Month: March 2020


Innovative Teaching and Learning: Mixed Reality Linked Gamification in Secondary Biology

Gamification is one of the recognized educational approaches that improve the motivation and engagement of the students in science learning. The project aims to implement the gamified mixed reality courseware for the enhancement of secondary school students’ understanding for the inaccessible conceptual topics of fluid mosaic model of cell membrane, homeostasis of blood glucose level


A SDT-SFBT Based Group Intervention on College Students’ Smartphone Addiction and Positive Smartphone Usage

Smartphone addiction/problematic smartphone usage has become a pressing issue, however, interventions aiming to arouse positive energy and inspire self-determination to change are scant. Integrating the tenets of self-determinaiton theory (SDT) and solution-focus brief therapy (SFBT), this study aimed to implement a group intervention to evaluate its effectiveness on college students’ smartphone addiction, positive usage of


Assessment of Innovative Technologies in India’s Education Sector: Scope and Challenges

Traditionally, education has been imparted through classroom teaching methods. This classical approach is slowly changing with the application of Information Technology in education, making it accessible and cost-effective. India has steadily adopted the concept of e-Learning, which means using innovative technologies to bring education in the online domain. e-Learning provides a solution, which offers flexibility


The Study of Factors That Affect Zhuhai Undergraduates’ Willingness to Get Master Degree in Hong Kong

Previous research is limited in analyzing students’ willingness to study abroad in specific political settings. This paper used Push-pull model to develop a model that link political, economy and cultural factors with Zhuhai undergraduates’ willingness to get master degree in HK. We tested this model with the data got from five universities in Zhuhai and


Analysis of Conversation Data With AI Chatbot at the Time of Natural Disaster

In recent years, many natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes have occurred in Japan. Thus far, disaster information from local governments and television has been the main information source for such disasters. In addition to such information sources, the provision of disaster and evacuation information through dialogue with AI chatbots has recently begun as


Constructing and Practicing Rights: A Perspective of Female Factory Workers in Bangladesh

In this paper, I analyze the citizenship of female workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I discuss how rights are built in response to dynamic powers and authorities in the context of local governance. For female workers, claiming rights often imply stepping out of a familiar social-cultural framework with the goal of pursuing the attention of state.


An Analysis of Filipino Seafarers’ Return Preparedness and Perception of Successful Return

A Filipino seafarer’s return home is recognized by his family and society, as a culmination of a financially lucrative career and the achievement of lifelong objectives, a model of “calculated strategy.” The study 1) identifies the factors that seafarers consider when preparing for their retirement; 2) determines their level of preparedness for return to the


A Study on Agricultural Production and the Vicissitude of Settlements in Japanese Colonial Period – A Case of Kaohsiung Settlement in Taiwan

In the past, traditionally agricultural farming methods usually followed family members in Taiwan. To get cheaper crop materials, the Japanese government changed the way of agricultural production by capitalism in Japanese Colonial Period. The role of farmers changed gradually in the market mechanism, return to the complete producer in the market from producer, processor and


How the Cost of Participation Influence the Inclusiveness of Stakeholder Participation? Experiences in the Participation Process in Flood Risk Management in Indonesia and the Netherlands

Literature continues to highlight the importance of stakeholder participation, although it also emphasizes that it can be misapplied. Participation generates a considerable cost for the organizer and participant. This research addresses how organic participation organized by the stakeholders and how the cost of participation influences the inclusiveness of the process. This study is conducted to


“Visual Colonization”: A Discussion on “Visual Expression” in Geling Yan’s Novels

Visual culture has increasingly shifted into a dominant culture in contemporary society. More and more visual factors appear in non-visual arts and affect their creation methods, which results in “visual colonization” (Wei, 2009). As a non-visual art, literature is also influenced. This paper illustrates the film adaptation of literary works as a way of “visual


Illustration Can Be Seen as One Kind of Translation: Case Studies of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland Picture Books

Through analyzing different versions of Alice in Wonderland picture books, this paper reveals that illustration can be seen as one kind of translations. The aims of a decent translation are to reach three levels: functional – to express meanings understood as original text; cultural – to show enhanced or hidden implications under different context; and


Learning, Earning, and Leading: An Evaluative Framework for Gender Mainstreaming in Skill Development

Gender inequality is a multi-dimensional issue. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2020 it shall take 99.5 years to close the gender gaps in education, economic participation, political empowerment and health. Any workable solution must address all these dimensions and the cultural attitudes that socialize gender inequalities. This is where gender mainstreaming comes in.


