Month: June 2020


The Journey of Deterrent Cinema: Retracing Film Activities with Aboriginal Tourism Policy in the Japanese Colonial Period in Taiwan

Upon Aboriginal Tourism Policy of Colonial Government in the Japanese Colonial Period, this study reviewed the aboriginals’ film culture experience when the cinema was introduced in Taiwan in early times and the cultivation on the aboriginals of the colonialists by tourism activities and cinema promotion in order to recognize the aboriginals’ early film experience and


What is Performative Drawing? An Overview on Nancy and Kant’s Ideas Underlying Process Oriented Drawing Practices

Performative drawing is a contemporary art movement that seems to be gaining worldwide importance over the last decades. An increasing number of artists are focusing their practice-based research on this art trend that explores the intersection between performance and drawing in process oriented practices. However, very little theoretical research has been undertaken upon this topic.


Religious Prosperity Calling Cultural Progress: Architectural Discourses on Korean Catholic Churches (1979–94)

After the Korean War (1950–53), the South-Korean Catholic population increased unprecedentedly, despite the Confucian roots of the nation. From 1979, this Catholic boom reached a climax, which was accompanied by the 200th anniversary of the Korean Catholic Church in 1984 and celebrated with commemorative cultural events and projects. Pope John Paul II visited Seoul twice,


Organizing a Group of Students in Order to Research the Rebound Effect in Industry 4.0

The paper presents a framework with respect to organizing a group of students in order to research the rebound effect in Industry 4.0. The framework points two coordinates. The first one refers to conceptual delimitations and working hypotheses. The main coordinate is focused on carrying out the research process. It will develop aspects as: defining


Role of a Subjective Difficulty Rating in Using a System for Practicing English Speaking

We have been developing a system that checks and provides information about the words and sentences that learners use when they practice speaking English. In this study, we investigated the role of a subjective difficulty rating to identify sentences that were problematic for the learners by using our system. In the experiment, 72 Japanese university


“Disturbing, Deeply Touching, and Highly Motivating”: Reciprocal Empowerment Through Blended Service Learning – Lessons From an Austrian University

This paper presents a novel pedagogical approach of Blended Service Learning (BSL) which was applied in an undergraduate Health Degree Program at an Austrian University. Blended Service Learning combines academic learning with practical experience and social commitment, using a range of tools and methods from online didactics. The course pursues the ambitious goal of promoting


An Innovative Learner-centric Framework for Sustainability of Traditional Private Higher Education Institutions Post the Covid Pandemic

Post the Covid pandemic the increasing quality and affordability of digital education is not at all great news for traditional brick-and-mortar private higher education. To reposition the pull of such institutions, the research attempts to develop an innovative prototype called ‘BLUECHIP’ that would systematize a whole-institutional backed choice-based learning at the researcher’s host institution. By


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Externalization Taxonomy as an Implementation Tool for Future Designers

As global warming accelerates, buildings currently account for 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions annually. Architecture, however, is increasingly designed as hermetically sealed boxes, requiring mechanical support, which in turn further contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions warming up our planet. In addition to disassociating from the natural environment, this conventional approach also creates spaces


Sensual Social Media Identities: Mobile Dating App Presentations and Attributions Among Young Adults in Manila, Philippines

Communication technologies, through mobile dating apps, have reshaped romantic intimacies. The apps have enabled meaningful interactions that led to relational romantic and sexual relationships. In order for interactions to be created, dating app users curate themselves in based on certain desires and needs. Goffman (1959) claimed that it is the packaging of oneself in a


In the Shadow of White Christian Privilege: Exploring the Internment of Japanese Nationals From Hawai’i During WWII

During WWII, Camp Livingston in central Louisiana was a site of internment of civilian Japanese men, the majority of whom were from Hawaii. These men were Buddhist priests, newspaper editors, Japanese language schoolteachers, consular agents, among other occupations. Arrested beginning on December 7th and taken from their families, these men were placed in U.S. Army


