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Prevalence of Associated Factors of Disability Among Older Adults With Hypertension in Southeast Asia: A Scoping Review

Background: The prevalence of chronic disease and disability is expected to increase when age increases. This study aims to investigate the published articles related to disability among elderly living with hypertension in Southeast Asia. Study Design: A scoping review Data source: Web of science, Pubmed, CINAHL ,Cochrane and a google search from 2000 to 2021.


Preparedness of Health Facilities to Provide Ischemic Heart Disease and Stroke Management to the Growing Elderly Population Living in Bangladesh

Global populations are ageing, and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are growing fast. In Bangladesh, Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) especially, Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD) and Stroke are the major killers. Ageing is a strong determining factor for NCDs development. On current trends, the population aged over sixty-years is projected to rise from 11.3 million in 2016 to 44.1


An Exploration of Middle School Students’ Experiences of Mindfulness Training in an International School Environment

The following study explores middle school students’ experiences of mindfulness training within an international school environment in The Netherlands. A cohort of 11-year-old middle school students participated voluntarily in a pilot run of the Dot B mindfulness program. Eighteen participants were involved, who came from a range of countries including Korea, France, India, the Netherlands,


Parenting Self-Perception During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Are There the Differences Between the Full-Time Working Mothers, Flexible-Time Working Mothers, and Housewives on It?

Covid-19 Pandemic had brought various changes in human life, including in education and work. During the pandemic, students underwent a distance learning system. Work from Home (WFH) and Work from Office (WFO) were also applied to working people, including working mothers. The objective of this study is to examine the differences in parenting self- perception


Towards Successful Aging and Well-being in Later Life: Lay Perspectives From Chinese Elders

The notion of successful aging (SA) indicates elders could sustain physical health and socially active during the aging process, and achieving optimal aging could enhance happiness and vitality. However, perceptions of SA have not been reached consistently. Extant literature reveals aging successfully is culturally specific, and values of SA vary from Western and non-Western societies.


Effectiveness of School-based Education in Improving Cervical Cancer Prevention Among Female Students: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Background Cervical cancer education in schools can reach a significant number of adolescents. This systematic review and meta-analysis examined whether school-based education is effective for improving: i) knowledge and risk perception of cervical cancer/HPV infection; and ii) attitudes and intentions toward, and uptake of, HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening among female students. Methods We


Can Virtual Tours be Really Experienced? Meaningful Experience and Perceived Authenticity in Online Tours

COVID-19 crises have transformed our society, and a new normal standard has been required in every aspect, including the tourism industry. To accommodate the social distancing measures and border controls put in place by government, fundamentally different approaches to providing tourism products and services were sought. Virtual tourism has rapidly attracted attention in this challenging


Hospital to Home and Community Experiences of Discharged Adult Psychiatric Patients: A Phenomenological Study

Transition experiences of psychiatric patients are crucial in their recovery, and may or may not lead to psychiatric re-hospitalization. In the Philippines, less is known about what happens to psychiatric patients post-discharge. The study utilized a qualitative approach in exploring how discharged psychiatric patients transition from the hospital to their respective homes and communities. Data


Reliving the Memory: The Disenfranchised Grief, Guilt, and Meaning-making of Filipino Bereaved Pet Owners

Companion animals have become a source of social and emotional support, thereby fulfilling some unmet attachment needs of their owners. Studies have shown that losing a pet can rupture the human-animal bond, and that the marginalization of pet grief only exacerbates the situation, thus making a person psychologically vulnerable. Despite its prevalence, little is known


Inside the Criminal’s Mind: An Investigation of the Factors that Lead to Criminal Behavior and the Motives of Convicted Criminals

With the prevalence of crimes in the society, various researches about the origins of criminal behavior were already conducted. Yet, most of the studies conducted in the Philippines were quantitative, and focuses only to one cause of criminal behavior. Thus, this mixed method study was conducted to ascertain other factors that causes criminal behaviors as


Japanese Students’ Personal Requirements for Interaction in English With Foreign Students, Examined by Free Description

The aim of this study is to determine which factors (such as motivation, interest, language ability or context) lead Japanese university students to interact in English with Foreign university students. The study targeted 128 Japanese undergraduate university students, executing a survey as research method to gather data about their preferences, experiences, and expectations towards interaction


Music Therapy Clinical Trials in Asia and Around the Globe

Music therapy has become more common globally as nonpharmacological treatment options for memory loss, pain management, reduction of behavioral and psychological symptoms, and increased quality of life. The purpose of this systematic review is to analyze music interventions for older adults across the globe to better understand emerging best practices. A review of all studies


Lexical and Non-lexical Processing Among Arabic-English Speaking Children

This study investigated the strength of lexical and non-lexical processing among Arabic-English speaking children, in two writing systems that vary in their transparency. 532 Arabic-speaking children participated in this study. Children were assessed using word reading, phonological, vocabulary and orthographic measures. Findings showed that the contribution of lexical-phonological variables to reading, gradually changed based on


Online Learning Design and Policies on Education in Indonesia During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic impacts each sector of life around the world, including the education sector, namely changes in the implementation of education. The impact is related to the nationwide implementation of learning carried out online/remotely. This study intends to describe Indonesia’s online learning design, platform, and policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for primary and


Professional Peer Review and Value in Academic Writing: Implications for EAP Course Design

For academics and professional researchers, peer review is an accepted element of their working practice. Regular submission to journals (predominantly English-language journals) is an expectation driven by intrinsic and extrinsic factors to create knowledge and value. Those who submit papers face a great deal of evaluative procedures and criteria that must be met which are