Social Forums for a Different Democracy: Key Artistic Strategies of Chinese Socially Engaged Art in the 21st Century

It is the goal of this presentation to analyze how do some recent Chinese socially engaged art experiment a different democracy than the western paradigm. An in-deep study of art project Everyone’s East Lake (2010-2014) will be introduced. East Lake is the biggest tourist attraction in Wuhan city of China, whereas, in recent ten years,


Preparing Students to be Global Citizens

Graduate attributes are university defined aspirations for students as they emerge into the professional world. They represent the desired transferable skills, understanding and qualities that a student may expect to achieve at the end of their learning journey; consequently, they also define the values and principles underpinning academic practices. Many HEIs seek to engender Global


Mass Media in the System of Improving Financial Literacy of the Population and Professional Training of Journalists – Russian Practice

In today’s conditions, when the level of financial literacy not only directly affects the material well-being of the population but is also a “barometer” of the social and economic situation in the country, its increase becomes a necessary element of the development of any state involved in international economic relations. To meet this problem, national


From Grid to Rhizome: Rethinking of the Post-digital Text Layout

Typographers now are able to solve a problem to organize text on differing screen sizes and resolutions by responsive and adaptive layout. Although an algorithm-based fonts (parametric and generative) allows a degree of randomness and user input those still remain closed into a mainly static grid arrangement. From the perspective of the emergence of digital


Social Justice for Deaf Students in Indonesia: Implementing the Right to Education by Learning Sign Language for All

As the government of the Republic of Indonesia initiates a 12-years compulsory study program for all students, both system and study approach are different in each level of education. The higher level of education is, the more specific major the pupils learn in school. Moreover, the education system in Indonesia has a uniformity aiming to


The Role of Designer in Interdisciplinary Team

Introduction: Design has its origins in making things. Good designers are curious and interested in what’s happening in the world around them. The innovations in all areas need more cooperation of different professions. Designers are usually in the centre of teams to be able to understand to other experts. Research Design: The paper is about


Improving Social Skills Through Literature: Mindful Reading, Diversity, and Emotional Intelligence

Many believe that reading fiction can improve social skills (i.e., empathy; e.g., Spruce, 2019; Willard & Buddie, 2019), yet this is an exploratory area of research with limited empirical studies. This presentation will discuss psychological (e.g., social cognitive theory and reading; Johnson, Cushman, Borden, & McCune, 2013) and literary theories, and interventions supporting how reading


Stand Alone Worksheets for Basic Mathematical Computation Skills Development

The recent National Achievement Test (NAT) results proved the mathematics performance of Filipino learners fall below the DepEd’s 75% MPS target. Additionally, international assessments including TIMSS and PISA revealed similar poor results of Filipino students in math. This study developed “Stand Alone Worksheets” (SAW) to address least mastered computation skills; it revealed the developed Grade


Butch-girl Arya Stark in HBO’s The Game of Thrones: Got My Own White Steed

Arya Stark is a complicated heroine-antiheroine in The Game of Thrones television drama series. Her character sparks discussion within published texts (Frankel, 2014) and social media. Arya defies traditional gender roles, as many “butch-girls” and strong female characters before her (Brownstein, 1994; Inness, 1999; Inness, 2004; McCaughey & King, 2001; Neroni, 2005). She challenges patriarchal,


Cultural Diversity in Film Festivals – A Case Study: Glocal in Progress, San Sebastián International Film Festival

The Universal Declaration of Cultural Diversity (UNESCO, 2001) and the subsequent Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (UNESCO, 2005) have addressed the term cultural diversity. Within this frame, there are several studies about cultural diversity on the audiovisual field since 2011 to our days (Benhamou & Peltier, 2011; Albornoz,


