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Child Labour and Education: A Case Study of Rehabilitation of Child Labourers of Handicraft Industry in Jaipur City of Rajasthan

The study reflects on the right to education from the lens of the educational rehabilitation of child labourers rescued from bonded labour and factors that adversely affect some children to exploit the educational opportunities. The study opened the black box of “mainstreaming the out of school children”. The more systematic it sounds, the more impossible


Future Competencies for United Arab Emirates

Equipping the workforce with the appropriate competencies to harness the potential of disruptive technologies and leverage global trends is an immense task for any nation. The United Arab Emirates is an interesting case as the country has built its national strategy based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution that includes initiatives such as the world’s first

“Do Not Show But Let See”: Resilience in the Kyōto Hanamachi and Maiko/Geiko Communities

The Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions revealed a “double” crisis for the different “Geisha” districts (Hanamachi), forcing the Maiko and Geiko to halt their ozashiki (banquets) and odori (dances) practices. Touching the artistic performance and hospitality sides of the Hanamachi, the rules to curb the spread of the coronavirus accelerated the weakening of an increasingly


Mediatization and Gender Narratives in Chinese Folk Paper-Cutting Art

This study employs the notion of “mediatization” as a theoretical framework to examine one of the folk art: paper-cutting, a national intangible cultural treasure in Zherong County, Fujian Province, China, to examine the mediatization and alteration of folk art through the lens of “gender narratives”. This research will explore how the complexity and specificity of


Mindfulness in Art Practices, an Ethnographic Research on Hong Kong Artists in Visual Arts, Music/sound Art, Performance and Contemporary Art

In the field of neuro-science and psychology, there have been many studies proving mindfulness practices help well-being. However, there are very few researches done in Hong Kong. This is the very first one regarding local artists’ mindfulness practices. Since 2019, Hong Kongers have been experiencing extreme difficulties due to political situations plus Covid-19. We are


Exploring the Possibility of Regional Brand Expression Through Regional Learning by Local Independent TV Stations — Case Study of Mie Television Broadcasting and Kyoto Broadcasting

This research study explores the reasons why specific local independent TV stations have developed sustainably and increased their existence value. Through two case studies on Mie TV and Kyoto Broadcasting, it is derived that both “regional learning” and “organizational learning” are the key to survive the other Internet tools such as SNS. These two keys


Digital Technologies in Teacher Education With Reference to French Language Teacher

This paper examines digital technologies in teacher education with reference to French language teacher. The purpose was to find whether digital technologies can be used by teachers to teach French language. First, there is need for the education sector to adopt digital technologies to teach in the classrooms. Secondly, it has been observed that learning


University ESL Students’ Challenges and Insights Towards Online Learning Amidst COVID Pandemic

The sudden change of English language learning and teaching from face-to-face classroom interaction to blended learning activities using digital platforms has initiated numerous challenges for English as Second Language (ESL) students in the various universities in the Philippines including Mindanao State University- Marawi City; hence, examining these learners’ challenges and their insights of the online


Graduate Student Professional Development: Identifying Core Components

Graduate students are “professionals” in the sense that they are required to learn and transfer academic skills beyond the walls of the classroom to research and industry contexts. As such, graduate professional development (GPD) should be an integral part of every graduate program. However, many Japanese universities do not provide official services which can put


Feedback in L2 Academic Writing: Prescriptive or Developmental?

