium that blend folkstory and mathematics games. The Tangram Sultan is


University Student Perception Regarding the Poster Tour Method

The following research is descriptive in nature and the proposed objective is to show the student’s perception of the application of the poster tour method during the school semester. To obtain the sample we used the non-probabilistic sampling technique by convenience, this leads us to define a sample composed of 20 students who make up


Self-Actualization Through Personality Psychology and Goal Setting

Higher education is a mechanism through which academic success, worldly knowledge, and career preparation are prioritized. However, there is a significant void in the area of personal discovery and fulfillment, or, self-actualization. It could be argued that the primary purpose of a college or university should be to help students realize their unique capabilities. In


Cultivating Preservice Teachers’ Professional Vision About Multilingual Students Through Video Analysis

Teacher professional vision is comprised of three skills: perception of relevant classroom events that influence student learning, interpretation of how incidents connect to pedagogical theory, and the decision-making that the teacher will undertake to anticipate student response to learning or proposing alternatives to observed activities to maximize student learning (Gippert et al., 2022). Previous research


Critique of Francis Fukuyama’s Views on State Formation in Africa

This paper is a critique of Francis Fukuyama’s views on, essentially, the crisis of development in Africa which he associates with the weakness of state institutions in African countries. In analysing the underlying causes of weak state institutions in Africa, Fukuyama examines institutional development in the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial Africa. But his approach is


Community College Instrumental Faculty Using Technology to Engage Remote Learners During a Pandemic

Instrumental faculty include music instructors and directors focusing on teaching specific instrumentation, often in ensemble or orchestra settings. During the pandemic, community college instrumental faculty relied heavily on technology to engage remote learners. Research regarding their experiences currently exists, and a better understanding of what transpired will inform both pitfalls and best practices for using


The Establishment of an Asynchronous E-learning Course in Higher Education – Challenges and Guidance to Overcome Them

After the Corona period, the use of asynchronous e-learning settings has increased in higher education, including the Bachelor’s degree program in Business Information Technology (BIT) at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). In autumn 2022 an asynchronous e-learning course was introduced for a compulsory finance module in the aforementioned program. The comparison of


Determinants of Learning Amongst 21st Century ESL Learners

This study focuses on determinants of learning amongst 21st century English as a second language (ESL) learners at Wenzhou-Kean University. Although it is an undoubted fact that the persistent change in learning experiences has contributed to the changing of learning determinants of 21st century ESL learners, the actual determinants have not been explored and defined.


Optimizing Early Childhood Adversity: The Impact of Play-Based Learning and Counselor Competence in Indonesia

Early childhood adversity in Indonesia is an intriguing topic for research. Based on initial interviews with teachers and school counselors for early childhood education, it was discovered that many children had decreased adversity ability, as evidenced by their lack of confidence and their fear of trying again after failing while playing. Due to the continued


Proposed Solutions to Reading Loss Faced by Arabic Language Teachers During COVID-19 in the UAE

Research shows that the sudden transition to emergency remote teaching has negatively impacted students’ reading abilities, particularly in the Arabic language. To understand the specific challenges faced by Arabic language teachers in the UAE, a survey was conducted involving Arabic language teachers. The survey aimed to explore the quality of teaching, student-teacher interaction, learning outcomes,


1975-2024: Five Decades of Overseas V-Pop

The end of the Vietnam War in 1975 opened a new chapter in the history of the country. The 30 of April, 1975 is a day of many meanings: to the majority Vietnamese, it is an unforgettable day for the people to return to peace and rebuild the country after 21 years of civil war


The Characteristics and Essence of Multiculturalism in Greater Khingan Mountains

Greater Khingan Mountains region is a relatively independent geographical area, which can be regarded as a cultural region. There are many ethnic groups such as Han, Mongol, Daur, Ewenki, Oroqen, Manchu, etc. distributed in the region. These ethnic cultures interact with specific environments. They not only form a cultural region at the macro scale, but


Pre-service Teachers’ Perception, Interpretation, and Decision-Making in Mathematics at the Primary Level – Using Video-Vignettes for Research

Teachers’ perception, interpretation, and decision-making skills are considered a prerequisite for appropriate teacher behavior in complex teaching situations. For researching these skills, video-vignettes are recommended as a context-sensitive stimulus. The article presents a study about these skills of pre-service teachers using video-vignettes showing learners dealing with context-related problems. When watching these video-vignettes, the pre-service teachers


Strengthening Magna for Women (RA 9710) via Gender-Responsive Leadership Training for Marginalized Women and Girls in Iligan City, Philippines

This research project in Iligan City, Philippines, aims to establish a gender-responsive leadership program to empower marginalized women, challenge gender stereotypes, and address issues related to violence against women. The program was implemented across seven barangays and involved 190 marginalized women categorized based on their familial roles to assess their leadership qualities. During the training


A Study on the Interaction Between Gender Morality and Free Love in Early 20th Century: Centered on Du Cheng Shu & Qu Jiang’s Love Letter

This article attempts to answer the question of “love” and why it has been prohibited from entering the public sphere in Chinese history. This article takes the “Love Letter Incident” as a case study and uses the process tracking method to analyze the love letter incident between Du Chengshu and Qu Jiang. In this event,


Lost and Found: The Connection Between Education Level and First Language Attrition

