Month: August 2018


Research and Pedagogy: Aspiring English Teachers’ Perspectives on the Role of Educational Research. A Philippine University Context

Inspired by the notion of promoting research-engaged teachers, this research follows the footsteps of Simon Borg (2009) in his works in relation to encouraging teachers to engage in and with research; with teacher-trainees in mind, rather than experienced in-service teachers. This research sees the advantage of the Educational Research module in the curriculum of teacher


Text Mining-Based Scientometric Analysis in Educational Research

This paper presents a complete scientometric analysis of a well-selected educational research journal, Hungarian Pedagogy, the most significant and the oldest Hungarian educational research journal, founded in 1892 and still being issued today. All journal articles (N=6574) have been digitised in order to build a well-structured database in our research project, which makes it possible


Turning Beliefs Into Practices: Pre-Service Teachers’ Epistemologies of Models and Their Model Formation

The purposes of this study were to evaluate pre-service teachers’ epistemologies of scientific models and their model formation in a model-based inquiry environment and to look for a relationship between their epistemologies and model formation. Theoretical underpinnings of this paper were the following: Pre-service teachers’ epistemologies of models are structured as their beliefs, can be


Students and Teachers Training Program Effects in an Underprivileged School in Rural Areas in Lebanon

This study is based on the findings of a teaching training project the authors conducted in a semi-subsidized school in the Beqaa plane.The purpose behind this research is to train the students and teachers in underprivileged school in rural areas in Lebanon in order to spread awareness of the importance of reading in Cycle 1


Gaining Insight Into Culture Through a Chinese Classical Novel: The Story of the Stone

This paper is to discuss if Chinese classical novels could help people who learn Chinese to build up knowledge of Chinese culture more comprehensively. The study aims at introducing Chinese culture to the intermediate language learners from Korea who endeavoured to read The Story of Stone as it plays a critical part in contemporary Chinese


Active Learning in Ethiopian School Context: Widely Phrased, Poorly Practiced

Active learning and student-centred teaching methods are growing trends all over the world. New teaching styles are brought in to replace traditional methods like lecturing and rote-learning. In Ethiopia, educational sector has been bringing in more active and student-centred learning since the introduction of the new education policy of 1994. However, the process has been


Cognitive and Informative Level of Knowledge About Puberty Among Primary School Pupils in the Czech Republic and in China

Knowledge is gained in the process of learning and represents the level of awareness. The cognitive and informative level of knowledge about puberty includes the amount and quality of relevant information. During puberty, reproduction abilities are achieved. Puberty represents an essential hormone process accompanied by physical changes and rapidly transforming psyche, during which individuals become


Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Including Children with Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Schools in Egypt

The purpose of this study is to explore the attitudes of general education teachers towards educating special needs students in inclusive classrooms in the Egyptian private schools. In addition, it seeks to investigate the factors that might affect their views and attitudes towards inclusive education. The study was conducted at different private schools in Cairo.


Teachers’ Perceptions on Reflective Skills in the Context of Private Higher Education Institutions: AUC and MIU

This study intends to examine the perceptions of teachers about their reflective thinking skills in private higher education institutions. The aim of the study is to establish how teachers’ perceptions may impact their teaching. The research will be conducted in private institutions utilizing the qualitative research method. Interview guides will be used for the purpose


Engagement Scholarship and Social Enterprise

Business schools have been teaching entrepreneurship for years. The more complex task of learning about social enterprise and contributing to the conversation around social innovation has come to the university more recently. Although leadership in these methodologies has been primarily from practitioners and other non-university sources, the scholarship of engagement can now make a useful


Leadership for Enhancing Quality Culture in Higher Education

The mission of higher education institutions is to produce quality graduates as what society expects. To ensure the institutions accomplish such mission, they have to continuously improve their performances based on quality assurance standards at national or international levels. Achieving to comply with these standards reflects the quality of institution administration, academic functions, and outcomes.


The Adult Immigrant Learner: Experiences of Occupational Downgrading in Light of Possible Selves Theory

This qualitative phenomenological study examined the occupational downgrading experiences of six adult immigrants. Occupational downgrading happens when an individual’s occupation post immigration does not match his or her education credentials and previous professional experiences. The goal was to make sense of the participants’ narratives through the lens of possible selves theory (Markus & Nurius, 1986).


Using a Web-Based Video Annotation Tool in Pre-Service Language Teacher Education: Affordances and Constraints

Teacher educators and researchers agree that while video has long been used in teacher education, with the recent developments in web-based technologies, it has more to offer for extending learning to teach. This qualitative study explores the affordances and constraints of using a web-based video annotation tool to analyse micro-teaching practices from the perspective of


Cultural Values and Their Effect on Learner Autonomy in an Omani EFL Context

There is general agreement that language learning and culture are closely linked and cannot be easily separated. Much research has been carried out on the effects of cultural attitudes on language learning in general. Learner autonomy has also been one of the dominant research topics in recent years. However, the interaction between these two variables,


Characteristics of Multicultural Workplaces in Local Companies in Japan

This study is part of our research project which aims to design an education programme. Through the programme, students are expected to develop their competence for working in multicultural workplaces in local companies in Japan. Due to expanding overseas business and workforce shortages in Japan, local companies in rural areas have begun to employ overseas