In Academic Writing Courses, there are various ways in which students can receive feedback on their writing: teachers can provide prescriptive feedback (direct error correction), guided developmental feedback (inquiry-based learning process), a combination of both or they can encourage collaborative peer feedback. Constructive peer feedback provided at the opportune time, helps learners to clarify their

“Nandopananda”- Process of Performance Rehearsal for the Creation of Contemporary Performing Arts

Nanthopananthasuttra Kham Luang is Buddhist literature that Prince Thammathibet Chaiyachet Suriyawong wrote in 1736 B.E. from the Nanthopanathapakorn scripture that Phra Buddhasiri originally composed in Pali. It is considered one of the valuable pieces of literature of the Ayuthaya period that represents the poetic genius of Prince Thammathibet, the writer who had composed this piece


An Analysis of the Acceptance and Anxiety of a Historical Strategic Planning Game by Combining Real Person Non-player Character Mechanism

Under the influence of Covid-19, distance synchronous learning has gradually become popular. Online history courses are a major challenge for teachers, as the one-way lecture and assessment may make learners lack motivation and even cause learning anxiety. History educational games allow learners to take on the role of historical figures, have the opportunity to experience


Design and Evaluation of a Contextual Distance Management Training Game With a Real-Person Non-player Character Mechanism

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues, teleconferencing has become an important mode of company operation, and many professional training courses are also taught online. However, in the absence of interactive mechanisms, learners may lack motivation and focus, which may reduce the effectiveness of learning. Game-based learning can enhance learners’ motivation and concentration, and the combination of


Effectiveness of Learning Objectives Articulated in Some of the Undergraduate Textbooks in Developing Entrepreneurial Skills in the Students

Entrepreneurs are needed in great numbers for economic growth and economic development since they are increasingly recognized as a driving force for innovation and job creation. To achieve this, the teaching and learning of entrepreneurship should be given the centre stage. A paradigm shift from a salaried society towards an entrepreneurial society should take place.


A Remote Collaborative Decision-Making Training Game With a Real-Person Non-player Character

Decision making is a very important skill, under the COVID-19 pandemic environment, remote work is likely to become a future trend, and remote collaborative decision-making will become an important workplace competency in the future. Therefore, remote decision-making training activities that combine game mechanics and realistic situations should be a potential research topic. In this study,


The Use of the Phenomenological Approach for the Study of the Determinants of the Scientific Production of Teacher-researchers

It is never easy to approach a theme such as the relationship between the scientific production of teacher-researchers and their individual and professional characteristics due to the complex links between the different variables. The objective was clearly to find an econometric method that would not distort or harm the final results, hence the use of


Teaching Undergraduate Research Writing: A Systematic Literature Review

In the Philippines, finishing a thesis is one of the prerequisites before graduating. Due to its significance, the teaching of research writing is a concern among teachers. They need to implement effective strategies and processes for students to write a good research paper. With numerous research articles on teaching research writing, there is a need


Pathetic Beauty: Meaning and Connectedness in Everyday Aesthetics

The anxieties and social isolation of modern life stem from an over-emphasis on competitive meritocracy and consumerism. The aim of the current paper is to present a perspective on how resilience to contemporary malaise can be developed through an appreciation of the Japanese aesthetic categorization of mono no aware. This is a form of pathetic


Can We Use Technology to Predict Student Success and Failure in Higher Education

The aim of this research was to identify those technological factors that contribute to success/failure in Higher Education. Many factors contribute to a students’ success or lack of success in higher education. Some of these will be individual factors such as personality, motivation, previous educational experiences and many others. Other factors that contribute to success


Stories of Chinese-American Mixed-Heritage Learners: Their Mixed-Heritage Identities and Heritage Maintenance

This study aims to provide a better understanding of how Chinese-American mixed-heritage college students form their mixed-heritage identities and identify life events and incidents which help shape the mixed-heritage participants’ identity formation and heritage language and culture maintenance. This study involved eight Chinese-American mixed heritage college students in the United Stated. By analyzing the in-depth


Children’s Three Voices: An Exploration of Indian Students’ Meaning-Making of Nature & Place

The study uses Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis to explore five Indian children’s meaning-making of nature and place during two environmental education programs. Data consisted of structured interviews, semi-structured group discussion, written assignments, and student-authored storybooks. The results show that children’s encounters with nature led to fascination, a sense of peace and belonging, gratitude, and love. The


