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Reliability and Validity Evidence for an Arabic Version of Mathematics Self-efficacy and Anxiety Questionnaire (MSEAQ) Among University Students in SA

In Saudi Arabia, mathematics is an essential subject for all freshmen except students majoring in medical sciences. The struggle of the students in mathematics is one of the most common issues in the last ten years (Khoshaim, 2015). This problem became more important since the number of straggling students has been increasing for the past


Developing a Digital Game Teaching Refugee Students English With Science Topic

A digital game-based learning platform has been developed to help refugee students to learn English using science topics. The aim of the project is to verify the potential of digital games as a valuable tool for refugee students and highlight the significance of game-based language education more broadly. The game-based learning platform prototype is introduced


Prioritizing the Margin: Developing Intentional Strategies to Retain Diverse Students, Faculty, and Staff

As the college student population in the United States continues to become more diverse it is imperative that colleges and universities work to recruit and retain faculty and staff that are equally as diverse. While some institutions have created strategies for recruiting minority populations there is still a gap in the research on best practices


The School Library as a Hub for Developing the Student Citizen

This study highlights the critical and under-examined role of the school library as a space for civic education and moral development for students across the United States. Through conducting a historical analysis and literature review, this work examines the policies and standards that have guided the development of the school library, and argues that these


The Effects of Social Media Use on School Learning: Evidence From PISA 2018

It is shown that younger users are more active on social media (Colleen Mcclain, Emily A. Vogels, Andrew Perrin, 2021). The frequent use of social media is changing the manner in which a new generation of students communicate, learn, and think. As a result, the discussion on the impact of social media on learning achievement


The Constitution and the Educator: Social Justice Education Policy Content Through the Lens of the South African Educator a Rapid Evidence Review

South Africa’s education legislative framework was developed to promote equal access for all learners (SASA, 1996). The educator is an essential part of the implementation of policy objectives through their various roles involving the curriculum, administration, and social interaction with all members of the schooling community (Maluleke, 2015). Since conservative religious and traditional societal norms


Campus Resilience: Educational Strategies to Elucidate Impact Factors and Implement Recommended Recovery Methods in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Through utilizing diverse methods, education provides a unique path both to discovering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and recommending recovery methods. During 2021-2022, we implemented a variety of educational opportunities – including special topics and directed studies courses, campus-wide presentations, and extracurricular activities – toward this end. Initially, we offered a special topics course


The Implementation of an Online Multicultural Sensitivity Course for Pre-service Teachers

One of the Sustainable Development Goals is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education. To achieve this, one of its targets is to teach the knowledge and skills needed to promote peace and appreciate cultural diversity. In dealing with cultural diversity, the role of pre-service teacher education is crucial. With this at hand, it is


Reshaping the Resistance of Women’s Bodies After the Pandemic in a Totalitarian Country Like Iran

Each society and country has been affected differently by the pandemic. Nevertheless, I believe its impact on societies with dictatorial politics that control almost every aspect of people’s lives could be more profound. During the last three years, citizens of these countries have been able to live their lives however they wished since they didn’t


Effects of Perceived Discrimination on Mexican-Origin Adolescent Outcomes: A Parallel Mediation Analysis

This study used Hayes Process Macro for SPSS version 29 to conduct a parallel mediation regression analysis examining the direct and indirect influence of adolescent perceptions of discrimination on academic outcomes and socio-emotional adjustment through teacher and peer relationships in a sample of Mexican-origin adolescents (N=674, M_age=14.27), when controlling for acculturation, English, family income, and


Teacher Preparedness for Human Rights Education – Curriculum Assessment in Higher Education Programmes in Albania

The pre-service training of teachers is the first important stage in the professional journey of the teacher toward his or her main mission. It lays the foundation for professional thinking and provides the new teacher with a set of basic skills to make classroom learning truly effective. Initial teacher training is a key factor in


Social Presence and Engagement: A Design-Based Research Study to Incorporate Web 2.0 Protocols

Increased social presence in asynchronous courses has shown to lead to student success and improved learning experiences. However, many students still lack social presence in asynchronous courses. This study utilizes educational design research (EDR) methods to frame an investigation into the issues and potential solutions for the lack of social presence in asynchronous online courses.


