Month: December 2020


The Landscape of One Breast: Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors through Developing a Transdisciplinary Intervention Framework in a Jiangmen Breast Cancer Hospital in China

Women with Breast Cancer (WBC) in China need to pay much effort into resisting stigma, they suffer from bodily disfigurement and it will be unbeneficial for their mental and sexual health. However, related studies in this area are rare in China. The research objective is to understand what kinds of support should be contained in


Experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic Among European Children and Young People

Scholars have perceived the COVID-19 pandemic as a generational experience that shapes children and young people’s lives in individually experienced but collectively shared ways, and thus forms a Generation Corona, whose world views and future expectations are impacted by the pandemic. This paper emanates from the deep impact that COVID-19 has had and continues to


Designing Online Language Courses: Lessons Learned from Teaching Vietnamese Language and Culture for Japanese Learners

This presentation shows the lessons learned after several courses on “Basic Vietnamese language and culture” targeting Japanese university students and adult learners, which have been conducted in 2020. Influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, the materials and methods prepared for conventional classroom have been adapted and modified in order to suit the online platform. Although intended


Improved Fluency through the Timed-Pair-Practice Framework

Determining proficiency of students by speed measures alone is insufficient. By using a triad of composite measures, two cohorts of low-intermediate Japanese students (N=12) were continuously analysed over one year in which a noticeable improvement in fluency occurred as a result of the inclusion of the Timed-Pair-Practice framework into the classroom. Furthermore, it was observed


Psychometric Properties of Chinese Translated Body Compassion Scale

According to the structure of self-concept, physical is considered as one of the elements affecting a person’s evolvement of self. In regards to the equilibrium mental benefits of self-compassion in reducing the possibility of judgmental bias involved in self-esteem, the concept of body compassion was focused. Body compassion has addressed and enlightened both the dimension


The Creative Writing Workshop as a Space

Creative writing workshops have proliferated in writing classrooms and in organised activities usually by academic institutions. The first of its kind and the longest running workshop in Asia, Silliman University National Writers Workshop (SUNWW) in Dumaguete City, Philippines turned 57 last May 2019. The Workshop, initially patterned after the Iowa Writers Workshop, have offered over


Solo Female Thai Backpackers Crossing Borders and Transgressing Boundaries: Myths, Stereotypes and Their Fluid and Multiple Identities

“Solo-backpacking” has gained its momentum and popularity among (urban) Thai women nowadays. A gendered nature of this solo-travel has attracted a sizable number of young middle-class Thai women. These young urban women are traditionally shaped and restricted by strict Thai social norms. This study provides an investigation of the current movement/phenomenon of solo female backpackers


Media Diplomacy: Zeng Jize’s Strategic Engagement of Western Newspapers

For decades, scholarship on late 19th century Sino-west interaction has been greatly influenced by the impact-response paradigm while little is known about how the Chinese proactively influenced the western world. Focusing on Zeng Jize(1839-1890), the Chinese ambassador to the Britain, France and Russia from 1878 to 1886, and especially his strategic engagement in western newspapers,


Academic Performance and Attitude of the 21st-Century Learners on Mathematics in the Modern World

Attitude towards mathematics has played an important role in the mathematics teaching and learning processes and its effect on the student’s mathematics achievement has been highlighted many times on basic education. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between the academic performance and the attitude of students on mathematics in the higher


The Role of Software in Computer Science Majors’ Career Choice

The shortage of highly-skilled ICT (information and communications technology) workers remains a serious and global concern. This paper reports on how to attract more computer science majors to job fields within ICT that are especially critical to economic growth, rather than how to solve the overall shortage. A qualitative preliminary study found that certain software-related


Analysing Politeness Changes when Speaking Indonesian and English: A Case Study of Indonesian-English Multilingual

Being fluent in English as a foreign language in Indonesia is not as easy as learning the language itself since English is not common to use in Indonesia. However, there are some Indonesian speakers who are able to speak English fluently. Considering cultural native background and the target language cultural background, it will create different


To Explore the Relationship Between Socio-demographic Factors and Online Social Capital Among Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong

Along with the development of information technology, the concept of social capital has been extended to the online perspective. Major limitations of the offline social capital include the information was most often describing the socio-economic status of parents rather than the children per se. The main objectives of the study was to examine the current