Perception of Digital Integration and Companions for Older Communities in China in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the era of rapid aging and information superposition, accelerating the digital integration of the elderly and narrowing the digital divide of the elderly are the new requirements and actual contents of encouraging active aging in the digital society. Due to the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, the majority of the world’s elderly population reported feeling socially


Filipino for Beginners: Teaching Filipino Language to the Japanese Students of Kagoshima University, Japan

The discourse on the study of Filipino has crossed into the global space that is being taught in different parts of the world. In 2011, Filipino for Beginners (FFB) began to be taught with the aim of teaching basic Filipino language learning to Japanese college students at Kagoshima University (K.U), Japan. The purpose of the


Improving the Assessment and Prevention of Falls and Fractures on a Rehabilitation Ward

Background The National Steering Group and NICE provide guidelines on medical assessment and prevention of falls and fractures (1)(2). This audit assesses and compares quality of practice on an Age-Related rehabilitation ward against these guidelines. Methods A Quality improvement project, including all patients(n=31) on an off-site, Age-Related rehabilitation ward was completed. Data on falls and


Analyzing Memes Through the Lens of Theories of Humour

Memes are a visual form of humour found widely on the social media, they are used as a medium to share and circulate the most facile of jokes as well as a means of contributing to the existing political discourse. This paper will attempt to unearth what lies beneath these simple images with some text


Let’s Play: Using Gamification in University Classes as a Means to Increase Motivation and Engagement While Lowering Stress

Worldwide, traditional face-to-face (f2f) students struggled with a rapid shift to virtual learning as did faculty who often had limited experience and knowledge of developing online courses or knowing how to engage their students. Many institutions of higher education have returned to classrooms, first with hybrid approaches, and now f2f. However, just as the world


How Power Inequality Operates in the Gig Economy: Taking Chinese Food Delivery Platform Meituan as an Example

Sharing economy has become a buzzword in the world in recent years. Though it brings lots of convenience to individual daily life and boosts economic growth, it seems to perpetuate and even develop the unfairness between employers and workers, leading to the further deterioration of labour rights. Given this background, this paper will take Meituan


Perception of Using Social Media in Improving Art Education Students’ English Language Skills

Social media has become an integral part of life, including in education. This study investigates the effectiveness of using social media as learning media to improve students’ English as a Foreign Language (EFL) skills from the learners’ perspective. The research covers two fundamental issues: the extent to which social media affect students’ language skills and


Ten Months Around the World’ – Promoting English Language Acquisition in the Early Years of Childhood Education

For a Bilingual Generation (FBG) is a new emerging enterprise promoting English language acquisition in the early years of childhood education. During their ten-month-long programmes, the teachers and children travel around the world and visit countries where they discover and learn about the local culture, flora and fauna. Studying different countries not only enriches and


A Queen and a Masque: Anne of Denmark’s Political Aims in Samuel Daniel’s The Vision of the Twelve Goddesses

In recent years, scholars have laid the foundations for reconsideration and a new interpretation of the figure of Anne of Denmark (1665-1714) and her cultural and political role – being variously influenced by the approaches of new historicism and gender studies (see Barroll 2001; McManus 2002). By focusing on the role she played in the


Against the Odds – A Hong Kong Primary One English Immersion Class

This study reports the findings of a Hong Kong aided school which debuted one English (L2) immersion class in Primary one (Grade one equivalent) in 2019-20 in the midst of legal uncertainty and the predominantly Chinese (L1) environment. Data were collected using MOLT Classroom Observation Scheme (Guilloteaux & Dörnyei, 2008), and teacher and parent interviews.


