Month: August 2013


The Relationship among Yoga Teaching, Leadership Type, and Student Motivation in Class Setting

In order to improve students’ learning, teacher needs to adapt various and useful techniques in class teaching. The efficient learning can be influenced by teacher’s personal leadership styles, personal characteristics, or teaching visual aids equipments. The purpose of this study was to investigate yoga teachers’ teaching strategies, teachers’ leadership types and influence upon students’ learning


A Study in Information Usage Behavior of Students in Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University

The study has following objectives as: (1) to study information usage behavior of students in Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University, (2) to study about problems in information usage and (3) study about requirements of the students in information usage. Sample comprised of 300 students. Data were collected by questionnaires analyzed by percentage, mean and SD. The results


Status and Trends of Renewable Energy Development in Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip is 360 km with a high density population of about 4,118 people / km2, so Gaza Strip represents one of the most densely populated areas in the World. As the population in Gaza Strip increases (population growth rate 2.7 % year), the consumption of water and energy will increase; leading to significant rise


Implications of spatial sustainability on the territorial planning framework in a transition country

Sustainable development involves a synergic integration of social, economic, environmental, and cultural issues to a multi-scale hierarchy of territorial systems. This sentence underlines the importance of the territorial dimension of sustainability, in addition to the need for a systemic approach, and has special implications over spatial planning, accounting for the entire process related to landscapes,


Modeling of a Single-Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell Using Glycerin as an Energy Source

A bio-electrochemical system of microbial fuel cell (MFC) can operate on wastewater and various organic substances. One of the promising energy sources is crude glycerin waste from biodiesel production. Similar to any process, MFC needs accurate computational models for modifications and optimization of the system. We propose a comprehensive computational modeling of a membrane-less single-chamber


Adapting the Design Principles of Business Dashboards for Visualizing Status and Trends of River Water Quality –  A Case Study of Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia

Monitoring of river water quality is an essential part of environmental management activities. It is generating new data periodically, which are hard to keep track of with multiple pages of traditional reports or spreadsheets. A dashboard that can show a graphical presentation of the current status and historical trends of river water quality is needed


Introduction of Renewable Energy into City-Chino in Nagano

City-Chino is located at the foot of Mount Yatsugatake in the central Japan. Its elevation ranges from 800 to 1300m above sea level. This area can be characterized by long sunshine duration and a large elevation difference, which are both favorable to the renewable energy. Accordingly, the first author, a civil servent of the local


Widening Access or Narrowing Student Choice? The Re-emergence of Elitism in the Uk Higher Education System

Higher education systems in many parts of the world have struggled to reconcile falling state support with widening access and increasing participation of previously excluded groups. Evidence from the UK higher education system suggests that this tension has led to the re-emergence of a bifurcation of the education system along social class lines. This paper


Collaboration for SUCCESS in Science

Project SUCCESS (Science Understanding through a Collaborative Commitment to Enduring Student Success) is a collaborative effort to improve elementary school science teaching and learning in a northeastern state in the US. This project is in response to the need to address the under-preparedness of K-6 teachers to teach science that is often reported in the


The Safety and Behavior of the Machinery Practical Training Factories in Campus

This study is about a survey on the safety and behavior of the practical training factories in colleges, and the study object is a practical training factory in a technical college in Taiwan, separately based on the college department like mechanical engineering, automatic engineering and industrial management. We use statistics analysis software SPSS to sampling


Extracting Work from Environmental Thermal Energy via a Process Involving Two ‘Spontaneous’ Entropy Transfers

Previous work described an entrochemical system, an energetically closed system which spontaneously creates an internal thermal gradient. This work developed a theoretical description of such systems. The systems can be linked together to increase the overall thermal gradient. This thermal gradient may be used to enable water distillation. In this paper we complete the circle