Month: November 2022


“I Like to Chew on the Words..”: Older Adults with Low-Vision Talk about Reading

In this paper, I present research on the experience of reading by older adults (80+) with low-vision. Conducted in collaboration with a Montreal community organization, RECLAIM, we have spoken with older adults about their what they like to read, when they like to read, how they read, what digital devices they have that would allow


Latino Parents’ Knowledge Affects Their Understanding of Incoming Kindergarten Students’ Needed Educational Knowledge to Succeed Academically

The problem being addressed by this study is the lack of Latino parental knowledge of prekindergarten resources available to students in Central Ohio that will help the students be prepared for kindergarten. In Ohio, 1/3 of students start kindergarten underprepared (Fischbein et al., 2016). The inability to speak English at the appropriate grade level can