Month: November 2019


A Snapshot of e-learning: Vocabulary Retention in Academically-advantaged Background

Vocabulary is significant to academic achievement. Instructional curricula are usually designed to include vocabulary teaching, learning, and assessment to help retention. Researchers have addressed the essence of vocabulary learning by providing a plethora of learning strategies across the wide English for Academic Purposes (EAP) spectrum. As learners progress in school, academic vocabulary accumulates in content


Gender Differences in Subjective Age of Word Acquisition

Studies in language development have shown that throughout childhood and adolescence girls are more advanced in language acquisition than boys. However, researchers in psycholinguistics have paid little attention to gender differences in subjective age of acquisition (AoA) – people’s reports of the age at which they think they learned a particular word. The aim of


Effects of Group-based Interactive Cognitive-motor Training (G-ICM) on Cognitive Function in Institutionalized Older Adults: Randomized Controlled Trial

Background: Interactive cognitive-motor training can effectively improve gait, balance performance and reduce their risk of falling of older adults. However, few study explored the effectiveness group-based interactive cognitive-motor training (G-ICMT) on cognitive function in institutionalized older adults. Objective: To examined the effects of G-ICMT on the cognitive function in institutionalized older adults. Methods: An open-label


An Experimental Program for Effective Communication Between Middle-aged and Older Adults and Pharmacists in Taiwan

Plenty of potential drug-related problems was noted in the middle-aged and elderly. Pharmacists play an important role in managing medication problems for the elderly. Effective communication is essential for pharmacists to coordinate their opinions with patients to improve the effectiveness of drug treatment and reduce drug-related problems. Few research was focused on patients’ own abilities


Possibilian Landscapes: An Exploration on Afterlife Dimensions

The normality of death has dissolved in the context of society through the passage of time. Death has been celebrated before in the past as a part of life. In the contemporary era, death is being revisited with a heightened social awareness wherein it is explored in different facets of interdisciplinary studies, ranging from technological