Rethinking Urban Sustainability in Canada

COVID-19 is a devastating public health crisis that is wreaking human, social, and economic havoc. Paradoxically, the environment is flourishing, as greenhouse gases (GHGs), like CO2, have fallen. Canada participates in the United Nations Paris Agreement, a commitment to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Unfortunately, most countries, including Canada, are falling short


Spatial Modeling for People Forest by Using Remote Sensing-GIS and AHP to Support Rural Municipal Sustainable Development for the SDGs

People forest or non-state forest in rural municipality able to act as lungs that can provide coolness and ensure the sustainability of the surrounding ecosystem. Although there are many levels of importance to land use, land use for people forest area must also be prioritized. So, it needs to support people forest area for sustainable


Australia’s Federal Policy Response to the Coronavirus Crisis

To coordinate a nationwide response to the coronavirus pandemic, and the resulting impact of Australia’s first recession in nearly thirty years, on March 13 the federal government convened the National Cabinet. This comprises the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and the eight leaders of the States and Territories. It formally replaced the Council of Australian Governments


Behaviours – Silent Conflicts at High Schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In recent years, foreign investment has immigrated into Vietnam, particularly big cities like Ho Chi Minh city; which has drawn to the challenging changes to the national educational system. These changes focus on both students’ in-class and outside-class knowledge. This study explores the impact of foreign and traditional cultural values on students and teachers’ in-high


A Study to Investigation the Role of Universities to Promote the Entrepreneurial Culture in Pakistan

Higher educational institutes are playing an effective role to encourage entrepreneurial activities by developing entrepreneurial attitudes and capabilities among students. The purpose of current study was to identify the role of universities to promote the entrepreneurial culture among students. A quantitative inquiry was planned to understand the roles and responsibilities of universities to enable the


Commuting to Computing: A Perspective on the Effects of Mobility of COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is continuing to disrupt global activities on an unimagined scale. Industries that were flourishing have for the immediate term been decimated. At the forefront of these are those that are tightly coupled to transportation and transit. The behavioural shifts of working and playing from home that are being experienced will have longer-term


ASEAN and Environmental Security Taking Indonesian Haze Pollution as an Example

In the past, military, economic, trade, and political issues have been the focus of many international organizations, however environmental issues have become increasingly significant, given the impact of environmental factors on issues of both trade and national security. In organizations such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), environmental pollution and climate change are


Teaching (and Learning) in the Time of Epidemics: Reflection on Humanities Teaching in Higher Education

During the global Covid-19 situation, there was a general shutdown of daily operations, including education. In Hong Kong, which was among the first locations to be hit by the epidemic, face to face teaching stopped early in February 2020, which was the beginning of the second semester of the academic year. The higher education sector


Emergent Curriculum Practice in the Malaysian Kindergarten Setting

Children are the designer and creator of their learning when they were allowed to explore their learning environment by themselves. Considering that early childhood education is a foundation for children to strengthen their holistic learning development, this study was done to enhance children’s ability as an active learner through the emergent practice in consideration of


“Depends on the Consequences”: Measuring Consumer Attitudes Towards Manipulative Marketing

Academic discussion about the ethics of marketing typically focuses on the role such practices can play in undermining human autonomy through manipulation of the consumer’s decision-making processes However, empirical researchers have not explored these issues from the perspective of those who may be targeted by such messages. In this study we use a pair of


The Changing Perception of the Chinese on American Policies in the Post COVID-19 Pandemic Era

Chinese perception of humiliation threat has been deeply rooted in their mind because of China’s early encounter with Western and Japanese imperialism. According to a number of studies (Chen & Garcia, 2016; Gries et al., 2011; He, 2018; Zhang, 2002), the century of humiliation starting from the mid-19th century has greatly affected Chinese understanding of


The Development of Adult Learning and Education for People With Intellectual Disabilities in Japan: A Literature Review