Finding Solutions for Addressing Poor Performance in the Botswana Education Systems and Lessons Learnt From COVID-19

As the world evolves towards complex technological advances in Botswana poor academic performance in schools has over the years remained of paramount concern. To date not only do students in public schools perform poorly in their end of year examinations, but throughout the entire teaching and learning process in general. The situation was exacerbated by


Pragmatics and Family Discourse in Contemporary TV Series

The present study investigates the impoliteness strategies presented in season 1 of the American TV series The Ranch (2016). The qualitative analysis this essay will provide focuses on selected excerpts; more specifically, on the utterances spoken by the main male characters of the show: Beau, Jameson and Colt. The hypothesis underpinning this paper is that


Integrating Citizen Science Projects (CSP) in Philippine Formal Science Education: Results and Perspectives from Pre-service Science Teachers

In the Philippines, science education is currently focused on three domains: (1) demonstrating scientific inquiry skills, (2) understanding and applying scientific knowledge, and (3) developing and demonstrating scientific attitudes and values (DepEd, 2016). This paper investigated whether citizen science projects (CSPs), specifically a plants-focused CSP using PlantNet and iNaturalist, can be integrated across basic science


Translating Gay Identities in TV Series: Gayspeak and Camp Talk in Looking

Today, the representation of sexual and gender diversity cuts across all media (written, audiovisual, oral; radio, film or television; radio, film or television). Representations of LGBTQ+ people and characters, in their current quality and quantity, derive from historical processes marked by political events related to the social struggle of these marginalised groups. According to Yep


Portrayal of Men in Ray’s Films, Mirror to Present Heroes in Bollywood: Comparative Analysis With Reference to ‘Mahanagar’ and ‘Nayak’

Indian Hindi cinema particularly, Bollywood over the past 70 years has transgressed through various themes and influenced the audience at large. During the 60s and 70s Bollywood thoroughly stereotyped men and projected toxic masculinity. Highly contrasting to this is Satyajit Ray’s films and his portrayal of men who were gentle, supportive and masculine all at


How to Sustain Public Interest Journalism Democratically-from Public Funding to Philanthropy

The sustainability of public interest journalism has never been more in jeopardy. Public interest news has been supported by advertising revenues in the form of subsidies due to the large expenses involved in reporting, investigating and the related activities. However, with the rise of the Internet and smartphones, newspapers and broadcasters have lost most of


Perceptions of TVET Students Regarding the Integration and Accepting of Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Teaching and Learning: Situation Analysis of TVET College in South Africa

Emerging digital technologies in education are changing the traditional institutions by providing new possibilities for learning online and integrating technology for pedagogical innovation. Higher institutions such as universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges have implemented and adopted the learning management system (LMS) as an innovative alternative digital technology for online teaching


The A-B-C of Engaging Students With Feedback to Build Resilient Learners

Resilience was once thought of as a stable personality trait. However, it is now argued that resilience is malleable, subject to environmental factors such as assessment feedback (ahmed Shafi, Hatley, Middleton, Millican & Templeton, 2017). This paper presents a longitudinal study on how learners experienced and were affected by feedback to their written essays. Participants


Enhancing Pedagogical Benefits of Turnitin in Higher Education: Understanding Students’ Acceptance and Use

Turnitin has been widely used in higher education as a computer-assisted assessment tool. There is a growing trend in enhancing the pedagogical benefits of Turnitin in higher education. To understand how students use and perceive this tool, this research interviewed six graduate students studying at a UK university about their experience and perception of using


Preparing for Intercultural Sojourns: Understanding the Impact of Undergraduate-level Intercultural Education on Chinese Postgraduate Students in the UK

Intercultural language education that seeks to cultivate learners’ intercultural communicative competence has been an integral part of TESOL over the past few decades, but little is known about the extent to which undergraduate-level intercultural education delivered by Chinese universities is perceived as useful and valuable assets that Chinese postgraduate students can draw upon in their


Mediality in Exile: Notes of Landscape Pedagogy in University Extension Practice of the Philosopher José Ortega y Gasset (1939-1942)

Once Marshall McLuhan claimed “the medium is the message” in The Gutenberg Galaxy and Understanding Media, the contemporary significance of media -and with it, of “mediology”, “mediatization”, “medialization”, and “mediality”- was integrated into different academic fields: Literary Theory, Philosophy, Cultural and Historical Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities. Linked with that interdisciplinary research agenda, this presentation


