Month: July 2020


Visibility and Reciprocity in Stefan Zweig’s “Letter From an Unknown Woman” and Its Film Adaptation by Max Ophüls

Stefan Zweig’s story “Letter from an Unknown Woman” (1922) portrays a male writer who receives a mysterious letter from a dying woman. This story was first adapted into a film version by Max Ophüls in 1948. Though the identity of the woman is somehow “unknown” to the writer, she has been his admirer since her


Performing Arts: Assessment of Learning in Grade 7 Mathematics

This study determined the effect of performing art as an assessment in Grade 7 Mathematics in the academic achievement of the Grade 7 students of Bicol University College of Education Integrated Laboratory School, the school year 2019-2020. Specifically, the study sought to answer the following sub-questions: (1) What lessons in Grade 7 Mathematics may be


Teachers’ Characteristics, Teacher Burnout and Motivation to Leave

A lack of teachers especially vocational field is one of the most important problem of Thai education. The report from the Office of Vocational Education Commission 2019 revealed that Public vocational institutions lack teachers around 18,846 persons. There are many factors that affects teachers’ retention such as welfare, stability, job position and burnout. This research


Vocational College Graduates’ Employability in China — A Case Study Based on Graduates From a Vocational Teaching Program in Hunan

In 2019, the State Council issued Reform Plan for China’s vocational education. It symbolized that vocational education in China has entered a new stage. This paper aims to investigate the employability of vocational colleges graduates from the perspectives of the graduates. The research conducted open-end interviews with with 10 graduates who have one to five


Exposure Therapy as an Intervention for Social Anxiety Disorder: A Case Study of a College Student

Social anxiety disorder or SAD is defined as intense fear or anxiety of one or more social situations where one might behave embarrassingly or be observed and be negatively evaluated by others. This anxiety makes individuals distance themselves from daily social situations. Individuals with SAD are more likely to have impairments in various areas of


Comparison of the Lecture Method of Teaching and a Culmination of Different Methods of Teaching Biology

This paper looks at an alternate method of teaching Biology. The traditional method of teaching was improved upon and a closed group was used to study the output of the students and effectiveness of teaching. The paper drew heavily upon literature of teaching methods and pedagogy. The paper studies a group of students and their


Reflections on Emergency Remote Foreign Language Learning

The present paper is a response to the recent dramatic realignment of teaching processes in terms of speed and effort caused by the pandemic. The phenomenon was labelled ‘emergency remote teaching’ by Ch. Hodges and a team of scholars to distinguish it from systemic online teaching. Since the pedagogical context regarded is unprecedented and there


Assessing the Sustainability of Materials Throughout Their Life Cycle Using a Single Methodology

The global trading of complex products brings the sustainability of materials to the forefront. Currently, sustainability assessment is disparate, with numerous methodologies available to determine the credentials of specific materials, while a single approach has not yet been developed to ascertain the sustainability of any material throughout its life cycle. This study employs the Delphi


Academic Integrity Strategies in 2020: Positive, Preventative, Punitive

There is currently a gap in the UK’s response to the ever-increasing threat of plagiarism. Through a systematic literature and policy review undertaken in the preparatory stages of a year-long project, we have identified the following areas in which deeper understanding will enable the development of strategies to support a positive environment which encourages students


Understanding the Role of Mary in the Catechetical Documents Issued in the Philippines

The Blessed Virgin Mary plays a vital role in the history of salvation. She was chosen to become the Mother of God and given by Christ to become the Mother of All. The Church in the Philippines is called Pueblo Amante de Maria, which means a people in love with Mary. It is one of


Online Education in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era: Improving Outcomes Through Student and Faculty Feedback

The COVID-19 pandemic and the global response have impacted people’s daily lives and traditional social norms dramatically. Higher education will be greatly impacted in the short-term, with specific policy changes still being figured out, and long-term impacts not yet known. It is impossible to predict when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, or how long each


Appreciating the Diversity of Students: An Experience of Teaching in COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has caused a new norm in operational procedures of organizations, businesses, and even to our daily routines. The education sector also has been impacted by this pandemic, causing its core business in Teaching and Learning (TnL) to shift from conventional to an online platform. This paper presents our teaching experience of four (4) different


Factors Contributing to Recommendation Intention on Full-time and Part-time Job Websites

Websites are the gateway to consumers’ purchasing behavior in all industries, and effective website design greatly contributes to companies’ competitiveness. This tendency is particularly dominant in recruiting human resources. Consumers browse recruitment websites that aggregate information from many companies, then select and apply for jobs. The hypothesis of this study is that the required website


Decision-making System for University Selection: A Priority Comparison of Pre- and Post-COVID-19

University selection is always a complicated task for the aspirants from a decision making perspective. The process of developing a decision support system for this task had its challenges due to the availability of university data on various parameters of decision making. This study works on a university selector system by scrapping LinkedIn Education data


Translating Hemingway: A Case of Cultural Politics

My presentation will start with a brief translation history of Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms in France, Italy, Spain, and Japan, showing that, due to the novel’s anti-war and anti-Fascist nature, in many cases its translations were shaped not only by cultural and literary factors, but also by socio-political and even economic factors. Following the


Teaching and Learning With Technology: Educators’ Perspectives of the Possibilities and Challenges

Technology has brought about an immense change to the world we live in and the use thereof has become a familiar aspect of tertiary education. Never before has the need for technology and use thereof in education been more amplified than with the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, where learning had to continue remotely through online platforms.