The Views on Linguistic Imperialism in Multicultural Classroom

This study reports on a project in a Japanese university’s multicultural classes where international and Japanese students studied together. Students investigated various linguistic dominance cases throughout the world, based on ‘Linguistic Imperialism’ as originally defined by Phillipson (1992). Linguistic Imperialism involves the imposition of a dominant language, in particular, English. The negative view included in


Quiz Creation Add-in Tool for MS Word Supporting Hybrid Classes

At this conference, we will present a quiz creation add-in tool we are developing for MSWord. Our goal is to make it possible to create both paper tests for face-to-face classes and Google Form tests for online courses using our quiz creation menu within MSWord. Currently, the paper test quizzes support commonly used test formats


Piloting a Design Thinking Based Pedagogy for Teaching Innovation and Co-Creation at a Liberal Arts and Science College in Netherlands

This research aims to describe the Design Thinking (DT) based Global Citizenship program and the institutional context at Liberal Arts and Science (LAS) education at Leiden University College (LUC) in Netherlands, with the goal of sharing lessons learned for similar initiatives at LAS around the world. A case study approach was used to examine diverse


Design Thinking in Education as a Catalyst to Discover and Maintain a Sense of Hope, Agency, and Confidence for Students

Learning about ‘wicked problems (WP)’ in sustainability such as pollution, urban waste, and food and water shortages could incur a sense of helplessness among students. WP is complex to understand and challenging to teach. Our experience suggests how these concepts are taught is as important for student learning as is teaching the concepts of WP.


Design-Based Learning and Constructionist Learning Principles to Promote Artificial Intelligence Literacy and Awareness in K-12, a Pilot Study

There is a strong interest in engaging young learners in understanding and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) by providing opportunities to develop skills and competencies both from a technical and ethical perspective. However, how we should teach AI is still to be discussed in-depth. There are relatively few studies that investigate the methodology of learning programmes


Instructional Strategies for Teaching Computational Thinking in Secondary Computer Science Introductory Courses

The field of computer science (CS) faces a crisis in the U.S. because of the shortage of CS teachers and the low level of interest in majoring in CS. Students mention programming as a challenging topic in CS. Scientists suggested teaching computational thinking (CT) to improve programming outcomes. This study focused on four CT practices


Providing Accessible Learning Materials for the Diverse Learner: Equitable Learning Opportunities Provided Through School Libraries

Libraries are founded on a philosophy of equal access to information and are concerned about accessibility to all (Tewell, 2019). In the 21st century, technology provides an opportunity for accessing infinite learning materials. Once responsible for housing and dispersing written materials, libraries now meet new challenges of providing materials in various media and multimedia platforms.


Meandering Pathways of a Sustainability Education Scholar: Life Writing to Advance a Sense of Self, Place, and Community

In this presentation, I draw from my lived experiences as a professor to explore the theoretical and experiential intersections of a sense of place, sense of self, and sense of community as contextualized in the Environmental Humanities and Sustainability Education. I utilize personal narrative to reflect on the various pathways that have led to my


Scaffolding Real and Unreal: Strategies for the Development of Virtual Tour Guides

Mobile and wearable devices have become common communication media for various applications. Especially, in museums and galleries, audio and multimedia guides remain the most common solutions in which visitors can concentrate on appreciating the exhibits while gaining a deeper understanding of collections. Since the spread of Covid-19 reduced the accessibility of physical venues and limited


Sustainable Animation Production: Movement Effectiveness and Durability of Stop-Motion Puppet Using Alternative Materials for Animation Production

The stop-motion technique for making animated films is one of the oldest techniques with distinctive visual uniqueness that has a lot of enthusiasts, but the number of stop-motion filmmakers are pale in comparison. One of the expected reasons for the small number of filmmakers, especially on a movie production scale, is that it requires a


English Immersion Programs for Science and Engineering EFL Students

Existing studies on English immersion programs for Asian university students have shown mixed results: either significant (Cho, 2006) or no significant improvement (Chang et al., 2015) in participants’ English skills; and significant improvement in participants’ willingness to communicate, language use anxiety and motivation for language learning (Grant, 2020). This study analyzes the immersion program for


Rebana Kercing of Kampung Laut: Sustaining the Communal Activity With Academic Collaboration

The Rebana Kercing of Kampung Laut is a historical religious traditional performing art combining the elements of stylized movements, vocals, and music in a single presentation and is claimed to be a Malay heritage that has been passed down for at least five generations of more than 150 years. The traditional art today is upheld


