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The Adolescents’ Habitual Use of New Media: The Mapping of New Media Habit Indonesian Adolescents

The future of the world, culture, and style will be owned by digital native. For that reason, the comprehension of the life, behavior, and habit of adolescent as the digital natives becomes a significant issue to be observed. So far, there is no any comprehensive and massive data related to adolescent habitual use of media


Tannenbaum Theory of Labeling: Impact Among Juvenile Inmates

Frank Tannenbaum, the “Grandfather of Labelling Theory” suggests that a youth who succumbs to a label may proceed to act as a “criminal” or act as a “delinquent,” abandoning social norms because he or she believes that he or she is a bad person and that this is what bad people are supposed to do.


A Comparative Study on Positive Psychological Strength between Chinese and Taiwanese University Students

The study investigated positive psychological strength between Chinese and Taiwanese first-year university students. Both Chinese students (N = 514) and Taiwanese students (N = 220) completed paper-and-pencil surveys in Chinese measuring future goal, satisfaction with physical appearance and character as well as positive emotions (happiness and life satisfaction) and positive traits (curiosity and gratitude). Results


The Relationship of Religious Orientation with Happiness and Resilience and the Mediational Role of Locus of Control

The goal of the study was to study the relationships between intrinsic and extrinsic religious orientations, and happiness and resilience and to test the meditational role of locus of control. Based on the review of literature, it was hypothesized that intrinsic religious orientation will have a positive correlation with both the dependent variables: happiness and


Evaluation of the Practice of the Apostolic Church Lawna Territory, Nigeria on Women’s Role in Church Leadership

In this paper women’s role in church leadership is critically examined with reference to The Apostolic Church LAWNA Territory, Nigeria. The doctrine of the church places limitation on the role women can perform/play in the church, for instance women are not allowed to minister in the congregation that contain men and women. Women can only


Will Christianity Dominate the Chinese Faith System? On the Comparison between China’s Belief System and Christian Belief

This article attempts to explore the issue of faith in China including the main deep reasons why Christianity as both a dominant faith and religion fail to have the fate as same as it is in typical western countries, whether there is faith in China and what kinds of faiths Chinese people believe in. Basically,


Power and Domination

Historically, we speak about women as the ignored and the invisible, while the standard of humanity is male. Much recent feminist discourse seeks to expose the phenomenon of the exclusion of the feminine voice in language. The analysis of the corruption of the use of language may reveal this silencing. We see how the perpetuation


Gender Differences in the Relationship between Job Instability and Depression: A Preliminary Study

Stress factors in the workplace can affect workers’ mental health, increasing the risk of developing psychological disorders. The relationship between the perception of safety of in the workplace and mental health is mediated by different factors: security of workplace, quality of relationships and internal communication, gender and type of work. Longitudinal studies showed that a


An Alternative Study on the Ethical Concepts of the Hebrew Bible in Terms of the Ethical Structure of the Kanun

Jesus declared that his advent marked the turning point in value, saying “If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin; but now they have no cloak for their sin” If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: ġ


The Power of Integrated Treatment for Caregivers of Dementia Patients

Study Premises There is great power in a model of psychosocial treatment that works well. Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients are known to encounter stressors resulting in compromised health status for the caregiver; however, the factors that contribute to an integrated model of care for ill, disabled, and older family members has not been fully explored.


Psychological Well-Being and Bullying/Victimisation among Adolescents from Polygamous and Monogamous Families in Saudi Arabia

Introduction: Family structure is an important context for children’s upbringing. Polygamy is a type of marriage that effects the structure of the family. Several research studies have found negative effects of polygamy on children’s mental health and problem behaviours (AL-Krenawi, 2006; EL-Bedour, 2006). This research investigated the impact of polygamy on adolescents in


Power, Religion and the Informational Nature of Reality

Technological advances change our view of reality. Published articles and books suggest that we live in a Matrix-like simulation or in a mathematics-created universe. Some suggest that the universe itself is a nothing more than a quantum computer made of information. There are many opinions, but do our opinions coincide with the truth at all


The ZEA and the ZED: Examining Zones of Ethical Agreement and Disagreement between Premillennial Dispensationalism and a Realism Approach to International Relations

The eschatological belief of Premillennial Dispensationalism has been a cornerstone of the fundamentalist evangelical belief system in the United States. As will be discussed in this presentation, the ideological claims in Premillennial Dispensationalism have a history of permeating foreign policy despite the fact that International Relations is typically characterized by a more secular paradigm. Premillennial


The Collective Role of Religion & Education in Promoting the Power in Man: The Legacy of Swami Vivekananda

The indissoluble linkage between the Religion and Education, as suggested long years back by Swami Vivekananda, a great religious teacher and an eminent educationalist of India, is perhaps the only way to combat the present and gradual degradations of human lives on earth. For him, education is nothing but religion and religion is the pure


Power of Unconscious: In Clinical Usage

As a practicing Psychoanalyst, I have found in my clinical experiences that power often comes as a non-verbal sign language in different expressions of emotions. Though talking cure method discloses the power of unconscious as a tool in shaping the ‘intra-psychic’ life of the patient, yet at the initial stage it comes as defiance, resistance


Mean Girls in the Legal Workplace

Purpose This quantitative study examined relationships between perceptions of aggression, workplace incivility, and job satisfaction among legal professional women. Framework Microaggression Theory and Relational Aggression Theory provided the theoretical framework for this study. Result Perceptions of higher levels of direct and indirect aggression from others were significantly associated with greater workplace incivility towards others and


