Month: July 2021


“Power Generation With Love”: Traffic Factory Girl and Mum-fan’s Maternal Love

“Mum-fan”, a phenomenon in Chinese fandom, stands for those who consider themselves to be their idol’s mother. Mum-fans, range in age from under 18 to over 45, dedicate themselves to their idols’ career shown through “maternal love” through various “daily baby-rearing activities”. Most of these activities aim to increase traffic -a kind of quantified influence


Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on GHG Emissions of a University: A Case Study in the Philippines

Recent research indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a decrease of greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations, although relatively small on the global scale. Such is the case in the education sector where emissions are mainly due to high academic mobility, the implementation of lockdown and shift from classroom to remote learning are expected to change emission


International Business and Economic Growth: The Dimensions and Challenges of Internationalization

This paper will examine the context of globalization and the development of companies. It is now established that internationalization is one of the essential strategic components from the outset. Smaller companies have an advantage due to the flexibility provided by their small size and dimension of a structure such as a representative office abroad. Whatever


The Societal Value of Music in the Xhosa Culture

Traditional music is a culturally crafted and created music of a particular ethnic group, orally transmitted from one generation to another with an unknown creator. In Africa generally, music plays an important part in the lives of the people and one of the major characteristics of African music is that it has cultural function. The


Understanding How Experiential Media Are Utilized in the Making of ‘Russia 2018’ and the Upcoming ‘Qatar 2022’ FIFA World Cup

In this qualitative study, we examine how and to what extent Experiential Media (EM) are utilized in pre-game EM contents produced by Russia Today (RT) in the buildup to ‘Russia 2018’ (21st FIFA World Cup, 14 June – 15 July, 2018) hosted by Russia, versus pre-games EM contents produced by the Road To 2022, in


Revisiting External Stakeholders’ Role in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Disclosure: A Systematic Literature Review and Research Agenda

An increasing number of countries have implemented mandatory environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure to encourage listed companies in apprising their stakeholders on the ‘non-financial’ aspects of relevant operational risks, resilience and outcomes. Recent studies however revealed that mandatory disclosure in most cases does not increase the quality of filed reports, thus may hamper ESG


Analyzing the Eco-Compensation for Ecosystem Services in Fisheries and Solar Power Symbiosis Areas

To achieve the objective of building a “nonnuclear home” by 2025, the government of Taiwan has been actively developing the subsets of renewable energy, i.e., low-carbon and green energy, for carbon reduction. However, the active development of green power by the government may impact and destruct the ecological environment. This study selects the fishery and


The Impact of an Increase in Minimum Wage in Vietnam

There are few studies on the implementation and effects of a minimum wage increase on low- wage workers in Vietnam. A few studies have investigated whether or not the minimum wage has had a negative effect on low-wage employment status, but, to date, no work has explicitly considered the impact of an increase in the


Roars and Recuts: A Comparative Analysis of Japanese and American Versions of Godzilla 1954-1962

This presentation explains how various American distribution companies rebranded the first three Japanese films about Godzilla. I propose these examples offer a unique meeting ground between two film industries and their narrative norms. By textual and industrial analysis with examination of marketing, I reveal the extensive modifications of all three films were done pragmatically. American