Practice-based Engineering Education Using Digital Transformation (DX) Under Covid-19 in a Japanese University

The Engineering Education Center attached to Niigata University has engineer lectures which alternate between lectures and practical experience with dormitory style education. Students from different grades and fields gather and work on manufacturing in a lively and open-minded manner like dormitory students. Students participate in competitions such as robot contests, present their research at international


Instructors’ Perceptions of the Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating Technology in Crisis-prompted Online Language Instruction in the Times of Covid-19

This mixed-method study investigated higher education language instructors’ experiences during the pivot from face-to-face teaching to online teaching during the stay-at-home order in the Spring of 2020. Eleven participants discussed their approach to teaching online for the first time. The present study provided a comprehensive view of language instructors’ use of technology, their experiences, challenges,


Assessing Collaborative Teaching Under the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic: Instrument Development in the Context of the SECI Model

This paper aims to develop and validate a SECI model (socialization, externalization, combination and internationalization) instrument to assess collaborative teaching quality under the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on transnational education in China. Although Chinese universities responded to this education disruption in emergent response, lockdown due to the COVID-19 brings pandemic pedagogy to transnational higher education.


Closeness and Alienation:A Case Study of an Exhibiting Animated Film “Inter-dine”

In modern society with high-end technology nowadays, images and video clips can be accessed by the public easily and fast via various digital devices, including mobile phones, tablets, iCloud, and streaming platforms. In the process of watching videos, the past timeline flows with the present one simultaneously. Additionally, memories and the circle of generations reveal


A Model for Using Data and Differentiated Instructional Strategies to Support Students’ Learning Needs

Learning Analytics is an important area in education, with limited evidence that it improves student outcomes and supports learning and teaching needs (Viberg et. al, 2018). In a creative school, the use of data to understand students’ needs is even less straightforward because many of our learning goals are more subjective and not as easily


Do Sound Bites Impact Students’ Perceptions of Credibility of Podcasts? An Experimental Analysis

Due to their relatively low price and appeal, podcasts are commonly used in educational contexts (e.g., Cho et al., 2017). A common structural element of podcasts is the use of sound bites, which are excerpts of longer pieces of outside media (e.g., interviews). A main indicator of quality upon which students judge podcast material is


The Effects of Podcast Sound Bites on Information Retention: An Experimental Analysis

Podcasts are an increasingly popular tool for teaching and learning in higher education (e.g., Newman et al., 2021). These audio recordings often couple narration with sound bites, or excerpts from interviews. To date, little-to-no research has been conducted on the cognitive effects of educational podcasts. This lack of research, in combination with the structure of


Discriminatory Structures in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is a 1994 Australian road movie in which three drag queens travel through the Australian desert in a bus named “Priscilla” while confronting various forms of discrimination and prejudice. About 30 years ago, when this film was released, the term “LGBT” was not widely used and there


A Study on the Application of Tiger Metaphors in Diaspora Woman’s Growth Narrative – Focusing on Tae Keller’s Novel: When You Trap a Tiger

Korean-American author Tae Keller applied Korean tiger stories such as Sister and Brother Who Became the Sun and the Moon and A Bear and A Tiger Who Want to Be Human to the 2021 Newbery Award-winning book When You Trap a Tiger. In this growth narrative of diaspora woman, the aspects of tiger metaphors being


Evolution of Character Culture Through Collaboration in Japan: The Sanrio Case

According to a survey by Yano Research Institute, the size of the character business market in 2021 reached 1,256 billion Japanese Yen. Character culture has spread not only in Japan but also worldwide, and characters from comics such as “Mickey Mouse” have been independently developed. Similarly, characters from Japan such as “Hello Kitty” and “Pokémon”


The Characteristics of Contemporary Art as a Source to Enrich the Ceramic Surface With Aesthetic Values

The interpretation of beauty has varied according to philosophers and theories throughout the ages, which, in turn, was reflected on art, where the appreciation of beauty and aesthetic values and judgment on artistic work differed according to thoughts, philosophy, and culture prevailing in societies and the extent of their change and development throughout history. The


Force for Good: The Value of High-Achieving University Students in Tutoring Struggling Younger Students in Underserved Communities