An Application of Asset Based Community Development Approach: A Case Study from Rural Community in Egypt

Many communities in Egypt, specifically the rural areas, are unquestionably distressed places as a result of the major economic and political shifts that have occurred over the past few years. Strategies of community development are currently viewed as the radical remedy for poverty related problems. In Egypt, community development strategies are usually driven from traditional


Representing the Power: The Habsburgs in the Transylvania, from Piety to Dynastical Loyalty

The Habsburgs and their monarchy occupy a privileged place in the history, because they have embodied one of the most enduring and interesting multi-political projects, whose brand was from its very beginnings, the ethnic and the religious diversity. This political project was dominated by a deeply inclusive and universalistic vision of the Habsburgs with the


Through Hamlet’s Subversive Character

Over the centuries when people are faced with the deaths of their beloved ones in the family and suffer from grief over them, William Shakespeare in Hamlet offers his ideas of how a son faces his father’s death and his mother’s remarriage, ideas of whether the purgatory exists and ideas of which eschatology is correct


Ten Facets of Cosmic Wisdom (In Relation to Power)

This paper discusses the nature of power as projected in the Indian philosophical notion of Dasamahavidya (ten facets of cosmic wisdom) ― a technical term symbolizing the different faces of the Cosmic Energy that gradually elevates to the culminating point of realizing true essence of life. The metaphor is utilized for human unconscious, bottomless psyche,


Perceptions of the Concept Moral Courage: The Stories of Religious and Secular Teachers in the Israeli Ethnocentric Educational System

Moral courage of teachers in Israeli education system has an additional value, because the Ministry of Education has complete control in determining policy and educational activities in the country (Baratz & Reingold, 2010). Kidder formulates it: “Moral courage is the courage to be moral” (Kidder, 2005, p. 10). That is to say, moral courage is


An Alternative Paradigm to Cognize Power: Spiritual Subscription

The paper situates power in the hand of spiritualism which guides our daily activities starting with highly intellectual to simple domestic activity. All these activities are seamed through this inherent disposition of power and blossom with the cultivation of insight in all living beings. In our hurried and superficial view of things ‘Spiritualism’ which was


Cumulative Perspective of Expression Pathological Love (Libidinal Fixation)

Motivation of topic: The issue of couple relationships represents a benchmark topic in everyday life. Regarding this case, it hides behind the usual couple difficulties, a deviation from normality, migrating to intra and inter personal dynamics pathologicalization. Thereby, pathology of the patient in question can be explained by the effect of potentiating disharmonic personality structure


Sensitivity and Interpretativity- Between Schizoaffective Disorder and Paranoid Schizophrenia

Motivation of topic: A differential diagnosis between schizoaffective disorder and paranoid schizophrenia in this case is difficult to make, patient presenting specific elements of both disorders, requiring an assessment based on both the life history information and history of the disorder, as well as emotionally resonance and emotional presence of the patient in the relationship


Job Stress and Occupational Burnout among Police Personnel: Moderating Roles of Gender and Marital Status

Concern about health of police personnel has dominated the focus of research in recent time. Previous studies on occupational burnout among police personnel did not pay enough attention to how gender and marital status may influence the connection between job stress and occupational burnout, especially in Nigeria; where cultural beliefs direct gender and marital issues


Power- Conflict: Empowering Human Relation

‘Power-conflict’ has been in existence in different forms in our lives. Notionally, it estranges interpersonal relations. But the present paper seeks to show that the interplay of power is not necessarily violent and coercive rupturing human relation, rather it strengthens man’s bond with his own being and with others. The thoughts, emotions and values which


Classifying and Defining Heterogeneity within Antisocial Behaviour

Antisocial behaviour is often classified into physically aggressive and non-aggressive behaviour with respect to the aetiology, correlates and development trajectories (e.g. Burt, 2012; Maughan et. al., 2000). However, every research uses different terminologies for certain types of antisocial behaviour. For instance, one research (Fassnacht, 2010) uses relational versus instrumental whereas another one (e.g. Pardini &


Self Efficacy and Locus of Control as Predictors of Prosocial Behaviour and Organizational Commitment among a Sample of Nigerian Nurses

There are lot of negative perceptions people have about nurses’ prosocial behaviour and organizational commitment. However, only few researchers have taken time to investigate this. Therefore, this study sets to investigate and confirm if this is actually true and the influence of self efficacy and locus of control. To achieve this, a well structured questionnaire


Environmental Ethics and the Concept of Life

The situation of our planet has generated serious cause for concern. Everyday humanity is confronted with serious environmental crises created as a result of the attempt to conquer or harness nature. This exploitative disposition is causing problems of dangerous proportion than what humanity can handle easily. Ecological problem as we have it today warrant urgent


The Role of Ethical Principles in New Media: A Case of Pouring New Wine into Old Wine Skin?

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the issues of right and wrong actions. Beyond the issue of right or wrong actions, ethics deals with the skills human persons may need to acquire in order to tackle different dilemmas in everyday life. One area knowledge of skills to handle dilemmas is very important


Deconstruction of Power: An Ethical Response to Organizational Surveillance

Technological surveillance in the workplace today is alarmingly amplified raising more ethical apprehensions. The two major ethical approaches to surveillance, ‘coercive control’ and ‘caring’ (Sewell & Barker 2006), demonstrate power relationships and are vehemently criticized in respect to individual privacy, autonomy and dignity (Solove 2008, Nissenbaum 2010, Moore 2010). The dilemma, however, is that most