Orphans and School Vulnerabilities in Selected States in Nigeria

This study investigated the issues that relate with schooling of orphans in Nigeria. The descriptive survey research was undertaken in Lagos, Osun, Akwa Ibom, and Abuja. Sampling was done in multi-stages. A validated questionnaire was administered to collect data using Open Data Kit (ODK). Orphans aged 10-17 years, resident in orphanages and family settings, participated


The Effectiveness of Academic Literacy Courses in Postsecondary Institutions in Ontario: The Development of an Evaluation Tool

Academic literacy classes in postsecondary institutions are vital in advancing students’ literacy skills and, thus, enabling students’ capacity to endure and prevail in advanced education. However, lower literacy levels have been an issue for many students that enter or attend postsecondary studies. Institutions have noted that some students fail to meet the demands of postsecondary


The Research and Design of Healthcare Products for the Elderly in the Wise Information Technology of Med

The increasing aging of the international community has brought the problem of chronic diseases among the elderly to the forefront. At the same time, the intelligence of medical products, the home-based approach to medical products and the precision of smart medical care are among the social trends that prompt this paper to consider how to


An Analysis of the Portrayal of Madwomen in the Films of the Sixth Generation of Chinese Directors

The sixth generation of Chinese directors is a special group of Chinese directors, who are both rebellious to the control of the film system and self-expressive, and their works are often rich in meaning, well-received, and recognized by the film industry both at home and abroad. The representative figures include Lou Ye, Jia Zhangke, Wang


From the Stage to the Screen: The Dancing Body in the 1938 Film Adaptation of Shaw’s Pygmalion

In his 1913 play, Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw underlines the transformation of the heroine through changes in her English speech. To highlight the metamorphosis of the flower girl, however, most of the later adaptations of the play also pay attention to changes in her manners and movements, particularly by adding the ballroom scene. Moreover, when


A Critical Look at the Undermining and Promotion of Resilience in the Higher Education Context

The current Higher Educational context presents an interesting landscape for exploration in that universities are producing high-achieving students en masse who consistently report high levels of stress and declining mental health. In the 21st Century, in schools, universities, at the workplace and via mainstream media, we are inundated with messages about the importance of prioritizing


Precious Murals in the Religious Building of Pothimala, District Firozpur, Punjab, India

This paper discusses the precious murals in the religious building of Pothimala. Pothimala Building is situated in the village Guru Har Sahai in Firozpur District of Punjab India. The study and interpretation endorse the philosophy of shared religious traditions followed and respected by the people of Punjab. The foundation of this building was laid by


Visual Rhetoric and Mobilization of Public Opinion: A Multi-modal Discourse Analysis of China’s Family Planning Policy Propaganda Posters

As an instrument of political mobilization, mass media influence public opinion to increase the efficiency of mobilization and achieve ambitious goals. Since artistic images are more effective than texts in attracting attention and conveying messages, China has used posters extensively to change public opinion when promoting its family planning policies. This study analyzes the characteristics


Transcultural Languages: 3D Reconstruction of the Wampo Canoe, and Its Interpretation Through Intelligent Technologies on Digital Fabrication

The heritage rescue promoted since 2003 by Unesco in its convention for the safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage is the foundational basis of our research group, which focuses on the generation of new cultural expressions with the integration of state-of-the-art intelligent technologies. Our objective is to rescue, transcribe/translate and create new expressions based on


Information and Communication Technologies Use of Parenting in Early Childhood in the Pandemic Era: Benefits, Risks, and Implications

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak poses serious challenges to traditional parenting practices. ICT-assisted parenting, in which parents seek information, make connections, and participate in intervention programmes, is receiving increased attention. Global studies indicate that online parenting is beneficial for children’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioural development, as well as for parent-child interactions. Despite this, there remains a