Traveling Cultural Heritage in the Age of TikTok

The case of Hongyadong from China shows that TikTok as a digitally mediated form of judging, not only differentiates itself from traditional static, user-focused SNS platforms such as Instagram in terms of destination orientation but also redefines what cultural heritage is and transforms itself into a collective memory of the digital performance. Among TikTok’s criteria,


The Hispanic Heritage in the Cebuano Harana

A study of the harana, a genre of Cebuano folk music, involves reflection on the complexity of cultural phenomenon which has been created and developed in this post-colonial territory. It is a study of historical processes which resulted in the creation of a culture against a differentiated background of Hispanic and indigenous Filipino components. The


Literature Reviewed: Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program in China

The two literature I have reviewed are both studies of the methadone maintenance treatment program in China, with significant differences in their timing. The two articles are similar in that they both focus on the factors that influence clients retention, but differ in the specific subject matter. The former was undertaken in 2009 when the


The Contradictions in Zarathustra’s Character

Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ is a controversial philosophical novel due to its many original concepts such as “will to power” and the phrase “God is dead”, which several scholars have tried to elucidate upon. In some cases, there is a general aversion to these concepts that have resulted in the limited use of the literature in


Retracing Positive Images of the Black: The Racial Reading of The Walking Dead Through its Adaptations

In contemporary culture, video games, like other media, have played an impactful role towards players’ societal perceptions and influenced their impressions and understandings of social groups. Despite the increase of African Americans figures in video games, these characters are usually portrayed in negative, racially stereotypical ways. This paper offers an analysis of the representations of


New Technologies, Boundless Interactivity in the Digital Era and the Transformation of Newsgathering in Nigeria: Evaluation of Fake News Theory

The emergence of new technologies and associated techniques in the communication industry has led to boundless interactivity across the globe as well as the manipulation of photos, videos, data, and messages to influence the audience’s cognitive processes, which tend to present false or misleading claims as news. With intent to cause outrage and shock, social


Exploration of Self-regulation and Impulsiveness Between Problematic Online Gamers and Non-gamers

Self-regulation refers to the basic skills of attention, which is an advanced level process on conscience and effortful inhibitory control (Konstanz, 2009; Liu & Chang, 2018). Previous research studies claimed that self-regulation might be one of the important risk factors for game addiction (Griffiths, 2010; Safarina & Halimah, 2019; Yau et al., 2013). In addition,


The Impact of Digital Interventions with Students at-Risk for Math Difficulty: A Meta-Analysis

Children in the United States continue to underperform in mathematics from the earliest grades and at alarming rates. Furthermore, the high prevalence of learner variability can make addressing the problem of math learning difficulties even more challenging to address. However, advancing technologies, in the form of digital math interventions, hold the promise of addressing learner


A Within-Asia Comparison of Anxiety in English Language Classrooms

Anxiety in English language classrooms is often considered as one of the major sources of students’ reticence and shyness, frequently reported as one of the common characteristics of Asian learners. But, do all Asian students share the same characteristics in the setting of language learning? There might be some differences even if they share the


Would Longevity Make Us Happier? Examining the U-shape in Happiness

Longevity issues have become an important social concern, since recent studies show that there is no upper limit for human lifespans. However, we could not obtain the unified conclusion as to whether happiness depends on age or not. There are many economic and sociological studies which follow Easterlin’s findings of a U-shape in happiness over


Connected Curriculum in Practice: The Experience of Embedding Research Oriented Assessments

This research presents the process and results of embedding the UCL Connected Curriculum into three modules at the UCL School of Management MSc Management, demonstrating the approach empowers students as knowledge creators. The paper also discusses challenges brought by these changes, and further suggested development. Based on Connected Curriculum principles and practices (Fung, 2017; Tong


Students’ Perspective on Intercultural Service-Learning as Non-medical Volunteers for Foreigners: A Case in Taiwan

In Taiwan’s hospitals, language barriers often create challenges for foreign patients, many of whom come from Southeast Asia. To solve the problem, a language university in Taiwan initiated a service-learning program to train college students to assist in improving communication between foreign patients and health care workers. This study aims to explore the student volunteers’


