Month: June 2014


The Effect of Sensation Seeking from Peers, Parenting Style, Religious Values ​​and Juvenile Delinquency in Middle Adolescence of High School

This study wanted to see the effect of sensation seeking, parenting style, and the value of religious studies on juvenile delinquency. The urge of sensation seeking is a tendency to seek diversity for something new. Parenting style is way of how parents raise their children. Religious study is a process of transferring a set of


The Potential of the Museum Collection Management Systems (MCMS) Development in Hong Kong Museum of History (HKMH)

The aim of this paper is to provide insights into the use of qualitative methods in the field of library and information science (LIS) research. According to J.D. Glazer (1992), the successful research is not measured by the formality of an approach but by its success in achieving its ends, i.e., to generate accurate and


Car Safety Rating and Consumer Decision Making: with Respect to ASEAN NCAP

Emerging as one of the developing regions in automotive industry, countries in the Southeast Asia region are experiencing growth at a variable rate and the personal passenger cars’ ownership is also increasing at a fast pace. In vision to elevate the degree of motor vehicle safety standards in the region, New Car Assessment Program for