Modulation of the Imaginary Perceptive Maps and Its Effect on the Cognitive Attitude of Medical Students

The perception maps affect the analysis process of information which is base on an individual’s previous exposure and purpose of events that influence the cognitive attitude, i.e. the response to the facts. The processing of external sensory inputs is formulated and encapsulated at different mind levels in the form of various experience modules (Pylyshyn, 1999;


Best Practices for Public Speaking Instruction for EFL Undergraduate Students in Japan: Abstract Based on Literature Review From 2016 to 2021

This paper attempts to identify the best practices for teaching Public Speaking for Japanese EFL undergraduate students through a literature review of papers published between January 2016 and April 2021. The paper will be relevant to educators and administrators in charge of or are about to design a Public Speaking course at universities in Japan


Future Digital Finance: Ethnic Traditional Jewellery as Intangible Heritage and Its Influence on Places’ Assets

It is impossible to emphasize the importance of intangible cultural heritage. Create a lasting impression in the minds of future generations by holding your own in a cutthroat industry. For many people, the allure of traditional jewellery lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in the deeper meanings and beliefs it represents when


Revitalising Urban Spaces to the Needs of the Aging Population – Biophilic Healing Index Supporting Active Aging in Inclusive Cities

Due to recent years’ involvement in research on behaviours of vulnerable aging people, the author had the opportunity to explore ideas about places and spaces for carers and members of their families living with the condition of dementia by exploring and analysing case studies of interactive spaces in creative neighbourhoods. Investigation of the performance of


Wolves on the Prairie and Worms in the Sand: From Colonizer to Colonized – The Inversion of Principalities in Western Films

There is a consistent desire to locate the worldview on animals. In the Cheese and the Worms, Carlo Ginzburg (1992) describes the universe in the mind of a medieval miller: the universe was formed from chaos, as if cheese had been curdled from milk; angels first appeared as maggots born from cheese. This implies the


Faith on Facebook: A Replication Study Exploring the Effects of Church Communication on a Social Media Platform

This study is a replication of the study When Facebook Becomes Faithbook: Exploring Religious Communication in a Social Media Context by Henrik Åhman and Claes Thorén (2021). In the original study the authors analyzed the Facebook posts by the Church of Sweden and the comments that they generated. The Covid-19 pandemic closed a majority of


Improving Resilience in the Elderly Through Robot-Assisted Dementia Therapy

The number of older people with dementia has been steadily increasing for years. Physical and mental fitness is a supporting pillar for increasing resilience with regard to dementia. Therefore, older people should perform exercises as often as possible and in a targeted manner to prevent and treat dementia. Due to high cost pressures and staff


Transitions to Disability and Dependency with Increasing Age in Europe

Aging has been related to the onset of disability in older adults, and care may be needed to perform daily activities. Some individuals have care needs earlier in life or more urgently whereas others may not have these needs. Transitions to disability and dependency in older European adults are analysed using data from ten countries


Facilitating Technology Use by Older Immigrants: A Scoping Review and Reflection on Fieldwork Experience

Background: While technology usage has proven to be beneficial for older adults in general, many older immigrants remain excluded from the digital realm. Recent studies have examined technology usage among older adults, some of which focused on older immigrants. Objective: The objective of this poster is to present the major barriers to and facilitators of


Women’s Narratives on COVID-19 Trauma

COVID-19 is a crucial moment in the world’s history, not only because of the life/death challenges our society faces, but communication challenges to deal with fear, panic, and anxiety. Newspapers, TV News, Political Speeches are used to shape our thoughts about this pandemic. In this sense, it is important not only to evaluate them but


A Study of Visual Symbolic Perception in Shamanic Rituals

Shamanism is a primal shape that transcends ordinary consciousness as a cross-cultural phenomenon. From the universal analysis of Shamanism. During the process of religious rituals, shamans use visual elements, such as costumes and masks, to form a spatially based graphic narrative relationship that generates an experience of sacred perception. However, the study of shamanic rituals


Exploring the Use of Oral Communication Strategies by Speakers of French as a Foreign Language

The study investigates the use of communication strategies (CSs) as a factor mediating foreign language speaking proficiency. Ten learners of French at a Pre-Intermediate – Intermediate level speaking Swedish as L1 were asked to watch six short cartoons and present their contents. All participants have also completed a Placement test prior to performing the task.