The aim of this article is to review the literature on adult education for people with intellectual disabilities in Japan. The review also aims to compare adult education in Japan with that of other countries and to explore its issues. It was concluded that the Japanese government established a formal education system for secondary students


Fundamentals of Automation Engineering: Recent Innovations in Teaching and Learning

In this paper, recent innovations in teaching and learning related to the course “Fundamentals of Automation” are described. This course is introduced in the first year for freshmen, common for all undergraduate engineering programs. It focusses on creating required competencies for design and maintenance of automation systems. A hybrid Project Based Learning pedagogy is employed,


Cognitive Representation of Social Identity of Collectivistically and Individualistically-oriented Primary School Students

Collectivistic and individualistic cognitive orientations are considered as a result of the influence of the factors that led to their development on the one hand, and on the other as a mechanism of their carriers’perception and understanding of the world . The ratio of the number of people with collectivistic/individualistic orientations is a distinctive feature


The Effect of College Service Quality on the Learners’ Satisfaction at English Study Program of Higher Education

The study was to investigate the effect of college service quality on the learners’ satisfaction of English study program at IAIN Palangka Raya. Quantitative method was used to survey 173 L2 learners using 35-items of self- developed questionnaire to determine the most influential factor of the college service quality. The reliability and validity of the


Assessing the Impact of a Community Extension Program Through the Lens of the Human Security Approach

Higher education institutions fulfill threefold functions: instruction, research, and extension. The third function which is community extension used to play a supporting role and performed within the context of accreditation. Ideally, it must be integrated into the academic fabric of the institution. This study aimed to assess the impact of Children’s Education Welfare Assistance (CEWA)


Contemporary Family Structures and Teacher-Parent Communication

This qualitative study was designed to explore diverse-family parents’ (such as one parent family and same-sex families) perspective of their communication with their children’s teachers. This study acknowledges the importance of effective communication between teachers and parents for the benefit of the children. It is based on researches that constantly reveal the significance of home-school


Personalising the Sringara Padam (Poetry on Love) by Adapting Michael Chekhov’s Psychophysical Techniques

The purpose of the practice of Bharathanatyam (South Indian Classical Dance) is for the dancer and spectator to experience this aesthetic pleasure (Rao, A. 1997). Dance is meant to be sensorial, experiential and pleasurable. Have these core values of the practice been lost through transmission? The problems in the current landscape of learning Bharathantayam include


What Parents and Teachers Say About Their Relationships in ECEC: A Study in Rural China

A growing body of literature refers to the potential of parental involvement (PI) as a critical educational remedy and solution for a diversity of issues in ECEC. However, the reflection of mainstream values and assumptions and the lack of attention to cultural differences in this existing body of literature has been criticized. In this article,


A Materials Library Created by Students, for Students: An Invaluable University Resource

A materials library, like other curated collections, contains valuable reference which can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It is highly desirable for universities, especially those with strong engineering and materials science programmes like Queen Mary University of London Engineering School (QMES), to have a materials library as it allows students to see,


Learning Management Guidelines of the General Education Curriculum that Promotes Citizenship Skills of the 21st Century in Thailand

This article introduces the guidelines for teaching and learning in the general education (GE) curriculum that corresponds to the 21st-century skills of global citizenship of Thailand and is being implemented in an open university. This curriculum focuses on enhancing and developing students’ knowledge, skills, and competencies all of which are meant to be used as


Migrants in Chilean Higher Education

The migration phenomenon has been a recent and relevant topic in the Chilean public policy discussion, especially after the explosive increase in the number of migrants coming to the country in the last decade. A substantial percentage of them are living with lower incomes than the rest of the country’s population, and have fewer years


“Model Minority” – Embarrassing Difference or Proud Identity?

For over a century, Asians have been represented as “the other” on the American screen, which is very different from “I”. Nowadays, as the immigration situation and mainstream ideology are changing in the US, Asians have gradually become the socalled “model minority” on the recent American screen. But what are the new images, compared to