The Effects of Market Places on the Spatial Variability of the Urban Soundscape: A Case Study in the Department of Cauca (Colombia)

The soundscape paradigm is the emerging alternative to the reductionist vision of noise in all the cities around the world. Thus, the urban sound studies of 21 century focus on integrating physical and perceptual factors, which underlie the interaction between citizenship and its closest acoustic environment. This study examines the soundscape produced by market places


A Transition From Deductive to Inductive Reasoning in Qualitative Research Writing Process: A Case Study

Many graduate students doing qualitative research face difficulties in transforming massive textual chunks of qualitative data into comprehensive analysis due to the inductive and lowly-formulaic style of writing in qualitative research. Nevertheless, there is little research on their adaptation to inductive reasoning in qualitative research writing. This single case study research investigated a graduate student’s


Identifying Quality Critical Thinking Apps for K-12 Students

This proposed presentation discusses the essential criteria for the evaluation of iOS-based K-12 critical thinking mobile applications (apps) and reports on the findings of an evaluation study. (The study examines iOS-based apps on the App Store because it offers most educational apps.) The study attempts to answer the following two questions: (a) what are the


School Management Functions and Students’ Academic Performance Nexus: An Empirical Evidence From Public Senior High School in Ashanti Region of Ghana

In every aspect of life, management has become a crosscutting tool and the axis of performance. There is a broad and ongoing discussion in our academic institutions about the impact of effective management on academic performance. This study, therefore, sought to analyze the effects of school management functions on the likelihood to enhance the academic


Understanding and Promoting Gender Diversity Among Senior Faculty at the University of Tokyo: A Student Action Project

Despite active efforts by the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) to promote women’s academic career development, the ratio of females remains low throughout the UTokyo community. In particular, the large drop in gender diversity from student level (20% female undergraduates) to senior faculty (7.6% female full professors), suggests the existence of a “leaky pipeline” along the


Developing Student’s Creativity Using Design by Analogy with Word Trees

This study aims to understand the effect of the Design-by-Analogy (DbA) WordTree method, proposed by Linsey (2007), on the individual’s development of creativity. The method was introduced to two training workshops using near-sources and to two others using far-sources. The Creativity Assessment Packet (CAP) and the Kaufman Domains of Creativity Scale (K-DOCS) were used in


The Visual Storytelling as a Way to Create Knowledge and Empathy Between Generations in Academic Institutions

How can academic institutions value and promote the knowledge of retired professors and researchers in the field of Design and Art? The answer to this question induces a plurality of possibilities that share a common conclusion – Institutions could and should do more. This paper focuses on a pedagogical experience that explored the approach of


Facilitating Autonomous Learning During a Health Crisis – COVID-19 Contingency Plan in Singapore

As the Singapore government raised its alert level in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, language programmes were urged to step up and offer emergency contingency plan to convert all face-to-face lectures into online lessons. This necessary action, namely a switch from classroom to communication technologies posed a number of challenges for language modules to


Relationship Between STEM Attitude and Empowerment: A Descriptive Study in Costa Rican Girls

This study aimed to examine the correlation between empowerment perception and STEM attitudes in young girls from a Costa Rican high school. 327 young people aged 11 to 18 years from “Colegio de Señoritas”. The sample included only girls, from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, living in different parts of the urban area in San


AI in the City: Speculating on Potential Futures Through Media Art

This paper analyses the increasing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the social and spatial experience of contemporary urban living, and how media art projects can enable us to speculate on its future implications. AI technologies are being combined with sensors, surveillance cameras and databases to improve the efficiency of key urban infrastructures and make


A Research on the Evolution Mechanism of Chinese Rural Traditional Buildings Under the Background of Modern Urbanization

Chinese traditional villages belong to a typical “rural society”,However, with the rapid urbanization of China, modern transportation has rapidly extended from the modern metropolis to the countryside. Meanwhile, not only modern building materials, but also urban building types, lifestyles and aesthetics have quickly flowed into the countryside, which have a great impact on traditional buildings