A Study of the Washback Effects of a Standardised Test on the EFL Context

This study determines the washback effects of the TOEIC on EFL learning and instruction in South Korean hagwons or private cram schools. It uses a sequential mixed-method design involving both quantitative and qualitative components. Firstly, a quantitative survey was conducted on a sample of 103 students and 22 teachers. The teachers and students were given


Making Creative Thinking Visible: An Approach to Enhance Preservice Teachers’ Professional Knowledge in Creativity Instruction

Creative thinking has been greatly emphasized in secondary school education; it is therefore important to cultivate preservice teachers’ professional knowledge in creative thinking instruction. Visible thinking is one type of thinking approach that acquires learners to start with objectively and carefully observing and documenting their surroundings or a given object. Then, learners document their thinking


Human Rights, Human Capital, and Capabilities as a Normative Basis for Social Justice and Sustainable Society Development. Sub Saharan African Countries a Viewpoint

Corona Virus Diseases -19 (COVID-19) exposed high gaps of inequalities and social injustices that exists in societies. This raises questions into the adequacy of the existing human rights education frameworks to achieve the right to education to the end of achieving sustainable development and social justice in societies in general and in specific developing countries.


High Impact Practices & Transformative Learning Experiences of a Mentor-led, Field-based, Cohort Model for Teacher Preparation

High Impact Practices (HIPs) are intentionally designed transformative learning experiences (Kuh, 2008). These hands-on, collaborative, practices are considered “high impact” because they promote student persistence and they hold the power to change lives. This presentation will: a) describe the university-wide institutionalization of transformative experiences (GC Journeys); b) highlight the unique dimensions of a mentor-led, field-based


Mathematical Algorithm for Understanding Numbers and Their Operations Integrated Into the Cornerstone of Learning in a Pelmanism Game: Mathesso

Mathesso, a novel board game focusing on explaining elementary mathematics to kids of all ages, is presented. Using the principle „learning by playing,“ Mathesso allows children to acquire a rich intuition about the structure of the number system. The game has a strong potential for reaching comprehensive and rapid growth as a learning tool worldwide,


Development in and Outside of Classroom: International Perspectives

The article provides an analysis of the specific features of the outstanding educational practices in secondary and higher educational institutions in various countries. Practices for development in and outside of the classroom are described. Various examples are provided to support the view of the author. Introduction: Educational practices that can already be famous or not,


Teaching in Times of Crisis – What Have We Learned (So Far)?

Coronavirus disease has made an enormous impact on many fields of functioning, including the educational system. This impact was pronounced in higher educational system and accelerated the transition toward remote learning strategies in medical education, leading from traditional to online education during crisis. The aim of this article is to review the body of literature


Towards a Sustainable Future in Times of Uncertainty: Tracing Chinese International Students’ Psychological and Academic Adjustments in the UK

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has exerted tremendous influences on the well-being of international students and the sustainable development of higher education. The current study adopts an eight-month exploratory case study design to trace eight Chinese international students’ psychological and academic adjustments in the UK amid the COIVD-19 pandemic. Emerging from the qualitative data constitutive


Innovation, Resilience and Continuity – The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Early Childhood Care and Education in Ireland

On March 12th, 2020, all ECEC providers in Ireland closed due to COVID19, and the responsibility of providing early learning opportunities fell predominantly onto parents. ECEC providers resumed operations from June 29th, 2020 implementing additional changes and measures to limit the risk of infection. This research sought to to explore the impact that the Covid-19


What Drives Parents to Be More Involved in Their Child’s Online Activities?

