Month: July 2020


Decision-making System for University Selection: A Priority Comparison of Pre- and Post-COVID-19

University selection is always a complicated task for the aspirants from a decision making perspective. The process of developing a decision support system for this task had its challenges due to the availability of university data on various parameters of decision making. This study works on a university selector system by scrapping LinkedIn Education data


Charlie King, Chinese Music, and Media Representation in a New Zealand Gold Mining Setting

Charlie King (Li Kee Hing), as he was known, spent most of his life in the southern New Zealand gold-mining settlement of Waikaia. Arriving there in the mid 1870s, he was one of many Chinese miners in New Zealand, and he worked closely with other miners from his village in China who had also travelled


Acute Urological Emergencies in Leicester Medical School Undergraduate Curriculum

Background & Purpose Urological emergencies are often neglected at medical school which can inevitably lead to underconfident junior doctors and poorer patient outcomes. Leicester Medical School introduced urological emergencies in the second year; however, limited content is incorporated in the students’ workbooks. As a result, junior doctors acting as clinical teaching fellows (CTFs) often have


Stories Within Stories: An Intersectional Understanding of International Female Doctoral Students’ Narratives

Many Australian universities engage in significant efforts to recruit international students (Adams, Leventhal, & Connelly, 2012), but comparatively hire less in strategies to ensure their academic and social adjustment (Pekerti, Fons, Moeller, & Okimoto, 2020). In seeking strategies for enhanced student experience, Australian University Quality Agencies offers supports across universities in planning models for identifying


Effect of Mindfulness Intervention as a Stress Management Technique for Nursing Students

Nurses have to endure extreme workplace stress due to which many nurses suffer from poor mental health. Therefore, it is important to establish coping methods at an early stage. Mindfulness has proven to be effective in reducing stress responses as it helps in cultivating coping mechanisms to deal with negative thoughts. The purpose of this


Moral Techeducation: The Role of Imagination to Humanize Technological Societies

The age of advanced technologies (industry 4.0, robots, sophisticated machines able to replace human workers) has already arrived. We cannot stop to debate on the ethical demands for a human sustainability of this technological progress, and for sure we must ask ourselves if education is already providing tools to manage this epochal transition. Education seems


Appreciative Inquiry: The Fundamental Questions of AI’s Validity and Appropriateness in Transforming English Education in Japan

Foreign language education in Japan is currently undergoing educational reform with the implementation of a newly revised course of study which mandates that English classes be taught solely in English (MEXT, 2019). Despite these efforts, it appears to be an illusion as the government limits and controls the contents of English education and instruction. School