Critical Thinking Disposition Among Students of Kasetsart University

This research study aims to investigate the university student’s critical thinking disposition of university students in Thailand. The sample consisted of 212 undergraduate students at different levels in the first semester, the academic year 2020, at Kasetsart University, Bangkean campus, Bangkok. The instrument used in the study was the critical thinking questionnaire (CTD). The method


Technology Integration: Implication for Teachers’ Professional Development

The technology of today shortly becomes the technology of yesterday in education. The demand for Technology Integration is increasing as schools in the Philippines and abroad were required to keep up with the 21st century learners. It is quite a challenge to point out a starting ground without having to understand what it is and


New Practices in Research: The Effects of the Pandemic in Research Practices of Higher Education

Higher education institutions in Mexico are complex organisms that have encouraged a series of academic practices that, until this date, have not produced significant scientific production amongst the elite scientific community. With the spreading of the pandemic generated by COVID-19, the ongoing economic crisis and the significant federal budget cuts to research programs, many of


The Influence of Soft & Hard Skills on the Graduates Competence Vocational High School Students

Statistics Indonesia (BPS) released about unemployment in Indonesia in February 2020. The highest open unemployment rate (TPT) occurred in residents with Vocational High School (SMK) graduates, reaching 8.63%, followed by Diploma I/II/III and high school (SMA) levels, respectively 6.89% and 6.78%. This becomes very ironic because the aim of SMK is to produce competent graduates


Personal Branding on Instagram: The Challenges Encountered by Saudi Female Fitness Trainers

In Saudi Arabia, significant investments in fitness field reinforcements were started since the announcement of the 2030 vision. Instagram is a popular marketing platform for fitness professionals. This study investigates the challenges Saudi female fitness trainers face when using Instagram as a personal branding tool. A purposive, typical sample of eleven Saudi female fitness trainers


Enhancing Sociocultural Competence of Second Language Acquisition: Through Multimedia and Films

Multimedia and films are a rich source of cultural references and a perfect avenue to engage students in the current student-centered teaching paradigm as well as to build their language proficiency by effectively learning and developing cross-cultural competence. Grounded by that, the presenters will provide examples to illustrate how to incorporate multimedia and/or movies in


First Language Influence and Its Effect on Language Fluency Among HS Students: An Analysis

Linguistic competence constitutes direct knowledge of the target language, hence, this knowledge is tacit and implicit especially among the second language learners. This establishes the idea that students do not have direct access to the principles and rules that govern the norms in terms of English language learning processes; be it in terms of speaking,


Investigate the Difficulties of Indonesian Learner During Electronic Portfolio

Normal learning stopped, project delayed, school shut down. The universe seemed to have a halt because of the Novel Coronavirus. On the other hand, students have to continue their education through online learning which was currently the best alternative as keeping schools opened but safe for them. This learning method was the new one in


Improving Adult Lifelong Learning and Distance Learning

The term ‘lifelong learning’ is widely used in education but what does it really mean? Most adults have been busy accumulating wealth through various occupations to provide for their families and survive dismissing the pursuit of education. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a grave impact upon social, economic, political and educational institutions. Many working adults


Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Mathematics Education

The right knowledge about sustainability must be passed on to raise students’ awareness of today’s real-world problems by means of Higher Education. Through mathematics students can be taught how to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Students can see the usefulness of mathematics while instilling values and attitudes towards sustainability. In


Mediating Language Learning in Virtual Exchanges: The Role of the Teacher in Institutional Integrated Teletandem

Virtual exchange is an approach to teaching and learning in which groups of learners from different countries work virtually and collaboratively with the support of a teacher over an extended period of time (O´Dowd, 2008). This paper aims at discussing the professor´s dual role in a bilingual model of virtual exchange, the institutional integrated teletandem


Towards an Extended Mobile Social Network Acceptance Model for the Social Entrepreneurs’ Skill Enhancement

Since Davis (1989) developed the theory of technology acceptance model (TAM) and explained the factors influence users to accept and use technologies based on perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. Many scholars modified TAM (Reychav, Ndicu, and We, 2016; Chaka and Govender, 2020; Ali et al., 2018; Park et al., 2014). But to what