Self-regulated Learning and Dynamic Assessment in Preschool

The assessment of self-regulated learning is a relevant research topic in early childhood development. However, there are few measures to assess self-regulated learning in preschool as a dynamic and multidimensional process. This study aims to fill this gap by presenting the development and validation of the Dynamic Assessment of Self-regulation in Preschool (DASP) method. A


Narrative Interpretation in Folklore Studies: Japanese Emigrants to Geomun-do (Port Hamilton), Korea, and Their Psychic World

When researchers encounter storytelling by informants during fieldwork, this serves as important research materials in folklore studies. Storytellers are by no means informants who simply provide indigenous information useful to researchers coming from outside. Rather, they are themselves mobile subjects, accumulating lived experiences while moving temporally and spatially across communities and relocating residences over time.


Socially Shared Regulation and Co-regulation in Students’ Narrative Writing: A Systematic Review

Effective writing is a transversal skill and its importance is set in the teaching and learning guiding documents of the Portuguese government. However, writing, including narrative writing, is also one of the students’ greatest difficulties in Portuguese school settings. The lower proficiency in writing should be recognized as a problem as well as the need


Robots in Education: Influence on Learning Experience and Design Considerations

The influence of digital artifacts is increasingly present in today’s life. To prepare pupils adequately for the challenges of an evermore digital world an early education on this topic is necessary. A playful access for pupils are robots, as they are an illustrative and practical example of many important computer science concepts. In this paper


Learning the Physical Law of Precession by Elementary Students Through Play Using Gyro Spinning Tops

In this study, we report an attempt at children’s physics education through play with spinning tops Toys play an important role for children to intuitively understand physical concepts, e.g. velocity, acceleration, force, etc. Children can notice rules of the real world by playing with toys. Such experiences help children be conscious of conceptual building blocks


A New Standard for Doing Agile Scrum Team Work in Education

Scrum is increasingly becoming an essential product development methodology for project education in modern curricula, however, individually assessing students that work in scrum projects as applied in the professional work field remains extremely challenging until date. In scrum, students team up in order to deliver high-quality products in projects that are directed to real business


Perceptions of Professional Chemical Engineers Toward Immersive Virtual Reality in Health and Safety Training

Following the rapid advancement and growing market of immersive virtual reality (IVR), it is important to understand the impacts caused by these technological innovations. Research on feasibility, reliability, and easiness of use of IVR has received considerable attention, but little is known about the specific factors that influence the intention to adopt IVR in the


Organizational Culture as a University Transformation Indicator: Russian Case

Since 2013, fifteen Russian universities have been participating in the 5-100 excellence program through which every university should achieve certain performance indicators by 2020, including the proportion of attracted foreign students, the certain proportion of foreign professors, quality of publications, academic mobility and internationalization of the university and others. Complex of managerial tools allowed Tomsk


Triggering Incarcerated Students’ Use of the Target Language and Reducing the L1 Interference in Class Through Positive Reinforcement

The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate that teaching and learning a foreign language in social sensitive populations such as incarcerated students is always possible despite the technological limitations both professors and students are subjected to. The use of the dollar technique not only triggers the students’ use of the target language but also


Developing Relationships in an Online Environment

Relationship building is one of the main goals for engaging students in online learning environments. Several research studies have found that student persistence in an online environment is positively correlated to student perceptions of social presence. This presentation will explain and show examples of various tools and techniques that can improve social presence in an


Encountering and Embracing Differences Through Experiential Learning: Business Classroom Design for Perspectives Broadening

In this current disruptive, diverse world of digital economy and globalisation, classroom design for students in business management field to prepare them to face and embrace the dynamic world full of differences could be challenging. Through experiential classroom design, students could have the possibility to encounter different worldview from fieldwork, which could eventually broaden their


Resistant and Nonresistant Teachers’ Identities

In many educational materials, it is recognized that the broader social conditions in which teachers live and work, and personal and professional factors in life, experience, beliefs and practices. The teacher is inseparable from each other, and there are often tensions between these things that impact a greater or lesser degree of sense of self