The Impact of the Western Liberal Arts Education in the Mena Region: A Case Study

This study focuses on the development of the millennial generation within the liberal arts education setting. It has been proven that the principles of different generations are subjected to change from time to time. It is the university’s duty to articulate the distinctive sociological, ideological, and psychological variation of each generation to help it provide


Constructing the Conversational Roles of Studio Design Education Stakeholders in Times of Change

The architecture design studio sits at the heart of architectural design education. The traditional architecture design studio pedagogy called the ‘signature pedagogy’ has gradually shifted away from its conventional forms of engaging students. Since the turn of the millennium, the studio has transformed into a contemporary form of design learning and teaching based on several


Error Analysis of Spelling Among University Students of English in Jordan

AbstractThis paper aims at investigating the spelling errors made by students of English language at the World Islamic and Science Education University (WISE) in Jordan. Cook‘s classification of errors is adopted in this study. Errors and mistakes were categorized into four categories, which include substitution, omission, insertion, and transposition. The participants of the study were


Professional Resilience; Time for a Paradigm Shift in Teacher Education?

Teacher resilience and wellbeing are current buzzwords. This chapter explores the landscape in which this focus has arisen, looking at the tensions and challenges for teachers and teacher educators. Considering current teacher shortage and recruitment issues in the UK, the author argues that we should be aspiring to a situation where teachers are encouraged to


Improving the Degree in Business Management: Proposal of a Major Based in our Virtual Firms Applied to University Model

Nowadays companies must adapt to an uncertain competitive environment where continuous innovation has become a crucial strategy. Universities must also evolve to offer the professionals that organisations need. Bearing in mind the gap existing between graduates’ profile and what companies demand, we undertook an educational innovation project in our center, consisting of the implementation of


Participatory Processes and Co-Creation Methods as Paths toward Innovation: Evidence on the Application of Participatory Methods in Secondary Schools

This paper provides evidence of the possibilities of participatory processes and co-creation techniques as an effective way to approach the process of diagnose, analysis and prescription of any given challenge. We argue that the entering of innovation in the classroom by means of the adaptation of pre-existent participatory tools -according both to the intended goal


Play of Preschool Children As an Indicator of Readiness for Enrolment in Elementary School

The preschool age is a period of play. Children spend most of the day playing and play is a source of precious opportunities for their development. An important milestone in the life of the child is enrolment in elementary school and preparation for this important period. Since 2017, the last year of preschool education has


Possible L2 Selves: A Case Study of the Thai Context

This qualitative case study aims to study factors affecting the scores of English for communication course and possible L2 selves of non-English major. The possible L2 selves include ideal L2 self, ought-to self, motivational intensity, English learning experience, and linguistic self-confidence. The participants were collecting from the scores of midterm test of English communication course.


Collaborative Bilingual Teaching in Turkish EFL Context

This study investigates the collaborative bilingual teaching based on co- teaching model by an English language teacher and a subject teacher in a private primary level school in Istanbul. It explores the administrators’ and teachers’ perceptions and attitudes. During the bilingual collaborative teaching, each 1st grade class is staffed by two Turkish native teachers –


Climate Change Law: Limitations of the Legal System to Respond to the Threats

From clean air regulations that affect cars and the transportation industry to government subsidies/incentives for renewable energy (solar & wind) to protecting the first amendment rights of scientists and journalists who maintain that climate change really exists and is caused by human activity, the American legal system is an integral part of the response to


An Education Model for Coding and Software to Improve Computational Thinking

The regular coding (programming or software) education in elementary, middle and high school has been begun in Korea since this year (2018). Many models for efficient coding education have been proposed, and Scratch is widely used as acceptable easy tool. However, under previous education models and tools, the computational thinking capability of the students does


Purpose of Mindfulness in Teaching Learning Process: Perspective of Buddhism

Mindfulness is the mental awareness and practices as a tool for purification of mind for creative doings, ultimately which nurtures students’ all-round development. It is beneficial to everyone as it helps to maintain the mental health with increased abilities/skills, efficiency and productivity as well. It develops insight and wisdom, eventually supports for the best human


Right-Wing Populism, Eco-Populism, and the Future of Environmentalism

My paper analyzes the populist rupture in what is generally understood as “normal politics” and the implications of this rupture for ecological theory and environmental policy. I draw on John Judis’ book “The Populist Explosion: How the Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics” and other works to define populism generally as well as the


Evaluation of Slope Greening Performance in Promoting the Urban Ecology of Hong Kong

Urban expansion leads to a large scale of terrestrial habitat loss in Hong Kong. Urban greening plays a crucial role in ecologically restoring the degraded landscapes by promoting biodiversity and ecosystem services. Slope greening occupies to a considerable proportion of greening works in Hong Kong due to the presence of hilly topography and highly urbanized


Waste Management Education and Its Impact on the Environment of the Kyrgyz Republic

In the Kyrgyz Republic, waste management has posed a great concern partly because of rapid urban population increase and poor waste management education. Past studies have shown that education for waste management can considerably contribute to reducing waste generation by inducing recycling. However, few studies have examined the link between environmental education at school and