Sociocultural Differences in Email-Mediated Communication: An Analysis of Metadiscourse in Chinese and English Request Emails

This study examines how metadiscourse is manipulated to build rhetorical structures and emphasize interpersonal connections in emails written by native speakers of Chinese and English. Participants were asked to compose request emails addressed to recipients of either higher or equal social status. Results reveal that emails in both languages employ a greater number and broader


Understanding the Lived Experiences Towards Online Learning During the Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 outbreak has come leading the face-to-face classes to be suspended, online learning has started to become a learning modality for students to pursue their education. The study aims to understand the lived experiences of students and teachers from private and public schools in Metro Manila. Students were able to adjust their schedules,


Change in Attitudes Toward English by Japanese Learners of English: Through ELF Interactions in a Distance Learning Course With a Taiwanese University

The purpose of this study is to examine how effectively Japanese learners of English (JLEs), as ELF users, engaged in a joint online course via Zoom with Taiwanese learners of English (TLEs) by using interview data from the former. This joint EMI course lasting for 15 weeks in the latter half of the academic year


Personality Traits, Motivation and Performance of Employees in a Pharmaceutical Company in the Philippines: Basis for Performance Improvement Plan

This descriptive correlational design study examined the relationship between employees’ personality traits, motivation, and performance of employees in a pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. Corollary to this, it determined whether personality traits and motivation predict the work performance of medical sales representatives. A total of 125 medical sales representatives assigned at the NCR were selected


Will the Bow-Pulling Model Be Repeated? – Analysis of Cases of Reverse Culture Shock During Two Overseas Stays

The bow-pulling model assumes selective adaptation of culture, and assumes a reactionary psychological reaction that causes reverse culture shock after returning to Japan if it becomes familiar with the culture of the destination. In this study, we conducted an interview survey of two Japanese female college students who stayed abroad twice for study abroad or


Language Immersion in the USA: Characteristics, Challenges, and Recommendations Related to Teacher Education

Language immersion is a unique form of education as it combines content-based academic instruction, inter-cultural communication, and second language education. During language immersion education, students learn various subjects through the second language medium, thus are highly exposed to the second language and cultural environment. Compared with conventional second language education, language immersion has been proven


Is Precarious Work for Middle-aged and Elderly People Divided by Gender in Korea?

Typical retirement age in Korea is 51 for men and 48 for women, but this age is still too young for receiving public pensions. Since public pension is insufficient to earn a living, continuing work after retirement is considered “essential” for middle-aged and elderly people, not a “choice.” Their employment rate has steadily increased since


A Study of Electroencephalography (EEG) and Lego Wedo 2.0 on the Attention of First Grade Special Needs Students

The purpose of the study was to assess the Attention of first-grade special needs students by using EEG and Lego Wedo 2.0. The research subjects are 3 special needs students of the first-grade resource class in an elementary school. There were ASD student, learning disability student, and ADHD student. The researcher used the EEG system


A Case Study of Caregivers’ Social Skills Use in Practice: Interviews and an Observation About Interactions With Care Recipients

This research is a qualitative psychological study of caregivers. To gain knowledge about social skills caregivers use to form good interpersonal relationships with care recipients in nursing homes, we conducted survey (A); a preliminary interview, and survey (B); an observation and post-interview survey at a facility for disabled people. The informant had seven years of


Who Let the Dogs in’? Exploring the Potential for Developing Dog Projects With Older Prisoners

This original and ground-breaking interdisciplinary paper explores the potential for developing dog-based projects for older prisoners, drawing on perspectives from gerontology, penology and the growing body of research which highlights the positive benefits of animal-human interactions. The ongoing research on which this paper is based is timely, as many jurisdictions are experiencing rising numbers of


The Role of Resilience as a Protective Factor in COVID-19 Lockdown Fatigue

Introduction: The effect of COVID-19 across the globe has been colossal. Though critical physical symptoms are experienced by patients, the psychological impact of the disease seems to be widespread- pervading all individuals universally. Mental fatigue makes individuals feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained and negatively impacts productivity. But one of the protective factors to this negative effect


The Psychological Role of Orientation Sessions in the Learning Activity of Students Taking Distance Online Courses

In modern distance programs, orientation sessions (OS) are usually aimed at providing students with technical assistance in mastering new information technological tools. This research’s focus is on the less studied – psychological – aspect of creating OS for online courses. 159 graduate students participated in the research who took the author’s online course Child Development


State-of-the-art of CLIL Research Using Bibliometric Approach: 2005-2021

The increasing globalization and internationalization has had major impact in elevating the importance of English language education. Notably, amongst the numerous approaches, content and language integrated learning (CLIL), which focuses on concurrent teaching and learning of both foreign languages and subject matters, has garnered much research interest and developed into a field of research. However,


Remote Experiment for Electrical Engineering

Handson experience is mandatory for engineering courses such as electrical power system, and power electronics. However, the laboratory is not accessible during lock-down period. In such case, remote experiment setup is required. This work shares a laboratory setup is assisting the remote experiment for electrical engineering instructors and students. The setup involves electrical training equipment,


Cultivating Kindness among Preschoolers: Student-Centered Instructional Modules for Teachers

The preschool period is a significant stage of self-construction in a child’s life. This is the time when they make sense of the world and things around them. Hence, it is essential that at this point, prosocial character traits and behaviors must be instilled in them. Kindness is one of the most important human attributes