Language attrition is a complex phenomenon that can be explained as a loss of fluency in one’s mother tongue due to a variety of factors. So far, research on the process of language attrition has predominantly been conducted on internal and external emigrants. Nevertheless, native language attrition has also been observed in international schools where


A Quantitative Study of Middle School Students’ Perception of the Impact of Parent Involvement on Academic Intrinsic Motivation

Motivation plays a crucial role in student’s academic growth and research shows that students who are intrinsically motivated tend to achieve higher academic growth (Mendoza, 2012). Self determination theory (Gagne & Deci, 2005) proposes a continuum that shows the connection of intrinsic motivation with extrinsic motivation. Studies show that parental involvement is one of the


Contextualising the Principles, Policies and Practices Needed to Implement Education for Sustainable Development Into HEIs in Myanmar

Education for sustainable development (ESD) is an important feature of the Sustainable Development Goals, being explicitly mentioned as part of SDG4 dealing with education. While ESD needs to be embedded in all levels and types of education, its conceptualisation and implementation has been particularly driven by academics and the higher education institutions (HEIs) they work


Prevalence of Dyslexia Involving Different Levels of Grapho-Phonemic Correspondence in Romance Languages

This study aims to relate dyslexia prevalence with different levels of grapho-phonemic correspondence in Romance languages. Thus, we propose to understand dyslexia through linguistic analysis based on the grapho-phonemic structure of languages, rather than strictly retating it to the neurobiological aspect of those individuals with this learning disorder, which is frequently associated with dyslexia. The


Digital Technologies in Pre-school Education in the Czech Republic and Norway

This paper presents the results of a research project that aims to interpret the differences or similarities of pre-school education (PE) in the Czech Republic and Norway. Using Bereday’s methodological comparative model, this study specifically focuses on a comparison of the anchoring of the importance of digital technologies in the Czech The Framework Educational Programme


Preventing the Digital Gap in Czech Schools

A consequence of the digital gap is widening inequality in access to education. At the level of the individual pupil, this can lead to exclusion, which can result in lower chances of success in education and thus lower employability in the labour market and in life. For these reasons, the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth


Understanding the Dynamics of Online Hatred and Mental Health Issues Among Adolescents: Exploring Factors, Impacts, and Alternative Strategies

The phenomenon of hatred is a crucial problem in the digital era, particularly among adolescents. However, it remains unclear what motivates them to become more involved and how hatred impacts their mental health. This study aims to investigate phenomena associated with the causes and effects of online hatred among adolescents, as well as appropriate intervention


Caring in Crisis: Unveiling Compassion Fatigue Among Indonesian School Counselors

The large number of traumatic problems in adolescents and the shortage of school counsellors cause school counsellors to have a heavier workload. Compassion fatigue occurs when a counsellor is unable to consistently demonstrate empathy, compassion and care to clients. This is due to the fact that constant contact with clients undergoing intense emotional experiences is


Evaluation of a Brief Sexuality Education in a Nursing School in Hong Kong

Although sexual health is an important element of holistic health, healthcare professionals feel embarrassed and are not willing to address sexual concerns of patients. Poor knowledge and conservative attitudes regarding sexuality are two major obstacles to providing sexual healthcare. This study organized a 9-hour brief sexuality education program in a nursing school in Hong Kong


Exploring Motherhood: A Multisensory Portrait of Complexity, Chaos, and Intertwining Experiences in Contemporary Daily Life

The project seeks to explore the complex nature of motherhood by curating and showcasing a range of diverse encounters, connections, and sentiments presented as individual multisensory portrayals. The research intends to establish an anthology of personal encounters by distinct caregivers to uncover motherhood’s intricate and interwoven facets in modern daily existence. This project features personal


Queering Asian-American Masculinities in David Henry Hwang’s “M. Butterfly” and Ocean Vuong’s “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous”

Asian-American masculinity has been a critical topic in cross-cultural studies as well as gender studies. Previous studies have relied on the historical context to examine the Asian-American masculinities in contemporary literature. However, not much attention has been given to the transformation of queering Asian masculinity in contemporary literature. By analysing David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly


Coaching Future Innovative Leaders Across Disciplines

This study’s focus was how to coach and mentor students, faculty, leaders, and administrators using three different Leadership Coaching models (FUEL, GROW and Transformational Leadership Model. Each Model will be discussed in terms of their use, effectiveness, challenges, and weaknesses. Specific highlights will be presented from an ongoing 4-year study of Doctor of Education (EdD)


Linguistics for Intercultural Competence in the Classroom

We argue that adopting a linguistically oriented pedagogical approach following Aygen (2021,2022 a, b,2023, and in progress) in the classroom contributes to fending off linguistic discrimination and provide empirical evidence that a linguistic path to eliminating cultural discrimination also helps improves intercultural competence. The effect of this linguistic approach as a systematic incorporation of intercultural


The Art of Observation and Documentation of Children’s Play

How might we use data to make children’s learning through play visible? Noticing and valuing the ideas, thinking, theories, questions and feelings of our youngest learners involves the process of observation. Understanding their strengths, interests, needs and challenges also comes from meaningful documentation. At the same time, one of the most difficult aspects of observing


The Successful Graduate Students’ Research Supervision Pedagogy

To make up the successful graduate students’ supervision, pedagogical practices are presented in this research. Upon reviewing the existing research works in the same research area, together with the tested four hypotheses for this research, the analyzed raw data was collected by a questionnaire that was answered by ninety qualified respondents. Those hypotheses are: (i)