Disparities in education access have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Children in communities with less access to education often experience additional vulnerability outside the classroom, compounding the gap between their education and that of other children. Given the paramount role that education plays in personal development, disparities in education pose a threat to the future


Vocabulary-Enhanced ESP for Physical Therapy

A large population uses English for Specific Purpose (ESP) instructions with a content-based approach in Japanese universities. Given this trend, various studies have been conducted that focus on ESP’s theory, status, effects, and issues. Many have suggested further effective implementation of the ESP program, thus emphasizing the importance of acquiring vocabularies. Believing in the requirement


English Instruction Practice for Students of an Early Childhood Education Course: Aiming to Develop Students’ Metalinguistic Ability

This study examined the English teaching method’s effect on improving metalinguistic ability. Metalinguistic ability refers to the ability to perceive language analytically and to take it as an object of thought. In this study, the author compared the class comment papers of students who took classes designed to improve their metalinguistic abilities (experimental group) with


Design, Development, and Implementation of Pediatric Physical Therapy Senior Clinical Internship Telerehabilitation Program: The Pandemic Impetus

The pandemic situation continues to affect the lives of many people including children with disabilities and their families globally especially in developing countries like the Philippines. Moreso, the operations of health programs, industries and economic sectors, as well academic training institutions are still challenged in terms of operations and delivery of services. The academic community


Rights to Education of Persons With Disabilities in Thailand

In Thailand, rights to education of persons with disabilities are guaranteed by laws and policies i.e. Constitution of Thailand, Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Act, Education Provision for Persons with Disabilities Act (EPDA), National Education Plan, and Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). According to EPDA, persons with disabilities have rights to


Identification of Character Values of Public and Private Junior High School Students in Rantau Selatan District

Character crisis in children is still an unresolved problem. Cases of drugs, bullying, sexual violence, and crime against children are often found in Labuhanbatu district. Although the government has issued a Government Regulation on Strengthening Character Education (PPK), the National Mental Revolution Movement (GNRM) program, and the implementation of Curriculum 13 in schools, the results


Language Program Evaluation

An educational program is a formal learning experience in which students attend classes either in-person or virtually. Additionally, evaluation is the process of gathering and analyzing data to make effective decisions to improve a specific program (Ornstein & Hunkins, 2009). Putting both concepts together, we come to the idea of program evaluation, which refers to


The Glocalization of Bronze Drums in the Siamese State Ceremonies

The bronze drum is a living specimen of Southeast Asian culture and a testimony to the development of Southeast Asian societies for more than 2,000 years. The bronze drum has been inherited dynamically hitherto, and the Thai royal and national ceremonies still adopt it. However, current scholarship on bronze drums is confined chiefly to static


The Beginning of the End: How the Supreme Court is Poised to Whittle Away of the Right to Privacy

The United States Supreme Court (hereinafter “Court”), illegitimate in both composition and decision-making, needs to be “checked” by the other branches of government, pursuant to our federal system of Separation of Powers among the three branches of government. Both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government have powers to “check” the judicial branch


Using Analytical Hierarchy Process Technique to Explore the Core Competencies of Online-Merge-Offline Personnel

In 2016, Jack Ma proposed the “New Retail” model of online to offline (O2O) integration, making online to offline become the future development trend of the retail industry. However, the supply of talents in the e-commerce field in Taiwan’s retail industry is in short supply. Therefore, many universities have begun to offer related courses. The


Visual Representation-Based Creative Problem-Solving

Engineering students need to develop creative thinking skills to confront contemporary problems. While many creative problem-solving (CPS) strategies are developed, a convergence strategy to come to the single solution still remains a priority. This is partly due to the lack of creative educational tools that can be readily adapted to various educational settings. Visual literacy


Development of Analytical Thinking Using Flipped Classroom Approach for Big Data Analytics Courses

This research clarified the development of analytical thinking skills through 10 hands-on lab sessions conducted among undergraduates at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). This systematic review study examined 30 publications from 2017 to 2022 that were discovered through a comprehensive systematic mapping process for a more in-depth analysis. Previous studies indicate that most instructors and students


Transforming the Culture of Assessment to an Online Model: “There is More Than Meets the Eye”

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic required higher education institutions to transform their academic and technological infrastructures with the goal of continuing to provide their students with high-quality academic services in an environment conducive to learning. One such institution is the Southern University Law Center (SULC), which needed to subvert the trap of institutional inertia, manage crises,