Bapsi Sidhwa’s Water: A Novel: The Widows in Subjugation, Revolt, and Jouissance

Indian writers give various voices to battered “husbandless” women living on “the margin of society” This “husbandlessness” is the key term, indicating how a woman is marginalized and becomes the victim of cruel violence. And among “husbandless” women, widows are the most marginalized beings, as seen in the tradition of forced suttee. However, just a


The Quality of the e-courses Provided During the COVID-19 Pandemic From the Students’ Perspectives

The aim of this study is to reveal the students’ view of general course quality across online learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as well as how much of the standard e-courses could be actualised to arrive at the 80% streamlining level. The researcher utilised a test, produced for this context, which included 42 items to


Charlie King, Chinese Music, and Media Representation in a New Zealand Gold Mining Setting

Charlie King (Li Kee Hing), as he was known, spent most of his life in the southern New Zealand gold-mining settlement of Waikaia. Arriving there in the mid 1870s, he was one of many Chinese miners in New Zealand, and he worked closely with other miners from his village in China who had also travelled


How Cultures Matter on the Boundary between “Normality” and “Abnormality”: A Case Study for “Sharenting” in Taiwan

With the recently controversial trend in “sharenting” on social media, the moral judgment of sharing their children online has been debated in Taiwan. This study argued that cultures influence the viewpoint of this moral issue in Taiwanese society. To verify, this paper begins with the original definitions of “normality” and “abnormality” in Chinese, and then


A Critical Analysis of the Construction of Asian Sexuality in Hollywood Romantic Comedies From 2018 to 2019

This study seeks to examine the construction of Asian sexuality through the characters featured in three Hollywood romantic comedies: Crazy Rich Asians (2018), To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018) and Always be my Maybe (2019). Informed by Hall’s (1995, 1997) works on stereotypes and Berg’s (2002) conceptualization of mediated stereotypes, this study focuses


Exploring the Experiences of Post Graduate Education Students Doing Their Studies Through Blended Distance Learning in South Africa

This qualitative study seeks to explore the experiences of Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) students who are doing their studies through blended distance learning in a South African institution. The students attend their lectures through tele-conferencing three days in a week from 17H00 to 20H00 per day. In some cases, the lectures are pre-recorded


University Speaking Assessment as Collaborative and Self-effective Skill Development

Educators generally agree that the mastery of speaking skills is a necessity for most EFL and ESL learners (Ounis, 2017). While scholars debate which aspect of speaking should be a priority, interactional or transactional, Klingen links both usages. 3 of Klingen’s (2000) 12 functions of speaking: personal, descriptive and explanatory are relevant to this project.


Appreciative Inquiry: The Fundamental Questions of AI’s Validity and Appropriateness in Transforming English Education in Japan

Foreign language education in Japan is currently undergoing educational reform with the implementation of a newly revised course of study which mandates that English classes be taught solely in English (MEXT, 2019). Despite these efforts, it appears to be an illusion as the government limits and controls the contents of English education and instruction. School


Moral Techeducation: The Role of Imagination to Humanize Technological Societies

The age of advanced technologies (industry 4.0, robots, sophisticated machines able to replace human workers) has already arrived. We cannot stop to debate on the ethical demands for a human sustainability of this technological progress, and for sure we must ask ourselves if education is already providing tools to manage this epochal transition. Education seems


Effect of Mindfulness Intervention as a Stress Management Technique for Nursing Students

Nurses have to endure extreme workplace stress due to which many nurses suffer from poor mental health. Therefore, it is important to establish coping methods at an early stage. Mindfulness has proven to be effective in reducing stress responses as it helps in cultivating coping mechanisms to deal with negative thoughts. The purpose of this


An Intersectional Understanding of International Female Doctoral Students’ Narratives

Many Australian universities engage in significant efforts to recruit international students (Adams, Leventhal, & Connelly, 2012), but comparatively hire less in strategies to ensure their academic and social adjustment (Pekerti, Fons, Moeller, & Okimoto, 2020). In seeking strategies for enhanced student experience, Australian University Quality Agencies offers supports across universities in planning models for identifying


Acute Urological Emergencies in Leicester Medical School Undergraduate Curriculum

Background & Purpose Urological emergencies are often neglected at medical school which can inevitably lead to underconfident junior doctors and poorer patient outcomes. Leicester Medical School introduced urological emergencies in the second year; however, limited content is incorporated in the students’ workbooks. As a result, junior doctors acting as clinical teaching fellows (CTFs) often have