Month: December 2020


Experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic Among European Children and Young People

Scholars have perceived the COVID-19 pandemic as a generational experience that shapes children and young people’s lives in individually experienced but collectively shared ways, and thus forms a Generation Corona, whose world views and future expectations are impacted by the pandemic. This paper emanates from the deep impact that COVID-19 has had and continues to


Designing Online Language Courses: Lessons Learned from Teaching Vietnamese Language and Culture for Japanese Learners

This presentation shows the lessons learned after several courses on “Basic Vietnamese language and culture” targeting Japanese university students and adult learners, which have been conducted in 2020. Influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, the materials and methods prepared for conventional classroom have been adapted and modified in order to suit the online platform. Although intended


Improved Fluency through the Timed-Pair-Practice Framework

Determining proficiency of students by speed measures alone is insufficient. By using a triad of composite measures, two cohorts of low-intermediate Japanese students (N=12) were continuously analysed over one year in which a noticeable improvement in fluency occurred as a result of the inclusion of the Timed-Pair-Practice framework into the classroom. Furthermore, it was observed


Psychometric Properties of Chinese Translated Body Compassion Scale

According to the structure of self-concept, physical is considered as one of the elements affecting a person’s evolvement of self. In regards to the equilibrium mental benefits of self-compassion in reducing the possibility of judgmental bias involved in self-esteem, the concept of body compassion was focused. Body compassion has addressed and enlightened both the dimension


Would Longevity Make Us Happier? Examining the U-shape in Happiness

Longevity issues have become an important social concern, since recent studies show that there is no upper limit for human lifespans. However, we could not obtain the unified conclusion as to whether happiness depends on age or not. There are many economic and sociological studies which follow Easterlin’s findings of a U-shape in happiness over


The Influence of Soft & Hard Skills on the Graduates Competence Vocational High School Students

Statistics Indonesia (BPS) released about unemployment in Indonesia in February 2020. The highest open unemployment rate (TPT) occurred in residents with Vocational High School (SMK) graduates, reaching 8.63%, followed by Diploma I/II/III and high school (SMA) levels, respectively 6.89% and 6.78%. This becomes very ironic because the aim of SMK is to produce competent graduates


Investigate the Difficulties of Indonesian Learner During Electronic Portfolio

Normal learning stopped, project delayed, school shut down. The universe seemed to have a halt because of the Novel Coronavirus. On the other hand, students have to continue their education through online learning which was currently the best alternative as keeping schools opened but safe for them. This learning method was the new one in


Towards an Extended Mobile Social Network Acceptance Model for the Social Entrepreneurs’ Skill Enhancement

Since Davis (1989) developed the theory of technology acceptance model (TAM) and explained the factors influence users to accept and use technologies based on perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. Many scholars modified TAM (Reychav, Ndicu, and We, 2016; Chaka and Govender, 2020; Ali et al., 2018; Park et al., 2014). But to what


Mediating Language Learning in Virtual Exchanges: The Role of the Teacher in Institutional Integrated Teletandem

Virtual exchange is an approach to teaching and learning in which groups of learners from different countries work virtually and collaboratively with the support of a teacher over an extended period of time (O´Dowd, 2008). This paper aims at discussing the professor´s dual role in a bilingual model of virtual exchange, the institutional integrated teletandem