In recent years, information has been accumulating from various sources around the world and in Israel indicating a continuous increase in children’s accessibility to smartphones. The use of these devices, which enable access to the Internet, leads to a continuous increase in children’s exposure to various dangers arising from surfing the Internet and introduces challenges


Implementation of an Efficient Strategy to Analyse the Mathematical Training Required in Undergraduate Degrees in Engineering and Architecture

Engineering and Architecture studies aim to develop professionals capable of facing and solving complex multidisciplinary problems. This requires abilities that cannot be acquired without a comprehensive training model, addressing real-world problems to provide technical solutions. Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure the acquisition of skills to generalise and think abstractly about reality. For this purpose,


I’m Finally Going to Do What I Want to Do: The Re-engagement Experiences of ‘Older’ Mature Learners in Further Education

Undertaking a formal learning programme can be significant for any learner, irrespective of age. For mature learners, challenges and successes can however be more acute, as they bring with them a range of experiences and aspirations. Acknowledging this inherent complexity, there are continued calls to ensure that the learning experience for such learners in Ireland


Creating a Student Community in an Online Space: The Romance and the Reality

This study aimed to explain the romance and the reality of creating an online community for Master’s students in the COVID-19 context, and investigate the barriers and enablers to engaging in community online. In the urban university where this study was conducted, there are large postgraduate taught programmes with students who differ in their ability


Unlocking the Next Generation of Training Experience: The Impact of XR Technology on Vocational Education and Training

The development of computer technology has brought humanity into the digital information era. Real-and-virtual collaborative environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearables were achieved in these years. XR (including VR, AR, and MR) has initially achieved a considerable leap from concept to technology to product and has launched many practices and applications


The Use of LLT Materials in China’s EFL Classrooms: Making Learner Engagement in Classroom Talk Visible

Language learning and teaching materials (LLT) are crucial parts of language classrooms. However, how these materials are used by students and teachers during EFL classroom interactions is still understudied. In response to calls for empirical research on materials use in language classrooms, this classroom-based study examined the use of LLT materials in China’s integrated English


Influence of Social Media Use on Maternal Educational Anxiety

In the information age, more educational information could be received by parents with the development of social media, including the excellent performance of other families’ children and the advertising of shadow education in China. As the subject of parenting, mothers in China can be more likely to feel strong educational anxiety because of gender division


A Survey About the Use of Educational Robots and Physical Computing Devices in Computer Science Lessons at German Secondary Schools

Educational robots and physical computing devices are steadily becoming a common sight in computer science classes, as they offer both motivating and illustrative access to a multitude of technical concepts. However, this versatility comes with the drawback that it is not a priori clear how such systems should be designed or how they are most


A Virtual Brief Psychosocial Intervention on Mental Wellbeing of Community College Students During the Pandemic: A Pilot Study

Family, friends and peers are often seen as pillars of social support, especially in challenging times. However, during the pandemic where there are constant fear of infection, uncertainties, social isolation, and everyday disruptions, interactions with acquaintances and even strangers, even virtually and briefly, may help provide comfort and support. This study evaluated the ‘Inner Nurturing


Working With Robots: Design and Evaluation of an Introductory Computer Science Teaching Unit With Educational Robots

As our world continues to digitalize more and more, Computer Science concepts have started to interweave with our daily life. Accordingly, teaching these concepts in schools is becoming increasingly relevant. An illustrative and practical way to do this is by using haptic examples of these very same concepts in form of educational robots. This offers


The Role of SESC RJ Regarding the Change of Perspective of English Language Teaching

The English language is a mandatory subject at Compulsory Education all around Brazil. Still, not only didactic material and additional resources, but also teaching methodologies face need for updating and improvement due to its lack of correlation among its content, students’ interest and the environment they belong to. The lack of contextualization between the lessons